Agadir highlights

Agadir is reconstructed city located on the southern coast of Morocco. It is mostly ignored by the tourists whereas it is worth a visit. It faced a severe earthquake during the developing time in the 1960s. The earthquake destroyed major parts of the city like Kasbah and other important historical landmarks. It was rebuilt, and now it is considered as a resort town of Morocco. Agadir is surrounded by coastline, mountain trails, hiking spots and beaches from different sides. Alongside the tourist spots there is a huge variety of restaurants serving foods with a lot of cultural influences. There are French restaurants, Spanish tapas, Asian cuisines, Chinese, Japanese, Italian dining, Moroccan foods and sushi restaurants. There are cafés, bars nightclubs, famous boutique shops and luxury hotels lined with the beachfront.

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By Sehrish Irfan

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Hike the Kasbah
Kasbah is located at the top of the hill that was built during the 16th century by Saadian dynasty. Later it was restored in 17th century by Alawite sultan Moulay Abdallah. In the 1960s the city got hit by an earthquake resulting in the destruction of historical architecture and deaths of thousands of people.

Kasbah was not totally levelled up so the impressive medieval Arabic architecture can be visited. The hike to the Kasbah is filled with stunning views of the city.

Enjoy the beach
The beaches of Agadir are different from Essaouira because they are not that windy. There are lifeguards during the summers because of the increased number of people on the beach and the beaches are well maintained and clean. The tranquility allows relaxing, sunbath and swim in the waters.

Relax in Hammam
Hammams are available in every city of Morocco because they are a distinctive part of the culture. More than a spa or bath house, hammams are major places of socialization. Locals usually get there with friends and families to chat and relax whereas tourists can get a good chance to know about the places by the locals. Argan palace is a fancy and luxurious hammam in Agadir.

Check out the variety in souks
Every city of Morocco has souks dedicated to different types of products where the locals mostly visit. The souk El Had is the most famous one in Agadir. Most of the locals visit to do their routine shopping and the prices are economical because of them. You can visit this wonderful place to see the life of locals.

Memoire d'Agadir
It is a small museum with no fancy styling and decor. It is located a few streets away from the beach inside a garden. There are palms and cacti in the garden and the surroundings are very peaceful. It is more like a memorial of the devastating earthquake. The walls of the museum are covered with photos and newspaper cuttings related to the earthquake and the city before it.

Medina of Agadir
It is not like the other Medinas in Morocco whereas this medina is only an open air life-size area constructed in 1992 at the site of former Medina. The original Medina was destroyed by the earthquake. It is like a museum that was constructed using Berber techniques.

Massa National Park
The only place of the world where you can see the bald ibis is the Souss Massa national park. It was built by the Oued Massa River and contains sand dunes like the Sahara desert. The 33,000 hectares of wetlands are the breeding place of many exotic bird species. Different tours are available to visit the park with guide to know better about the place.

Visit Crocoparc
The crocoparc was the conservation project of Nile crocodiles and later converted into a park. The enclosures are huge and surrounded by the beautiful grounds. The enclosures have several generations of Nile crocodiles. Observing the prehistoric creatures is a very interesting thing. Some of these armor-plated creatures grow up to six meters in length.

Paradise Valley
Paradise valley is not a very common tourist spot because it is hidden between the mountains. It is the heaven for adventure and hiking lovers. The Tamraght River valley is the home of this place that can be reached by the hiking of the beautiful mountain paths. The crystal blue spring water is there for a nice dip or cliff diving.

Vallee des Oiseaux
The center of Agadir city is a beautiful park that is a great place for picnic or family outing. There are children’s play area and a few cafés where people can sit. There are some enclosures of parrots, flamingos, deer, kangaroo and llamas.

Nightlife of Agadir
There are plenty of nightclubs because this place is very popular for its parties. Different hotels have the diversion offer of the nighttime when the local singers come to sing and dance. There are many beautiful girls also perform belly dance.

The clubs and hotels provide the live singing opportunities to the locals to promote their talent. These places are tourist friendly and well decorated. Sometimes the entrance fee is charged for the special performances. Prices of foods and drinks vary from one place to the other.