Ankara Highlights

Ankara has the importance of being the capital and the second largest city of Turkey. It is the perfect destination to enjoy serenity, history, culture, vibrant attractions, monuments and museums. Most visiting sites of Ankara are listed below.

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By Sehrish Irfan

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Altinko Open Air Museum
The museum is the perfect place to find the village life of Turkey a hundred years ago. Visitors of the museum remember it forever because of the interactive community style of exhibiting. There are houses, mosques, fountains and many other things related to the villages of Turkey in the early centuries. There are many outdoor cooking areas where the visitors can sit and eat along with the grocery store designed in the hundred years old village style. Workshops and displays are arranged along with the traditional events throughout the year.

The Ankara Air Force Museum
The amazing history of Turkish aviation is exhibited beautifully in the Ankara Air force museum. Everything is designed in a very educational way to provide knowledge to the visitors and coming generations of Turkey. The collection has 700 artifacts, aviation documents and photographs of different times, uniforms, certificates and aviation medals. An original aircraft is placed in the garden of the museum. The parachute tower constructed in 1973 by Turkish and Russians is open for the parachuting experience to the people of 16 years or above age.

Ataturk's Mausoleum or Anitkabir
First president of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk led the Turkish war of independence. Anitkabir is his last resting place that was constructed in the result of an architecture competition held by Turkish government. The stone clad buildings and their intricate designs, ceremonial courtyard, road of lions, hall of honor and peace park are the main places which should be explored.

The Cengelhanrahmi M Koc Museum
Different carpets, gallery, pharmaceutical things and agricultural machinery is exhibited in the museum. It is a technological museum that covers technological works in different industries. It is located in front of Ankara citadel and other displays have artifacts related to rail transport, everyday life tools, communications, navigation and sea tools. One of the first industries of Turkey Vehbi roc and information about first president Mustafa Kemal Ataturk can also be learnt here because he put the foundations of modern Turkey.

Ankara Castle
Ankara castle belong to 7th century AD and it remained under different dynasties like Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Seljuk Turks and Ottoman Empire. Architecture style of different eras can be seen in the castle especially the medieval-era. The areas are designed according to the Turkish traditional and cultural art style. Visitors can also see historical music and art masterpieces. Concerts and festivals are organized during the summers which visitors can attend.

Museum Anatolian Civilizations
Anadolu Medeniyetleri Muzesi is located in the former bazaar that was renovated to create the museum in administrative building, conference hall, library and laboratory. The exhibition has items starting from Paleolithic era to the Ottoman period along with the Anatolian archelogy. There are items of marble, glass, gold, silver, bronze and the works from the first millennium BC including the coins, money and rare cultural treasures.

Aqua Vega Aquarium
The aquarium is located in the largest shopping mall of Turkey. The 340 feet long tunnel is perfect for the visitors of any age having natural habitat and underwater life. There are different tanks of the aquarium with salt and fresh water life. The fascinating creatures are from different oceans and rivers of the world. Some other things are reptile house, touch pools, photography points, souvenir shop and cafeteria.

Erimtan Museum
The museum displays collections of art, culture and archeology that focuses majorly on archeological artifacts of YukselErimtan’s collections. Visitors can enjoy the ancient objects of Turkey’s cultural heritage. The display contains over 2000 artifacts of glass, gems, coins, jewelry, bronze, seal stones and more. Music concerts are held in the chamber with some leading musicians of Turkey. The museum has a store selling jewelry and other items.

Gencli Parki
The park was created 75 years ago near the Ankara opera house and Ulus square. It is the lowest point of Ankara. There is a cultural center, youth center, Ankara municipality convention hall and many other places to explore in different parts. Visitors can enjoy the swimming pool, events and concerts held at the park.

Hisar citadel belongs to the times 3000 years ago. The entrance is from the clock gate or the finger gate with the huge octagonal tower with a clock. The old marble bits in the walls belong to the old Turkish villages which are still the same. There are hotels, restaurants, cafés and mosques with spectacular views.

Kocatepe Mosque
It is the largest mosque of the world located in the capital city Ankara. The construction was completed in 20 years to build in neoclassical ottoman style of architecture. It is considered as the most recognized landmark of Ankara because it can be seen from anywhere in the city. The building of the mosque can accommodate 24000 worshipers at one time. It is influenced by many famous mosques and Islamic structures of the world.

Esztergom Turkish cultural center The historic Esztergom castle is the home of the cultural center that works in promoting Turkish history and culture. There are traditional Turkish motifs and art in the museum display. The building itself is a beautiful structure of Turkish Islamic architecture made from handcrafted marble. Different events and workshops are held of Turkish traditional art where visitors can participate. They can buy beautiful souvenirs from the museum shop and eat at the restaurant.

Roman Ruins
Ankara has rich historical roots because it remained a very important Roman town due to that some Roman ruins are located near the Ulus square where the history can be seen. The Roman road goes straight to the column of Julian that commemorates the visit of the emperor. There is temple of the Augustus, CankiriCaddesi and the AuaturkBulvari continuation. There are some ruins of the Ankara’s Roman baths. Different companies organize guided tours and explain the details of every place.