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In the center of the world lies the land that gave birth to one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Egypt boasts of its rich heritage and its cultural history, but there are more than pharaohs and pyramids in the land of the Nile and less obvious reasons that make Egypt a spectacular travel destination for any type of traveler at any time of the year.


It Suits All Tastes
Egypt stands out with its diverse landscapes and it’s very suitable for travel groups that can’t seem to agree on anything.

Leisure-loving travelers who enjoy the finer things of life will be able to kick back and enjoy the top-notch resorts. Egypt’s hotels overlook the most beautiful private beaches that overlook the Mediterranean, The Red Sea or even The Nile. They’ll revel the ultimate five star experience with relatively low prices compared to others.

As for the Adrenaline Junkies who are looking for life-affirming road-trips; they’ll the freedom to choose camping in Siwa Oasis and stargazing under the beautiful endless skies or hiking Mount Sinai and diving to see the breathtaking Coral Reefs of the Red Sea.

Egypt is modern enough to be functional and traditional enough to be quite intriguing. Whatever type of visitor Egypt’s accommodating; it makes sure to exceed expectations.


What all travelers have in common is that they need to eat. Luckily, Egypt has a large variety of that; Egyptians are very passionate about their food and take great pleasure in making it for others as well. Even the smallest of towns in Egypt are packed with restaurants.

That being said, Egyptian food is quite the mix! From fancy restaurants serving lobster, steaks and any other type of foreign food that you can’t even spell to more local restaurants serving vegan friendly options like Kushari, Ta’meys and Ful Medames and more meaty choices of food like Kebabs and Kofta (prepared with lamb or veal).

Whatever your choice of food is going to be, make sure you don’t miss dessert and get to experience Basbousa, Kenafeh and Om Ali.

Egyptians are known as the funniest and friendliest of Arabs. That being said, they love seeing foreigners, so much that they might stare but all with good intentions. Since their youngest years, they’re taught at school about the importance of tourism and how crucial it is to make tourists feel welcome.

They’ll greet you with broken English, overfeed you at restaurants but also raise the cab fare when they hear you not speak Arabic so taking Ubers might be a better idea.

Image de Lina Loos

A Little Something Called Ancient Egyptians
There are history loving travelers who enjoy story-times of ancient dead people and there are ones who simply don’t. However, both will stand in awe at the history of the Ancient Egyptians.

Egypt’s monumental sites are too many to list and scattered in too many places to locate. Monuments, statues and mummies are still being discovered until this date both on land, below it and even under the sea.

The unique thing about Egypt’s history is that you get to actually experience it instead of just look at it. You have the chance to step inside the tombs of The Valley Of The Kings or walk through the columns of Karnak temple.

It’s a very unique experience and definitely worth the hype.

​History is still in the making
Currently under construction and dated to open soon, The Grand Egyptian Museum will be the world’s largest museum to be dedicated to a single civilization. It will hold 100,000 antiquities and there is a lot of buzz going around about previously-hidden artifacts finally being displayed at this museum.

Egypt has been around for a long time so it’s no surprise that it has a massive history of religions as well. Whether it’s Christianity, Islam or Judaism, each faith is represented in Egypt by one way or another and vice versa Egypt itself is represented in the stories of these religions multiple times.

For ages, Egypt has boasted of its harmony between Muslims and Christians; Cairo might have been named ‘The City OF a Thousand Minarets’ but it’s also filled with magnificent churches that are worth visiting. Both Egyptian Churches and Mosques are very well cared for; their sheer size and the details on their wall make them very picturesque.

A sense of serenity and peace revolve around religious sites in Egypt and they welcome visitors from different beliefs.

So, there are a lot of rationales that might make one consider visiting Egypt. Whether it’s the crystal clear waters, the ruins of the ancient civilizations or the fact it’s entertaining while being pocket-friendly, Egypt remains one of the best places to visit and with the recent renovations that are being done, it will be definitely be getting more attention in the next couple of years.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa

Hello! I’m Manar, a medical student and writer from Egypt. Since an early age I’ve been used to moving every couple of years from a continent to another with my family. I’m in love with life and in love with the world, so I can’t wait to see every part of it.

- Manar, a Cairo based traveler
Travel Writer for TDO

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