How to spend 7 days in Morocco

Morocco is a very intriguing destination. With a lot to discover, planning the perfect trip to Morocco can reveal itself very challenging.

Get ready to experience a hell of a ride. This is how you can spend 7 days in Morocco.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Sarra M.

Three things I love the most in life : Words, music and travelling to explore new places. My passion is sharing everything I like to do with my readers and friends. My life motto "Do everything you want and are able to do, while you can do it!"

a Casablanca based traveler

For an authentic visit, the best start point for your journey must be in Fes.

Arriving at the Saïss airport of Fes, one can already feel the warmth and the fresh nature of this city. No need to say that the water sources in this region are remarkably pure and rich in minerals.

Checking in at a Riad in The Old Medina would be the wisest thing to do after a flight.

As soon as you rest from your travel, to recover from a possible jet lag. Try an authentic Moroccan bath using essential oils and moisturizing your hair using organic Moroccan herbs shampoo. After your spa, drinking tea or freshly pressed orange juice would revive your senses and boost your energy.

Your first night in Fes will make you rediscover food and open your eyes to another culture. Take a walk in the city and feeling the cool air in your hair. The crowds will guide you to the best restaurants and the best street food in town.

Meeting live bands of Issawa music -folkloric bands from two to five members- in the streets of Fes is your chance to discover a raw, true musical moment in the life of the city that is preserving the best of what the Moroccan culture has to offer. Be it culinary, architectural, musical or in Haute couture.

Your second day will require a lot of energy and a great mood. And a rich Fassi breakfast is exactly what you body deserves.

As the sun will warm up your feelings, visiting Al Qarawyin University-one the oldest and first universities in the world- will dazzle your mind. It is located in the old city, you can't miss it while you explore the long streets filled with shops selling all kinds of goods and artifacts.

Walking and shopping surely grows a little hunger in your tummy. You won't be needing to stop for a long time. The street food there is irresistible, the flavors will attract you from very far, the barbecues of lamb, camel, and beef in all sorts will open up your appetite to spending more time in the heart of Fes. In Morocco's oldest and longest historical streets.

By that time, you will need to check out and head to your next destination to catch the perfect sunset view.
Your next destination is Kenitra.

Once at the train station, you will be able to admire the majestic Moroccan designs in the high ceiling and pillars in the building.

I wouldn't blame you if you feel the urge of taking your DSLR for a ride of shots, or think of sharing a story on your social media. The nature in Spring is splendidly breath-taking.

You might as well take a look at Airbnb or just reserve at any hotel near Mehdia. You will find plenty of taxis to take you to your host.

After your check in for one night, I would suggest that you don’t waste another minute and catch the sunset at Mehdia Beach. It is a very tourist site. Plenty of fish restaurants and cafés, villas and surf clubs.

YES ! You can surf while you enjoy a magical sunset on the Atlantic beach, and right after that, taste the beach donuts- these are the most typical Moroccan beach munchies- with a cup of hot milk and coffee. The waves will chill you up and settle you in a very good mood.

You can either try the street food along the coast, or go to a restaurant on the beach, and order the tastiest fish dishes Mehdia has to offer.

You might consider turning back early to your room/flat. As you will need to wake up early for your next destination.

Tea and coffee, a good Moroccan crepe with fruit jelly and cheese. Those are your best friends to kick off a bright start.

Your next destination is North. A direct trip to Tangier, if you hop aboard of the Buraq -Morocco's fastest train- you will get there in less than an hour, enjoying the most comfortable train service available in the country.

As you check in at a hotel in the city center, or chose privacy using Airbnb. You will definitely be thinking about lunch. All you have to do, is take a shower, put on your clothes and sneakers and go down the street to discover and taste the best pizza parts and Moroccan appetizers in the region.

The urban-scape in this city is amazing, especially during nighttime. After your lunch, you can take a taxi to Hafa Café. The view there is tremendous.

You will love watching Spain from your comfy seat, while you drink a big cup of sweet minted tea.
When night falls, you might consider visiting one of Tangier's best nightlife spots, dance and have fun and meet local people.

The epic Northern Moroccan brunch is one of Tangier's famous specialties. All cafés are open at 7 sharp.
Chefchaouen, that's your next stop. It is a very small town located near the highest peaks of the rif mountains.

At your arrival, you will be able to quickly check in, and head downstairs with your friends or family. As it will be almost sunset and all of you must be tired and hungry. It will be the perfect time for your next experience.

It is very safe and lovely to walk in the blue streets of the old Chefchaouen, take the best snaps and discover the local products and culture.

During the night, you will have a very calm and smooth feeling of serenity and inner peace. This is just nature helping you recover from work stress and urban life.

Take your breakfast. You will need a lot of energy. For the next activity will be quite physical.
Akchour, the Falls. A few minutes away from Chefchaouen. Hiking shoes, and a plastic bag to prevent your personal items from drowning.

You can spend the whole day in there and call your driver to take back once you feel like going back to your hotel, to spend your second and last night in this city. Take a hot shower, have dinner. Take a last genuine walk, buy souvenirs or art displayed near the town's museum. Meet the people of this lovely and typical northern Moroccan town.

First, have your breakfast. Next, checkout and take a bus ticket or rent a car, to get you to Tetouan. This is where you can catch a flight by night to get to Casablanca airport. During the day, you can discover the historic city of Tetouan, its beautiful cafés, and visit its numerous museums and art galleries. Many painters and designers and singer and songwriters were born and raised in this small city. It is located on the Mediterranean side of the country. Right next to Tangier.

As you take your flight to Casablanca, you will be able to have an amazing aerial view over Morocco by night. Traveling over the whole country from north to south, the lights of the cities from the clouds. That is one view you wouldn't want to miss.

At your arrival in Casablanca, you might think of ordering a taxi, and head directly to the place you will stay in and have some rest. Because what is coming shake all of your memories in the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, and plunge you right back to the most urban landscape in the country. Its biggest city.
Casablanca, not the movie. On your way through the city, you will notice the amazing street art and graffiti covering the high buildings and street walls.

As your journey gets closer to an end, you will certainly feel the need to stay longer and explore some more. And that would be very much expected since there is a lot more to see and experience than a seven-day trip can offer. Yet this is the fastest way you can experience a bit of every place in Morocco.

A visit to the islet of SidiAbderrahman. This is one of the most epic spots in this city. Accessible by a small bridge, and only open during daylight.

The next place is no other but the famous red city of Marrakech.

As soon as you get there, check in and relax. You can order tea and enjoy a good massage and spa after you adapt to a whole new weather, relatively hot during the day but very fresh and cool during the night.
By now, it would be the perfect timing to go out and embrace the night in the sleepless place of Jamaa el Fna. Attend to various street performances and try the regional best food and drinks and street games !