Casablanca highlights

Casablanca is known as the celebrity city because it is the commercial hub and main port of Morocco. It is a blend of French, European and Moorish art style and architecture. It is a very safe city and has very little chances of pickpockets and scams in overcrowded areas. Casablanca became more famous due to the romantic film of 1942 however the movie was filmed in Hollywood. The city gives more local feeling to its visitors rather than tourist.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Sehrish Irfan

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La Corniche
Corniche is the beach of Casablanca filled with a lot of vibrant places and lively activities. There are a number of restaurants serving food from different cultures. Some restaurants have dining alongside the pool with the beach view that makes it more holiday and lesser traditional feel. During summers the beach area is filled with swimmers, surfers and sunbathers. Refreshing walk on the beach, a dip in the sea or trying unique cuisines for the first time, La corniche will make the experience unique and memorable.

Jewish Museum
Museum of Moroccan Judaism is totally dedicated to the things related to the Jewish settlement in the country and this is the only Jewish museum in the Arab world. It displays the history, religion, daily life and traditions along with their life in Moroccan civilization. There are exhibition rooms with ornaments, clothing, paintings, handicrafts display, Moroccan synagogue display and a lot more. It also highlights the influence of Jewish culture on Moroccan society and the interfaith history.

Parc de la Ligue Arabe
The park was designed in 1918 in the south of Place Muhammad V. It is the biggest open space of Casablanca with the palm trees avenue. It is a nice place to relax, walk and play games. The edge of the park has a cathedral that is not operating however it is completely designed in art deco style of Casablanca.

Hassan II Mosque
Hassan II mosque is located near the Corniche on a platform alongside the Atlantic Ocean. It was completed during 1993 as the second-largest mosque in the world. The unique feature is the glass floor over the sea that makes worshipers feel like they are praying on the seawater. The courtyard has a capacity of 80,000 people and inside mosque 25,000 people can pray. Non-Muslims can enter the mosque with a guided tour to see this stunning piece of art and architecture.

Morocco Mall
This is the biggest shopping mall of Africa located at the end of Corniche. There are a extensive variety of shops from top international brands to the local brands, food options, outdoor fountain display and a huge indoor aquarium with different species of fishes including small sharks. It also has indoor activities like ice skating, indoor fairground and a souk to give a feeling of small Medina inside the Mall.

The Old Medina
Old medina of Casablanca is very easy to pass by without much hassle and touts, however the only thing to be careful is to avoid getting into the old quarters end and remain in the labyrinth of souks. Getting lost in this traditional beauty of souks and buildings is very easy.
The daily life of people, children running in narrow alleys, men sitting in cafés where you can also enjoy a traditional mint tea is very interesting. There are some hidden treasures of medina like the Berber’s mosque.

Place Muhammad V
It was designed by Henri Prost. There are public buildings, law courts, square and statue of Marshal Lyautey around it. Marshal Lyautey was the first French resident and General of Morocco during the 19th century.
His statue is surrounded by a grand fountain and square where music and water show is organized several times a week. This monumental square is also known as the pigeon square because there is a huge population of pigeons at this place.

Villa des Arts
The cultural display of Casablanca is located near the Parc de la Ligue Arabe. Villa Des Arts is the largest museum in the city that displays the contemporary to traditional art of Morocco. The beautiful art deco building was constructed in 19th century. The permanent collection has 800 pieces portraying Moroccan culture and heritage.
It is a part of ONA foundation that is considered as the cultural foundations of Morocco. Temporary exhibitions are also organized by the international artists from all around the world showing their contemporary works. It hosts a variety of events around the year which are attended by local and international artists.

Kings Palace
Kings Palaces are present in every city of Morocco for the royal visit. The palace of Casablanca is huge and beautiful. There is an open square in the front with guards. Non-royal visitors can only enjoy the beauty of grand exterior of the palace.

Sky 28
The bar is the best option to visit in the night because of the panoramic view of the illuminated city. This is the luxurious place with unique beverages and flavors. The prices of Sky 28 cocktails are high but they worth paying for. The tasteful ambiance, live music, chilled and comfortable atmosphere is nice to have an evening away from the hustle and bustle.