Bodrum Highlights

The turquoise coast of Turkey has this vibrant and beautiful city. Major part of the Bodrum itinerary is around the beach and sea side. The yachts alongside the Mediterranean and ancient attractions are perfect for sigh seeing. The old whitewashed houses make the place more photogenic. Bodrum was once the fishing village where the tourism changed the development. You can enjoy the old village surroundings when the season is off because people start living their life without tourism crowds.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Sehrish Irfan

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Castle of St. Peter
The sea facing castle is an important part of the Bodrum visitor’s itinerary. The knights Hospitallers were built during the 14th century when knights of different nationalities worked for the defense at some sides of the wall. The main towers are French towers, English towers, sculpted lions, Gatineau tower and the dungeons. A Turkish mosque was built inside the castle during the ottoman times that is still functioning. The castle also contains a museum inside the building known as the Bodrum Museum of underwater archaeology.

Museum of Underwater Archaeology
The fascinating museum inside the castle is a must -visit attraction. It is more than just the underwater archeological site. The exhibition contains dazzling artifacts and multimedia displays. The huge amphorae collection and glassblowing workshops are located right next to the entrance. The glass wreck hall belongs to the 1025 AD. The French tower has the underwater findings display containing the cargo of wrecked Greek ship belonging to the 4th century BC. The Uluburun wreck hall and treasure room shows the museum’s crowning glory. Other findings are from some Bronze Age shipwrecks and excavations.

Seaside and Water activities
Sea is the major component of the Bodrum itinerary that is filled with sand, sun and sea. The main activity is the boat ride offering hundreds of tours ranging from month long trips to several hours. Some places also offer jet-skiing, kayaking and fishing. You can also have an experience of a yacht ride in the Aegean Sea. The stops are different islets offering swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. The yachts are available for both shared and private tours.

Explore the Bodrum Peninsula Beaches
The Bodrum peninsula has a number of beaches which remain filled with people during the entire summer season. The towns of Ortakent has sand strips, stone beach and fink beach, Bitez and Turgetries also have very nice beaches to enjoy. There is not a single isolated patch because the entire place is filled with local and European travelers. This place is the main thing in the regular tourist itinerary during the peak summer season because of the amazing beaches.

Mausoleum of Mausolus
The mausoleum of the king Mausolus remained one of the ancient wonders of the world designed by the architect Pytheos. The towers are designed by the friezes made by the most famous Greek sculptors of that time which are still celebrated. The earthquakes have not done that much damage which was done by the Knights Hospitallers. They picked its stones for the construction of the castle of St. peter. The remains of the site are located in a peaceful garden where the locals and tourists relax and explore.

Myndos Gate
The Myndos gate is the last remaining thing of the fortress of King Mausolusthat is a part of the ancient city. The fortress walls spread seven kilometers around the ancient city. Some small ruins of the ancient city can be seen near including the tombs and mosaics and the sparse remnants from the 4th century BC.

Bodrum Theater
The ancient theater is very well-preserved and the views of the mountains are superb. It belongs to the 4th century with a capacity of 13,000 spectators. The Bodrum theater is used as the place for events and concerts during the summer. The glory of the place can easily be imagined during the era of Halicarnassus when this place was properly active.

Matina and Shipyard
The place remains filled with a huge number of yachts and boats that makes it highly admired by the sea lovers. Sea travel is the huge business of this place where dozens of people are seen travelling every day. Visitors also get a chance to swim and do sunbathing at marina. The western side road of marina reaches the Ottoman shipyard that contains amazing views and interesting tombstones.

Old Town
The old town is a fascinating area to explore located behind the castle of St. Peter. The stone cut, whitewashed houses are located among the narrow pedestrian alleys are draped with vines. The houses look like fallen from the postcards or paintings. This town is lesser modernized as compare to the other parts of Bodrum so it can be seen as the fishing village. The narrow streets have a variety of cafés, boutiques and small restaurants where you can sit and enjoy an afternoon.

Visit the Bazaar
The bazaar has proper shops instead of stalls and, it is a nice modern Turkish market. There are a plenty of things from textiles to pottery jewelry and everything. The bargaining chances are lesser because many places have fixed prices no matter they are fair or not. This is a nice place to explore for some nice Turkish products.

Windmills in Bodrum
The windmills are a part of ancient style. Some of them are very old and require repairing. Windmills in some areas are very well-preserved. The whitewashed windmills make the view very dramatic due to the grass, sun and blue skies. The view from the top of the hills is more beautiful as compared to the view of windmills from the ground.

Zekimuren Arts Museum
The beautiful place is dedicated to the musician and actor ZekiMuren. He lived in the place before his death due to that this place was converted into the house of his legacy. The place provides the insights into his life and career. He was famous in the country due to that his fans visit this place often and celebrate the works of ZekiMuren.