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Are you a bit interested in history or archaeology? Turkey is the right country for you to see and travel then. Let’s begin to discover together ancient gems of Turkey?


When scientists discovered that Göbekli Tepe was built 7,500 years earlier than Stonehenge in England and the Egyptian Pyramids, they were shocked. After that, Göbekli Tepe was included into UNESCO World Heritage List in 2018, and 2019 was declared as the year of Göbeklitepe. And, it is believed to be the oldest temple.

This ancient site is open for visitors now. It is located in Örenköy, a village 22 km away from Şanlıurfa to the west of it. You can take a direct flight from İstanbul to Şanlıurfa. Once you arrive in Şanlıurfa, you can take a minibus or a taxi to go to Göbekli Tepe excavation site.

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The Göbekli Museum(excavation site) is open all year around. You can visit the museum at 10:00-18:00 from April 1 to October 24 and at 10:00- 16:00 from October 24 to April 1. The current entrance fee is 45 TRY.

In Göbekli Tepe, you can see 12,000 –year old stone statues with 1.8 m height. Scientist believe that this site was a gathering point of people to perform their religious rituals.


Tip 1: The ancient works and small statues excavated from Göbekli Tepe are exhibited in the Archaeology Museum of Şanlıurfa. So, don’t forget to visit this museum to see additional works from Göbekli Tepe.

Tip 2: Şanlıurfa is a historical and traditional city. You can visit other historical and touristic sites of the city such as Balıklı Göl, Harran or Grand Mosque and taste its local food.

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Do you believe that people built a modern and crowded city 9,000 years ago? In Çatalhöyük, they did and set the first example of urban life of mankind. People of the ancient city were engaged in farming to make their living.

To go to this interesting place, first, you must fly to Konya, a city in the middle of Turkey. Then, you must go to Çumra, a district of Konya. Çatalhöyük is 10 km away from Çumra to the east of it.

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You can visit this museum all year around. From April 1 to October 1, it is open at 10:00-19:00 and from October 1 to April at 10:00 17:00; and closed at weekends. Currently, there is no an entrance fee for this site.

What will you see or find in Çatalhöyük? You will see an ancient city with estimated 10,000 population. You will see the traces of mankind’s urban life. There are separate houses, but they have no doors and windows.

People used to enter their houses from roofs of houses. They garnished their houses with paintings and figures. They buried death people with their jewelleries underneath of houses. You will find many other things about Çatalhöyükt that are interesting and captivating.

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Tip: When you are in Konya, don’t forget to eat the traditional food of Konya, etli etmek, and visit the tomb of Mevlana.


We can see first traces of mercantile culture in these colonies. About 4000 years ago, Assyrians established an international trade system in Turkey. They brought tin and weaving products from their country and exchanged them with gold, silver and copper in Turkey. They formed three colonies in Turkey. The most important of these trade centres is Karum.

Karum is 23 km away from Kayseri to the east of it. You can visit this site all year. around, and there is no entrance fee. To go there, first you must fly to Kayseri from İstanbul, and when you are in Kayseri, you can take a taxi.

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