Experience the amazing Hill Country in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the world's most famous islands and has maintained its reputation for centuries. Once known as the 'Teardrop of the Indian Ocean,' this fantastic Island has been mentioned in historical writings in Europe, Arabia, and India. After more than five years of sectarian warfare and devastating civil war, peace has returned to this 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean' and, as a result, has started to attract large numbers of vacationers. Sri Lanka's tourism industry takes two paths. The first is to travel to the beautiful historic cities of Sri Lanka, Kandy, the historical towns of Kandy, Anuradhapura, and Polonnaruwa. These cities' triangle merges with the Dambulla Cave and the Sigiriya Rock as the 'Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka.' However, in this article, I will talk about the natural path to my Island's mountains. You will be "TRUE AMAZED" after traveling the hillsides in Sri Lanka in the real sense of the word.

One of the most beautiful and unforgettable tours in the world, the seven-hour journey through the tea estates, will see employees' features in brightly colored saris, pine forests, waterfalls, mountains, and gorges. As you all know, Colombo's capital city is now pleasant access to villages, towns, and parks across the country. Most of the time, travelers visit Sri Lanka to get that wonderful feeling and unbelievable clicks from their camera while visiting the hill countryside in this pretty small Island. So let's see what those beautiful places which you can get lifetime experiences are.

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By Raveena Anjalee

In the true sense of the word I'm a travelling addicted person to satisfy my soul and escape from my dental student life. I was lucky enough to born in such a beautiful island, Sri Lanka. Travelling is the motivation of my life. Freedom is essential for a human being. So, I wish all the people who read this to take every possible efforts travel as much as possible. If you are really liking to visit my country, I'm ready to give any information that you need.

a Peradeniya based traveler

This is a small town surrounded by cloud forests, from the tea estates that flow towards the house's mountains. Most of the places in Haputal are closed around 8 pm, so it is good to start early to travel the Horton Plains, National Park. This is a city in Uva province and higher than 1431 m above the sea level. The Haputhale mountain in Sri Lanka has bounded the southwest boundary in Sri Lanka. I personally love that simple villager in that area. Although this area is not well-developed, the people who live there are spending a much better life engaging with the environment. Ashen bungalow, a place built in the 19th-century British period and near to it there is the 'Thangamale Bird Sanctuary". Lipton's seat is also a place near to Haputhale hillside, and at this place, you will catch the beautiful sceneries of other provinces.

Horton Plains
Horton Plains National Park, known for forests and plateau. At more than 6,900 feet (2,100 m), the park has been identified for its slopes, majestic nature, and grasslands' clearing. You can also climb the World's End. The mountain range and slopes fall into cloud forests below 4,000 feet (1,200 m). After a four-hour, 5.6mi (9 km) drive through the park, on the way to the world's end, where the beautiful view that you will catch forever, you will stop at the 66-foot (20 m) Baker Fall. From the top of the mountain appeared attractive; it offers an excellent panorama. The park offers several super-elevation, the most popular being a 9-kilometer (5.5-mile) round trip to the end of the world - a beautiful stand on the face of the mountains, where all the slopes fall at one and a half feet at a time (half a mile) to the ideal low plain.

This place is indeed the most popular place among hikers. You can reach this amazing place starting your journey towards the east of the Horton Plains. This is a place that we call the heaven of the climbers. This hillside is completely covered with little hills and beautiful waterfalls. Tea plantations and pine tree forests surround the highest position on the mountain. We can also see front yard gardens with pretty bungalows that give some of the most attractive views on this small Island. You can also visit nearby Ravana Ella waterfalls, which has a beautiful story engaging with the past. I suppose to find it out when you come to my country to travel. When you are coming back, it will be better to take the hill country train. That fantastic experience can't be translated into words. Traveling with the cold and calm wind, tea estates, hills, and pine forests will open your heart with an unforgettable train journey.

Dramatic Adam's Peak
At 2,243 meters (7,360 feet) above, it is the fifth-highest mountain on the Island, but Adam's Peak is the most spectacular and rises in solitude above the surrounding mountains. This height has been a pilgrimage place among the Sinhalese for centuries, thanks to its particular influence on the Naked Rock at its summit. The Island is popularly used as a footprint by the Supreme Buddha himself. Early morning arrivals, climate changes, high-quality lunches, and the associated scenery are recognized as the "shadow of the mountaintop." Apart from that, you also can see the rising sun casts a flawless triangular shadow over the mountaintop. This strange phenomenon should be pleasantly explained, but in many cases, it is presented with the help of traveling Buddhists to prove the great mystery of the mountain.

Diyaluma Falls
The most attractive place at this mountain hill is located at the Beragala gap. You can reach this place within 10 minutes or 40 minutes after slowly walking from Haputale.
Diyaluma Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Buses along the way stop at small villages to pick up workers carrying baskets full of tea leaves. You can also enjoy seeing the sceneries of the residents having fun, and the children are screaming happily as they are climbing over the rocks and jumping into the water.
The night camping at the Diyaluma fall is trending among college students and the young generation. The evening scene of the sky at this place is difficult to explain from a sentence. I can swear you will spend more than one day at this place for sure. This mountain hill is that attractive.
Usually, Sri Lankan travelers used to reach this place by train. They want to get the full fantastic experience correctly. So I suggest you use that method. You can watch the drainage of water to clean the swimming pools to cool the water sitting on the edge of the rock.

Nuwara Eliya
Nuwara Eliya at night is known as Little England because of its mild climate, colonial architecture, golf courses, and scenic gardens.

The city's colonial structure consists of a red brick post office and a hanging clock tower, built-in 1894 in the Tudor revival style using British technology. You can see the Victoria Gardens, a place filled with flowers, lovely views, water structures, oak bushes, and lily ponds. You can see the museum and the small train. Furthermore, you can choose strawberry orchards near your fruit (spring to summer, approximately March-September). Sri Lanka's highest mountain is located in the Nuwara Eliya pidurutalagala.

I don't know how I should turn that feeling into words. It's that much eye-catching. I like the cold weather in Nuwara Eliya because of its calmness. Believe me, we can stay at night without a jersey to get the real feeling of that calmness. When we are talking about the accommodation facilities, traveling cost, visa support, pickup support, the hospitality of the people, stunning views, and the traditional dishes of foods, they also give the best quality of Sri Lanka. They have attracted more travelers to this small Island.

Kitulgala is a scenic village located west of the hills. The dramatic scenery of this place is full of forests covered by giant trees. Water rafting is the most fantastic experience that you can get from this place. The frothy waters of the Kelani River are perfect for doing water rafting. This hillside is popular among locals to do a water rafting experience. This should be a place where people will watch the busy feeding the concrete jungles Business Life. Not only the cool water but also the biodiversity of that area can amaze you. If you are a wild forest photographer, I can guarantee that you will create the best album by adding photos of this place.

Ratnapura & Sinharaja Forest Reserve
Sri Lanka's located in the southwestern part, Ratnapura is a rich source of gems. One can take care of the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Island's virgin rainforests. You can also see various animals like leopards, wild elephants, bird species, snakes, and fish species in the Singaraja rain forest. It reveals the best biodiversity in the world. The diversity of trees gives the witness of the Island wise specificity in Sri Lanka.

As this area also in the category of hillside visiting places, the weather is mild cold and will concentrate your mind. Some college and school students also see this place to complete their research, add more knowledgeable facts to their storehouse of knowledge, and explore nature. Most of the time, university students select the Sinharaja rain forest to do their research. It feels that you have come to another world after entering this natural place. When I go there, I feel like all the trees, rocks, water, and even the forest floor are in life. It feels like they all are living beings.

After the calm of the mountains, you can see the second-largest city in Sri Lanka. Hanthana mountain range is one of the most famous mountains in Sri Lanka. It's proud to say I was lucky enough to do my higher studies near Kandy. All university students organize to climb this Hanthana mountain as their first batch trip. As a dental student studying in the most beautiful university in Sri Lanka, I was lucky enough to climb this mountain more than ten times. Each time I got a fantastic experience, and my desire for hiking was increased. Most of the time, travelers choose this mountain hiking as their first hiking.

Some of the best tea produced in the world comes from these mountains, and it is highly recommended going to a tea production unit. However, many tea factories have been using techniques and equipment since the Victorian era.

So if you want to get an alternative to Peredenia Junction or Kandy on some routes, you can get directions from Colombo to Haputail - check the schedule before you buy a ticket. Stop in Hatton to get to Dalhousie, the sign of Adam's climb. The mail train has a night cart. However, you will pass the sights for the first time with an overnight ride.

When to go?
The best time to go to the hills is from December to March when rainfall is minimal. The southwest monsoon will bring heavy rains from April to September, with thundershowers expected across the country as the inland monsoon progresses.

Temperatures are incredibly constant throughout the year and range between fifty-five five-70ºF (14ºC-21ºC).

Traveling is a healthy addiction, and from my point of view, you should make every possible effort to enjoy life as much as possible. I recommend my country to travel not because of that this is my country. I have visited the same place more than three times to get the perfect feeling differently. That's why I suppose you to get this fantastic hill country experience in Sri Lanka. As the Indian Ocean surrounds an island, the wind is thoroughly wet and will activate your inner peace. This experience is much prettier than the photographs that I have shown here. So say "Ayubowan" to the hill country in Sri Lanka and get a lifetime experience.