Intrepid adventures & camping life in Sri Lanka

Are you looking for an adventurous vacation in Sri Lanka? You can start from the rainforests to the wild jungles to the tea estates, you will decide where to camp from the beach to the riverbanks! If you think you can make a compromise on comfort and luxury to spend this adventurous vacation, don't think that much. We have several camping options in Sri Lanka to match your needs. You can enjoy without thinking whether you have only tight budget and looking for a memorable honeymoon.

Privileges for a Camping Tour in Sri Lanka:
• Enjoy continuously with immersing yourself in the cycle of eating, sleeping, bathing, and walking; All in the campground.
• Stay calm and be a part of a completely natural and forest experience.
• Find the animals you like and capture their amazing clicks, get closer as much as possible.
• Veddah traditional exploration in the community life of Veda villagers.
• There are various kinds of animals within the day when visitors do not come, and national parks have special access to hotspots.

Camping should not be limited to national parks and surrounding forests. There are exciting camps in the mountainous environment of Sri Lanka and along the coast in the center of the village. In my opinion, mountain camping are the best. Don't forget to watch the sunset when you do the night camping on the mountains in Sri Lanka. We will now discuss the top 10 best camp locations in Sri Lanka in a specific order.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Raveena Anjalee

In the true sense of the word I'm a traveling addicted person to satisfy my soul and escape from my dental student life. I was lucky enough to born in such a beautiful island, Sri Lanka. Traveling is the motivation of my life. Freedom is essential for a human being. So, I wish all the people who read this to take every possible efforts travel as much as possible. If you are really liking to visit my country, I'm ready to give any information that you need.

a Peradeniya based traveler

Yala National Park
Imagine a soul awakening in an invisible environment. You will only see vegetation, rock pools, freshwater lakes, a sinking beach, elephants, leopards, bears, crocodiles, and much more! You and your loved one can enjoy eccentric activities like bird watching and safaris in the jeeps, or relax with nature at your own camp. I know now you are thinking about that what are the most suitable days to do your Yala camping. Actually the best time to visit this amazing camping place is within May / June - September / October. The rainy season is not the best as the camping will kind of difficult.

Absolutely there are more camping companies such as: Leopard Road, Mahura Tent Safari Camp, Beach Camp and Yala Safari Camp. Lots of camps among them have luxury bedding, cleaned attached bathrooms and are equipped with all modern facilities, and thus you do not have to be a consensus about anything.

Wilpattu National Park
You will be lucky enough to get the opportunity to spend in Sri Lanka's oldest and largest national park! Evening sceneries in this national park are amazing. Even difficult to turn them into words. Wilpattu National Park is threatened with extinction by elephants, leopards, and lazy bears. There are some remaining 1000 lazy bears in the world in this natural heritage. Don't forget to capture the spectacular views around this wildlife. The most important thing is you will capture the every life cycle stages of a wild elephant. There is a that match variety and the diversity in this natural resource.

Best time: February to October.
Camping companies such as Wilpattu Safari Camp, Mahura Tent Safari Camp, Leopard Roads, and Wilpattu Safari Holiday are some of the most popular camping companies in Wilpattu. It's good to contact them through a local guide, because he will arrange all the things for a reasonable price.

Udawalawa National Park
When I here the name of Udawalawa, the first thing that comes to my mind is wild elephants. Udawalawe National Park covers more than 31,000 hectares and is home to 600-700 elephants. Absolutely there is a large population of elephants here which you can experience all of their activities during the safari. The park is being transformed into a transitional home where injured, or orphaned elephants can be treated and kept until they are sent into the forest.

Elephant herds are not uncommon here and don't be surprised to see sambar deer, monitor lizards, wild bears, foxes, toddy cats, and many more bird species. Actually you can travel throughout the year.

Camping Companies: Mahora Tent Safari Camps, Ethgira River Camps, Udawalawe Safari Camps - All of these top couples are campings in Udawalawe. It's really worth to visit these places through a camping company. Because, they know the best time to visit animals' special activities.

Veddha Village
It cannot be said that you have visited Sri Lanka without experiencing the ancient and uncommon tradition and culture in the country. Dambana is a remote jungle village in the hillside in Sri Lanka. Its inhabitants have a culture deeply rooted in their ancestors. These traditions and customs have been followed for many years and are still shown in the present time.

Couples can meet these people, talk with them and get their years and years forest experiences, enjoy with their excellent foods, and learn more about their culture and lifestyle. So you can have an exciting camping experience. When we consider this Vedda village, there is no particular time period to visit this traditional village. You can be a part of this Vedda village journey anytime throughout the year.

Camping Companies such as Exploration of Sri Lanka will help you to get an amazing experience.

Belihuloya River Camping
Belihuloya is a unique climate transition area connecting the dry and wet regions of Sri Lanka. There are wet semi-evergreen forests, montane tropical forests, tropical savanna forests, and dry grasslands at this beautiful place. The most significant specialty among every highlight in this is its marvelous natural rock pool. It meets two streams and creates a natural bathing area with clean and unpolluted water. As this place is thoroughly a camping side you can try for activities like canoeing and mountaineering with your besties.

If you feel that you should exactly travel this place, there is no time period for that. Definitely you can select any time period in the year according to your passion.
Camping Company: River Garden Resort

Kitulgala Forest Reserve
This place is specially for the actual environmental lovers: Get your fun with an adventurous camping holiday in Kitulgala with your besties. During your camping days you will wake up with the sound of birds chirping and the water flowing from nearby waterfalls. That experience will difficult to turn into words. Kitulgala is a wetland region in Sri Lanka and is the base of the white water boat. So you can participate in white water rafting, trekking, nature trails, bird watching, cycling, river exploration, waterfall swimming, reliable jumping, and much more.

Most suitable time to travel in this place is from January to April
Camping Companies: Adventure Camp, Borderlands, and Go Kitulgala all provide excellent and comfortable camp facilities.

Sinharaja Rainforest
I'm sure you have already heard about this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sinharaja is a fully green large rainforest which offers you a gift to see attractive wild animals. Just imagine that going to this calm cold Sinharaja rainforest and concentrating your mind for the different sounds of the birds, while laying on a mat. The famous biodiversity hotspot of birds, trees, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals are there.

It's good to select your travelling days here from October to April and from August to October
Camping companies like hare Adventures Resort, Peak Campus tour, Mahoora Rented Safari camps will help you for a reasonable price.

Ella Rock
Engage with your besties and explore the beautiful Ella Rock and spend the night in the most comfortable campground in Ella. You will not be misled as it may be a good idea to get guidance with you. Don't forget to stay at "Ella Gap" one morning for stunning views of the countryside surrounding down to the South Coast! Ella train journey, Ella hiking and night camping at Ella will give you an amazing experience. It's happy to say I personally have gone there more than three times and each time I got a new experience seeing cold clouds which knock to my soul.

There are camping companies such as Ella Sky Camp, Ella camping and Guru Guru camp.

Knuckles Mountain
Travel to another UNESCO world heritage place that inspires warm and humid weather. Around your camp in Knuckles, you will find tea plantations and forests home to the only plants, animals and reptiles that inhabit this Mountain. Enjoy mountaineering, night safaris, and fun mountain adventures to make your couple's camping memorable. No doubt you will capture amazing clicks at this place and will make an unbelievable album.

It will be good if you can go for Knuckles mountains trip from March to October.
There are camping companies such as Knuckles Forest Lodge and Camp Site, Sri Lanka Eco Camps, Mahura Tented Safari Camps.

Fictional Beach
Hill side and forests are not the only places where camping memories can be had. You also can get an unforgettable memory choosing a camping night on Kalpitiya Beach (West Coast). In the true sense of the word this is one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka. Stay on your partner's hands and wake up when the waves crash, and engage in a completely different environment to get the best view of sunrise and sunset. In fantasy, you can go for a jeep safari in the middle of the dunes to get unique pictures of the evening. Canoeing, dolphin watching, kite flying, and other water sports are essential here.

Travel knocks your heart, widens your mind and fulfill your soul with stories to tell. So just wake up your soul and enjoy adding amazing night camping experiences to your life.