An incredible hidden gem in Denmark: the magical lighthouse Rubjerg Knude

Have you been dreaming of endless sand dunes that end abruptly in the wild sea of the north? Of the shrub-lands and romantic lighthouses of Denmark? This might be just the right place to fulfill your travel fantasies and its one of Denmark’s hidden gems.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Fine Arndt

Born and raised in the city of Berlin, Germany, I started travelling very young out of the urge to understand the crazy world we live in. I was hungry for foreign food and curious about traditions and cultures. My first love was Latin America, but I have since fallen in love over and over again with mountain villages, beach towns, ancient forests and deserts alike. I have traveled all over Latin America, Asia, and Europe. I studied in Denmark and Mexico and have been living in Costa Rica for over a year now. My passions apart from moving and meeting people are organic agriculture and traditional medicine as well as the world of fermentation. I am excited to share some of my favorite places with you!

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The northernmost island of Denmark is a special place. In Nordjylland (northern Jutland) the people are known to be rough and quiet, the winter is long and rainy and the sea is wild. It is a part of the world where not many people live, and it has a unique vibe. And here, in the giant wandering dunes on the northern seaside of Denmark, the Skagerrak, is one of the hidden gems of the Danish countryside.

Rubjerg Knude, the old lighthouse that was built to help ships navigate around the tip of the country in the year 1900 is still standing its ground in the dunes, even though the surrounding constructions it have long disappeared and left only their foundations between the grains of sand. The lighthouse is located on the Lønstrup cliff about 60 m above sea level.

The sand dunes on the western coast of Denmark are moving an average of 1,5 m yearly and especially in the winter storms, 5 m of the coastline can easily be lost. The old lighthouse and Rubjerg has been threatened by that, every year the surrounding sand it was moving, and the old lighthouse was in danger of falling into the sea and would have had to be closed to the public for safety reasons.

This is why the Danes decided to move the lighthouse all together in 2019 which was done in a massive endeavor involving the building of special rails that allowed the 23 m high lighthouse to be moved 70 m inland, which is expected to secure its existence for another 40 years. The view from Rubjerg Knude is amazing, and it’s a melancholic sight in the rough landscape of Denmark’s northern tip.

If you make it to the high north of Denmark, there are some places along the way that will enchant you and show you all the charming beauty of the Danish concept of comfortable and good living, the now world-famous “hygge”. More than an idea hygge is actually an activity and can involve doing anything nice or relaxing with loved ones or alone. The important part is that you really enjoy it and find nourishment for your soul in it.

Very close to Rubjerg Knude is the lovely farm-restaurant Keramikcafé Møllehuset in Lønstrup, located in the adjunct building of an old wind-powered mill. In this lovely place, they make and sell their own pottery and pastries, the service is friendly and the place beautiful. It will be the perfect place for you to watch Danes engage in hygge time and practice it yourself overlooking the fields of the Danish countryside.

Along the coast, you will find impressive dunes, elderberry forests, and beautiful scrub lands, an abundance of buck thorn, which you can harvest and make into great immune-boosting syrups and jams as well as perfect sunsets.

The endless beaches invite you to take long walks along the coast, and now and then you will come across a cozy café or restaurant inviting you to rest your legs and try the local seafood specialties.

If you want to walk out all the way to the very northernmost point of the county, you have to visit Skagen. On a windy beach which shows the remnants of the last world war with some bunkers, that get covered with seawater in the high tide, where the only frequent visitors are the local seal families, you can observe the spectacle of the Baltic and the Northern Sea meeting.

Skagen itself is a quaint town that has an interesting museum, where you can see some masterpieces of Denmark’s famous Skagen painters, who portrayed the faces of the fishermen of this area, on whose faces the elements had left their traces.

Rubjerg Knude and the northern area of Denmark are one of the hidden gems in this country that has much to offer for those that want to find quiet and peace, see something unique, and encounter nature on their vacation.