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Tangier is a port on the strait of Gibraltar that was made during the Phoenician times as the gateway between Africa and Europe. That is why it is also known as the door to Africa. There are many historical monuments, multi cultures, old city and US and Morocco relationship museum. Tangier is a safe city but the general safety precautions apply. Women are advised to cover their body. They can wear long skirts and long dresses and cover their arms to avoid unwanted male gaze and carry a shawl while entering religious places.

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The old city of Tangier is constructed one the down side of the cliff towards the ocean in the form of a labyrinth. The alley ways of medina are commercial and residential. Some people have converted their old family houses into riads which are open for visitors. Many buildings belong to 11th century and the wall by the old city belong to 15th century and is a part of Portuguese fortress.


The central square of medina is known as Petit Socco. Local old men play backgammon and sit here for hours. This area faces less tourism because it is small and mostly locals are here. You can enjoy a cup on traditional mint tea at this place. There is a church constructed by Spanish during 18th century in the west side of Petit socco and a grand mosque in the east.

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American legation was once the consulate building and a memorial of US independence in Morocco. It was made in 1821 in Tangier as a recognition of American independence. It contains the historical things of US and Morocco relationship and the letters of George Washington to Moulay Abdullah.


Kasbah opens in a large courtyard to the Dar el-Makhzan palace that was once used as Sultan’s residence. The 17th century building shows the splendor and beauty of that time through the architecture. Marble courtyard and carved wooden ceilings represents the beauty of Moroccan craftwork.


Kasbah museum has extensive collection of historical things, antiques, life size model of Carthaginian tomb and findings from the ancient Roman sites Lixus and Volubilis. A section exhibits Moroccan art and handmade craft work.

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Fes room is totally dedicated to the city Fes and designed with the old ceramics with the typical color decorations of golden yellow and blue color, silks, manuscripts and different things related to the history of Fes.


Ville nouvelle is the new city that represents the modern side of Tangier built during 19th and 20th century. Most of the buildings belong to this time period with the beautiful ocean view. The harbor is nearby from which the southern Spain can be seen from a distance.

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Grand socco is the main square of the new city. It is mostly filled with locals. They sit at the cafes, play games and chit chat for hours. Mendoubia gardens are located at the north side of the square which are famous for their fig and dragon fruit trees.


The beach of tangier was very famous during the 60’s however it is still a very good place to stroll. Water is not very clean due to that swimming is not recommended. It is filled with a lot of locals for walk and football players to play alongside the beach.


If you want a peaceful and relaxing spot in Tangier’s, then St. Andrew church is the best option that was built during the 19th century. The church is still operating. It has stark interior that gives a modern feeling and a cemetery outside having tombstones of 20th century.

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You can join service on Sunday and other days you can knock at the door to visit. Caretakers of church open the door for visitors.


The huge art house, café, theatre and movie room is the Cinema Rif. It is a restored deco art building that is filled with the young residents of Tangier. Both Indie and Mainstream movies of American, Moroccan, Spanish and French industry are shown with Arabic or French subtitles.

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