A journey to Goa

An insane amount of energy, countless parties, clubs, tourists from all over the world, streets that never sleep, the party capital of the country and whatnot. These are all the popular taglines that go along with Goa when one thinks of the place. Sure, all these pictures do fit into the frame when we talk about the smallest state in India. But once you set apart all these preoccupied notions, Goa can be a traveler’s paradise; a land of astonishing culture with some of the best tourist destinations to offer. After visiting the place numerous times, I find myself going back just for the opportunity to find myself amongst all my day-to-day life scenarios which stresses me out now and then. While I’m in Goa, as a blooming travel enthusiast I’m able to achieve a complete state of calmness of mind which enables me to push a lot further in life.

And you my friend can expect the same from the lovely, crisp beaches and the amazing carefree
lifestyle that Goa has in stored for you.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Leo Livingston

Hailing from the southern tropical paradise of Kerala, India, all of my life's memories lay with the barren deserts of the middle eastern landscape. I would say that's where my soulful lust for travel began to take shape, regardless of the limitations that surrounded me as a teenager. Now, after returning to my homeland, I'm glad to have been able to explore the various treasures that lay hidden all across the Indian subcontinent. From an adolescent wayfarer to an accomplished freelance journalist, I couldn't be more content in sharing my travel diaries and accounts on such online portals.

a Kerala based traveler

Harvalem Falls is a joy to watch even though finding this beauty can be a challenge in the first place. If you’re looking forward to spending some quality time away from all the loud street music and tourists wandering around the place, Harvalem should be your number one spot on the list.
Surrounded by a dense forest and away from the wonderful beach, this waterfall is sure to capture a piece of your travel diary. A peaceful day at the falls and a lovely evening by the beach is sure to elevate your mindset.

Ever thought of Kayaking in Goa? I bet you’re surprised. Yes, you can expect a refreshing kayaking experience while you’re at the Cumbarjua Backwater Canal. This spot is for those who crave for some true adrenaline rush after having the opportunity to relax on the beaches.
I recall visiting the place along with my college mates and freaking out when we spotted a few crocodiles resting alongside the river banks. Yes, they are a thing to be watched out for or else your travel diary might come to an end abruptly.

Now amongst the many beaches that you may visit during your stay in Goa, Arambol beach is something worth checking out. Prepare to be carried away by Arambol’s splendid shoreline, wondering why the place is so underrated.
With locals and tourists promoting famed and overcrowded beaches like Baga and Anjuna, Arambol will undoubtedly leave you thankful for some time away from all the happening places all around Goa.

Pack your trekking and hiking bags and catch some breathtaking views at Chorla Ghats. Nestled within the Goa-Karnataka border, this Goan getaway provides all that you would expect from a classic hike up the hills. With beautiful sunrise views and arresting landscapes, Chorla will blow your imagination away once you’re there.
Running out of fresh water and snacks along the way was a huge turn-down while I happened to visit the destination, so be prepared with enough beverages and eatables to keep your energy levels high.

Get an insight of Goa’s past by paying a visit to the Cabo De Rama, which happens to be the ruins of some early Portuguese settlement. Splendid views of the ocean can be enjoyed overlooking the fort.

The Red Crab Eco Resort is one of the best places to book your stay while you’re in Goa, and the appropriate time to visit would be between March and November. My travel diaries contain a memoir of me checking out the old settlement and the rusty canons that the Portuguese left-back in the day.

Speaking of the old folks, don’t wind up your time in Goa without visiting the Sinquerim Fort, which boasts Portuguese architecture in its finest. This gem is any travel photographer’s ideal location with the fort itself overlooking the ocean and tides splashing against it without a pause. Be awed at the natural aura of Arvalem Caves which dates back to the early sixth century.

Believed to have been used by the Pandavas hundreds of years before, the caves are also addressed by the name Pandava Caves for that reason. Whatever the secret behind this mysterious formation maybe, Arvalem will leave your imagination flying over the roof with its earthly feel and natural aesthetic, which lures in tourists from all over the globe.

I was awestruck to learn that Goa nurtured three wildlife sanctuaries, and you would be too if you were to visit any of them during your stay. The Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park offers plenty to see and explore within a day. You’d love the excitement that goes along with spotting Leopards, Deer, Gaurs and many more wildlife that the place preserves.

How can you not relish some amazing local food in Goa? The state is infamous for its seafood cuisines, and you can start at Fisherman’s Wharf, located in Panjim. The place can get really packed on weekends, so make sure you plan in order to get your fill. The tandoori pom fret is the star amongst dishes although the masala fried prawns and the fish ambotik shouldn’t be missed either.

Hop over to Ritz Classic, if you’re looking for some fish thalis along the way. The eatery’s stellar menu includes some out of the world tastes such as the freshly prepared mussels, oysters and mutton which will leave you drooling in no time. Ritz is a budget-friendly, fine dining experience which can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

Goa has countless other hotspots, all of which are impossible to list within a short article. Most of my travel memoirs of this small state cover days of pure bliss and excitement that tag along, while exploring all that Goa has to offer. Goa is one travel destination where you shouldn’t plan out your journey. Let yourself free and this small South Indian travel paradise will leave you wandering far beyond your expectations; allowing you to rediscover a new human being within yourself who will remain thirstier for more of what Goa has yet to reveal over time.