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As Sri Lanka is the cutest island in the Indian Ocean, there is an amazing beachside around this wonderful country with a 1340km tropical beachside. Although there is a long beachside around Sri Lanka, you should select the best beach side's best beach to get the most amazing experience in your Sri Lankan journey. Otherwise, you will have to spend the rest of your life, enjoying every beach places in Sri Lanka. So, now I'm going to give that important fact worth you as an addicted person traveling. Exactly you can decide where to go and where you can stay. Come, let's go around this pearl of the Indian Ocean.

This is the best place to engage a cultural tour with a little bit of downtime at the beach, and it's similarly as best for holidays in pure beachside spent thrilling out at a resort. Sri Lanka has long been a famous beach destination with miles of wonderful coastline that encompasses a wild clad interior house to unforgettable past ruins, eye-catching tea plantations, and wildlife-rich national parks. Suppose you are a family searching for entertaining the children or a couple looking for romantic places to enjoy, or a solo traveler hoping for quiet and calmness. In that case, Sri Lanka's beach traveling will perfectly match for you.

As there are many beaches to select from, I was in trouble when selecting a few beach sides from this beautiful island. But actually, what I have done with my selection of the funniest, most idyllic, and the most calming beach destinations from every corner of this island.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa

In the true sense of the word I'm a travelling addicted person to satisfy my soul and escape from my dental student life. I was lucky enough to born in such a beautiful island, Sri Lanka. Travelling is the motivation of my life. Freedom is essential for a human being. So, I wish all the people who read this to take every possible efforts travel as much as possible. If you are really like to visit my country, I'm ready to give any information that you need.

- Raveena Anjalee, a Peradeniya based traveler
Travel Writer & Sri Lanka Travel Designer for TDO


This has located on the south coast, about 5km from the calming colonial city in Galle. This famous beach resort has its very - best looks with an attractive beachside by a striking rocky outcrop, wonderful swimming with a sheltered bay cause to the mind concentrated waters year-round. You will also have a nightlife with thumping discos and enjoyable activities and comfortable accommodation facilities with many restaurants to match all budgets. Its long-distance from Galle creates it a famous vacation getaway for Sri Lankan people. Of course, this beachside will give you eye-catching sceneries when the sunset in the evening.


At the back by the Bentota Ganga waters and the front an attractive stretch of sandy beachside. Bentota is the first selection for lots of sunset seekers with virus accommodation and enjoyable outdoor activities. Surfing, sailing, Waterskiing, and Jetskiing are water-related activities available year-round, thanks to the nearby lagoon. Of course, you can take a memorable boat safari around the Bentota River that joins with the lagoon for a chance to spot beautiful aquatic birds and enjoy the mangrove scenery.

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This place is famous because of the hippy crowd back in the 1970s Hikkaduwa on the west coast. This place is undergoing something of a renaissance with its popular gardens of Corals. This attractive beach is slowly reaching its previous glory after years of high-development. After the tsunami was destroying effect in 2004, these resorts and hotels have been given a makeover. The beach city attracts visitors, especially the foreigners, with its active nightlife and the three days fest on the beach when international DJs spin out tunes all night long out on the beach.


You can get reach this amazing place walking just 10km away from the Bandaranaike International Airport. It takes an hour's drive from Colombo. For the visitors who need short rest on golden sands before the flying house, the beach town of Negombo on the west coast will be an ideal place. You'll do lots of activities to enjoy at this lively resort. You can also enjoy the boat journey to kitesurfing, with some architectural flourishes leftover from the colonial period. Some examples are St. Mary's Church, the remaining things of the ancient Dutch fort, and the eye-catching mansions along Main Street.


This place we can see at the eye-catching south coast margined by rocky promontories and quiet coves. These amazing beaches of Tangalle (also spelled Tangalla) are absolutely what you need a tropical beach to engage with soft sands, palm trees, and turquoise waters. What is the significance of this beautiful beach place? Anyway, it makes this region highly standard because the attractions are more this inland that includes a giant Buddha and surrounding shrines as you have heard about blowhole the 'Hoo-mania' (clearly seen during the wet season), an ancient monastery and the bird sanctuary carved into the rock.

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Exactly you should have seen so many beautiful pictures at these places. You can reach this small bay on the south coast. I'm sure you will amaze by the picturesque arc of sand that makes Mirissa beach is one of Sri Lanka's most enjoyable journeys ending without the overwhelming evolution found in other places. Newer restaurants and comfortable hotels specialize in the area, and it's famous for more facilitated and funny activities that all visitors are looking for. This is one of the best places in the world to visit between December month to April month. You will add a great experience seeing whale-watching as blue and sperm whales create their migratory journeys, especially around the coast of this cute island.


There are Sinhalese, Tamil, and Muslim populations in this area. Therefore we called Arugam Bay the most multi-cultural beachside in Sri Lanka. There is diversity with an eclectic character and laid-back vibe that entices a burgeoning ex-pat society - located on the east coast of Sri Lanka. The bay's features, an eye catching palm-fringed coastal area, and a popular break point give an extraordinary experience and calmness with surfers. Specially developments of tourism have been kept hugely at bay. Therefore, it's important to get the beach's full experience without the brashness of other important established resorts.

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This beach has been located on the east coast, and it has meant that the beaches at Uppuveli and Nilaveli have been kept blissfully cleanly because of the decades of civil war. It attracted visitors and developing people out of the province. Fishing boats with helpers, green Palm trees, golden sands, and a less amount of crowds are what you will get here with just a smattering of places to spend. That means you will have a more peaceful and calm period here. Happy to say, this is my most favorite place among all places that I have visited in my country. I have spent hours at the pigeon island beach doing snorkeling. That experience is difficult to translate into words. The coast of Pigeon Island and its coral reefs, which we can see surround, create a good snorkeling and diving spot. It would help if you went there, particularly between May and September.


The wonderful eye-catching Kalpitiya Peninsula on the west coast can be considered the idyllic Alankuda Beach home. This place is a comparably modern and undiscovered beach end place on this small island. The waters make host to preschools of dolphins completely throughout the year, creating it. Sri Lanka's premier dolphins visiting the place with daily boat trips during the continuous strong winds are better for kitesurfing. Another new memorable experience that you can get is the cluster of environmental-resorts spotted along with the places that are a world away from the glitz and glamour of beach places further south, each with their special individual character and rustic appeal.


There are two bays of the same name. Usually, locals call these two beaches as twin beaches of Passekudah and Kalkudah. These are the fully perfect place for swimming because of the gently sloping seabed and quiet, charming waters. Famous in the 70s and 80s period before the outbreak of civil war. When we consider Passekudah, it was one of the most technologically advanced beach resorts on the east coast. It is set to be once again with the current development of restaurants and facilities while Kalkudah keeps hugely deserted with the place of a calm backwater and lots of private places to be found.

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Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka for a Beach Holiday

Although Sri Lanka is a small island, you can experience surprisingly various weather influenced by two monsoon seasons that affect various regions of this small country at various times in the year. These periods are rarely completely reliable as the rains change their pattern of rainfall every year. Most importantly, there are months where the weather is mostly matching for a beach vacation. As visitors to the Sri Lankan beachside, there are some places that you should be more concerned about. So I'll keep an overview of the suitable period to travel in Sri Lanka for a beach holiday by coastal regions.

East Coast

The most suitable period to visit Arugam Bay, Uppuveli & Nilaveli, and Passekudah & Kalkudah beaches is from April to September. I mentioned that within this period, this region of the country is free from monsoonal rains. It begins in earnest in November and sticks around until February. March and October are recorded as shoulder season periods with a probability of rain but not more rain to destroy your beach vacation.

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South Coast

When we consider the Unawatuna, Tangalle, and Mirissa, there is a different story. Weirdly, rainfall gradually low in August, compared to the months on either side. Therefore it's okay to be fun a beach holiday slap bang in the middle of the monsoon season. We can consider the month of November as the shoulder season because the rains start to decline.

West Coast

Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Negombo and Alankuda
The monsoon pattern of the west coast experiences is somewhat similar to the south coast, with the rains at their heaviest from July to November. If you want to visit the region with sunny, clear days and little rainfall, it is best for you from December to April. August is an anomaly with less rainfall than the sandy months, which can be a little restless with increased rainfall in May and June.


So, as Sri Lanka is a beautiful little island, this is the best place to plan your journey. Although I mentioned the most famous and attractive beach places in Sri Lanka, you can plan lots of beach places according to your time. It's happy to say I have met lots of traveling couples, families, and individuals when I go for my vacation on the beachside. I was lucky enough to talk with them and get their real idea about Sri Lanka. I like to do it as a habit. Most of them were already planned their next journey again to my little country in their point of view. Surprisingly I met some people who visit my country for their 5th time. So, I invite all of you to come to Sri Lanka and enjoy the beaches' beauty.


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