Less crowded best places to visit in Sri Lanka

As travelers, we don't like to visit crowded places. Most people want to see more calm and quiet places. Although many famous Sri Lanka places give the best of the best tourist experience entirely, there are less crowded and more eye-catching places. Therefore, it's good to know about all these places and plan your journey in Sri Lanka.

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By Raveena Anjalee

In the true sense of the word I'm a travelling addicted person to satisfy my soul and escape from my dental student life. I was lucky enough to born in such a beautiful island, Sri Lanka. Travelling is the motivation of my life. Freedom is essential for a human being. So, I wish all the people who read this to take every possible efforts travel as much as possible. If you are really liking to visit my country, I'm ready to give any information that you need.

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Are you willing to discover some unique locations to go to Sri Lanka? Anyone who loves water games activities and needs to spend an underwater life can come to this little island. This seaside is one of the pleasant seashores in Sri Lanka.

The quality thing about this seaside is that there are some excellent scuba diving instructors. Apart from this, there are countless temples around, so absolutely you can travel and visit them too.

If you are questioning why you are not so fascinated about spirituality and everything, why do I recommend you to go there? The reason for my recommendation to visit temples in Sri Lanka is that they are now not solely the residence of God; however, additionally, a stunning creation of architectural experts.

The structure of the temples is fantastic. Therefore, don't miss visiting at least five temples in Sri Lanka. The best period to visit these places is from February to April. This period is significant to indulge in water activities.

As Sigirya is the closest airport to Trincomalee, the airport's taxi price will value about INR 700-900. You can spend the night at Amaranthe Bay Resort & Spa, JKAB Beach Resort. Most of the time tourists are attracted by Koneswaram Temple and the Fort Fedrick.

Now let's talk about a stunning but quiet and less crowded vacation spot in Sri Lanka. This is some other village, and the name of this village is Kandalama. This is an assurance that your trip will not be observed somewhere else in the world. This is an area where you can go to like heaven. There is a warm air balloon carrier right here, and it will take you to the skies. You will enjoy a fantastic flying experience. This is truly one of the excellent locations in Sri Lanka.

This is simply a village. However, the provision is not much lower than a town. If you favor spending your nighttime in the city, you can use e-booking a room at any lodge close to you.

There are masses of 5 superstar lodges right here, and you do not have to fear about the luxury and relief it offers. With luxurious items, this area's environment is very calm so, you can rely upon the locations you have to visit. This is situated in the Central Province, Sri Lanka, and especially popular for Lake Views and herbal settings.

It's not fair to visit from May to June or from October to November as that is when the location receives extra rainfall. You can take a public bus to Dambulla from Colombo or Kandy. Dambulla is the closest city to Kandalama. You can select hotels such as Eco Hotels and Heritage Kandalama.

This location is truly a go-to region in Sri Lanka for those passionate about collecting images and things. Photographers love their work, and for that best shoot, they make it one of the first-class traveler locations in Sri Lanka. This vicinity has a more excellent eye-catching environment, and you can get the best view of the various birds from this place.

There is an artificial, however attractive lake here. The identity of this lake is Lake Tissa. Also, this region has some important and fascinating stupas like the Yatala Temple Stupa. This place has located at Hambantota District, Southern Province, Sri Lanka. Especially popular for ancient stupas and the irrigation reservoirs. Good to visit in Winter (December-February) as the climate is warm. It is solely 88 km from Ella. Either you can hire a taxi or use public transport from Ella, Matara, Galle to Tissa.

Dondra Lighthouse
The Dondra Lighthouse has been constructed in the colonial period in Sri Lanka. This is comprehensible given the way it is built. The building is very tall, and you will get a very appropriate view of the surrounding areas when you stand on it. This is stunning due to the rows of palm bushes all over the construction, and the view from the pinnacle of the building is closer to the sky.

Visitors can come to this region with his family. This is the place households surely get together. You can click on as many pictures as you prefer and experience fantastic moments. This region is about 1 km from Colombo. It is positioned at a distance of a hundred sixty-five km and is consequently without transportation from Colombo. This place is especially getting fantastic views of the surrounding area. It is useful if you can visit early in the morning or night to experience the sunset.

The village of Thavalantene in the Central Province is a first-rated place in Sri Lanka and recognized by its beautiful St. Clair Falls. This is an attractive waterfall and one of the famous places in Sri Lanka. This is consequently acknowledged as the Little Niagara of Sri Lanka.

Surrounded by lots of waterfalls and this attracts locals and vacationers on a day out to Thawalanden. This place is especially famous for Scenic waterfalls. Not suitable to visit during monsoons.

You can get a taxi or will have to walk to the waterfall. Anyway, to go Tawalantenne, you can rent a cab.

Jaffna – Travel the historical Architectures
This location is additionally acknowledged as the Temple City of Sri Lanka. It is one of the most lovely temples in Sri Lanka and one of the exceptional sights in Sri Lanka for religious retreats. The Nallur Kovil Devalaya is the most visited temple in this place.

This temple continually has the very best variety of site visitors, which is the most crowded among every temple. Visitors additionally go to different temples in the vicinity. In addition to these temples, the extra appeal of this region is the Jaffna Fort.

This city is suitable not only for religious people but also for people interested in cultural and historical values. There is another place in Jaffna called Nagadeepa Vihara Purana Vihara.

This temple is additionally well-known for its splendour and elegance. You can appoint a boat and can effortlessly reach to this region using waterways. The environment supplies you with an extra peaceable nature, and you can meditate at this place. Jaffna is a district of Northern Province in Sri Lanka. The reason why I'm recommending you to visit this place is its architectural value.

It's okay if you can visit this place from January to September and December. These months are the most suitable months to go to Jaffna as the rainfall is mediocre and warm temperatures.

Although there are no direct trains or buses to Jaffna, you can use your private vehicle or two or three buses to reach the city. You can stay at the Jaffna Guest House or in the Jaffna Heritage Hotel.

Arugam Bay - Pristine Beaches
In addition to all the different lovely herbal features, Sri Lanka is exceptionally recognized for its beaches. There are many famous seashores in this country. They come from the beautiful shoreline of Asia.

The seaside here is not solely for having excitement on each aspect of the sea, however additionally for getting happiness on the water. One can have such an incredible trip after travelling to Arugam Bay. This seaside is stated to be the most lovely and picturesque seaside in Sri Lanka. One can effortlessly put on their swimming gear and go to the water if they want.

Not only that but also the seaside presents a lot of water things to do to its visitors. These things to do consist of diving, speed boating, and more. This seaside is the most lovely of all the seashores in Sri Lanka with its blue water and coconut trees.

This seaside has grown to be one of the most famous traveler locations in Sri Lanka and is a must-see place with all these features.

Dambulla Cave Temple – Witness the Murals
With over a hundred and fifty Buddha statues, it is tough not to be amazed at the lovely murals and sculptures in this beautiful cave. Dambulla Cave Temple is one of the fantastic temples in Sri Lanka acknowledged for its unique architecture. Experience the peace and tranquility of this super cave temple that bears witness to the beautiful cultural antiquities of historic Sri Lanka.

This place has been located in Kandy – Jaffna Hwy, Dambulla.
Famous for: Beautiful statues

Spice Garden
Famous for its series of uncommon herbs and spices, the Spice Garden has to turn out to be a fundamental appeal in Sri Lanka for exploring and sowing unusual herbs. You can also discover frequent herbs used by human beings like turmeric, pepper, nutmeg, and cinnamon. You can apprehend these herbs' basic technique and their significance or advantages and experience the herbal splendour of this backyard, which makes it one of the most stunning locations in Sri Lanka. If you are searching for something to do in Sri Lanka, you can check the Sri Lankan Honeymoon Guide and layout a romantic outing to this tropical island.

Sri Lanka is well-known for several elements such as religion. The wealthy Buddhist lifestyle stands out truly here. Apart from Buddhism, different religions are additionally famous in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is one of the world's exceptional visitor locations, and there is such an awful lot to discover and trip in this Asian country. Adventurous fanatics can stroll the stunning trails; Nature fanatics can recognize tea plantations, waterfalls, and wildlife; History herds can have a fascinating journey whilst getting to know about the country's sizeable past.

As you discover the variety of Sri Lanka markets, there are a few matters you want to maintain the idea for an exact purchasing experience. Apart from all the different stunning herbal features, Sri Lanka is satisfactorily acknowledged for its beaches. Just like lots of countries, Sri Lanka can be considered on a backpacker budget. The enormous kick used to be the rate of things like safari and entry into UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With tickets costing between $40-50 per ticket, Sri Lanka was once highly-priced to explore. In the real sense of the word, the experience will remain forever.