How to spend 7 days in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a nation in South Asia, bordering India. It is surrounded by India on three sides and the Bay of Bengal on one. To be honest I did not get enough of it because clearly Bangladesh is beautiful, it is a memorable journey of a lifetime.
I'll show you what a little of my trip looked like, let's start off with the capital city of Bangladesh. What a mad vibrant intimidating City fun fact it's actually the most crowded city in the world. In Bangladesh, English is the second most widely spoken language. As a result, almost every educated individual in Bangladesh should be able to communicate in English. Despite the fact that it is a Muslim country, there are no Muslim radicals in the country. This is a moderate Islamic nation, unlike any other Muslim country. If you don't cover your head while you're here, no one will tell you anything. You are free to dress as you want and do anything you want.

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By Alvina Prithu Chowdhury

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Old Dhaka lies at the heart of the Dhaka Territory. It's easier to get in to from any of the metro stations. The actual essence of Dhaka may be found in its oldest areas, although the city's personality and spirit can be found across the metropolitan area. These shards are breathing the craziness that the city is known for while also providing numerous peaceful memories for anybody who visits this location.

It has well-known locations such as Chandni Chowk, Lalbag fort, Nazira Bazaar, Baitul mukarram Masjid, and so on. It is conveniently accessible from all bus stations, making travel easy for both visitors and locals.

Old Dhaka looks like this is a really old incomplete Mughal monument, Built on the colonial period, this was a city of wealthy Mughal merchants to flee to India during riots after the partition in the subcontinent. Please note the Dhaka has a lot of traffic, hence it is recommended that you use Uber moto to go around.

I'm not a big fan of cities, so one day was enough in Dhaka. In the evening I took an overnight bus to all the way to beautiful city in northeastern Bangladesh famous for its tea plantations.

DAY 2 & 3
Sylhet is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Bangladesh, with jaw-dropping scenery, mesmerizing sunrises, the unspoiled beauty of the hills, the old-world charm of the past, and the welcome smiles of the locals.

The estate is surrounded by verdant hills and has weather that is comparable to that of a sub-tropical jungle. The tea factory is entirely made of wood, bamboo, and cast iron, giving a visit here a genuinely mystical sense. I spend my whole day travelling around Ratargul Swamp Forest, Panthumai, Sreemongol & around Lalakhal.

Still it is also called the city of saints filled with the great Saint Hazrat Shah Jalal who propagated Islam in this area in the 14th century. The International Airport of Dhaka is also named after him.

Then next day I went to Lawachhara . The Lawachhara National Park and the Hamham waterfalls are well worth seeing. You might easily spend a few days here surrounded by nature. On our list of the greatest locations to visit in Bangladesh, Srimangal ranks third. I also visited Jadukata, Jaflong, Rema Kalenga, Tanguar Haor, Lovachora, Bisnakandi. It had been raining all day but, then it rained properly that night I had my dinner I went back to the hotel and then the next morning I took off in a Bus.

DAY 4 & 5
The Sundarbans is located between two nations, with the majority of the forest in Bangladesh. It is home to the world's only remaining Bengal tigers, as well as a diverse range of other species. The Sundarbans' atmosphere is soothing, and visiting this forest might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As a result, the Sundarbans are ranked first on our list of the finest locations to visit.

The area is densely forested, with canopies and, of course, exotic bird species fluttering from branch to branch. You'll also discover limestone caverns here that are fascinating to explore and are so deep that you'll need a torch to see well. I spend a full day on a boat it was splendid!

Another cool swamp forest is a fresh water swamp forest located in growing River it is the only swamp forest located in Bangladesh and one of the few fresh water swamp forests in the entire world. It was pretty cloudy that day so while I was in the board the surrounding colors looked pretty dull but when I put the drone out in the air. Let's get that this swamp forest is about 3,000 acres huge 3,000 acres, and it's also called the Sunderbans. For a few nights, sailing down the river is like escaping into another universe.

The Chittagong Hill-Tracts region includes the district of Rangamti. Kaptai Lake is the major reason for visiting this location. It's a natural-looking man-made lake surrounding by lovely hills. The greatest thing to do in Rangamati is to spend a full day on a boat on Kaptai Lake.

Locals made my trip awesome. They were just a call away whenever required. Boat and pickup were organized efficiently. Services were great. We went to a local market to get excellent quality handmade fabrics at their handicraft market. There is also a Buddhist monastery named Rajban Bihara that is worth seeing.

A town built on a hill cannot go unnoticed by tourists like me for long. This old settlement of Chittagong city is about 2 hours from Bandarban. Many reasons contribute to its splendor, including the existence of a famous Golden Temple.

Thousands of Hindu pilgrims visit the temple each year, making it a popular destination for them. Forests of great beauty, numerous waterfalls, and the highest mountains.

Bangladesh is a budget traveler's dream. If you're on a strict budget, a hotel is just 300 BDT ($4 USD), breakfast costs 40 BDT, and a large supper costs 150 BDT. In large cities, there are 5-star hotels and higher-end restaurants if you want to be pampered. It is entirely up to you how you would want to travel.