Marrakech highlights

The magical place can be called as the “Red city” of Morocco. It is enriched with natural, historical and modern beauty containing markets, gardens, mosques, palaces and museums. Medina is the old town where the first thing you learn is the word “Balek” that is said to move aside because some donkey or cart is coming. In the squares of city centers there are a number of tourists, snake charmers, fortune-tellers, magicians and acrobats.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Sehrish Irfan

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Jardin Majorelle
The amazing garden is like an enchanting dream because of its design and the variety of plant species. The botanical garden was designed by French artist Jacques Majorelle using different types of cacti, bamboo, plant species from all over the world and bright blue colored architecture. The blue color is known as Majorelle blue that was picked by the French painter from the blue color tones used on the houses of Kasbah. Blue house was used as the residence by Jacques Majorelle that is now converted into a museum.

Musee Yves Saint Laurent
After Jacques Majorelle the garden was saved by French designer Yves Saint Laurent. He loved the place and bought it to live there with his partner. The beautiful YSL building opens in the garden and contains a collection of Yves Saint Laurent designs. Temporary exhibitions are also arranged in the auditorium and exhibition halls. There is a garden café and book shop in the building.

Bahia Palace
Bahia palace is a stunning portrait of creativity and art. A slave turned vizier BouAdmed used it as his home and adorned this palace with expense decorative works. There are 150 rooms, gilded ceilings with paintings, famous zellige tiles of Morocco and carvings that makes this place more eye catching. This is the best option to see in the afternoon to get away from the heat and enjoy the beauty of intricate designing.

Maison de la Photographie
Riads in Morocco are some of the oldest buildings converted into a hotel kind of space. Maison de la photographic is a vintage photo gallery made in a three storeyriad containing works of Patrick Menach and Marrakshi Hamid Mergani. The gallery shows the lifestyles and landscape of Morocco during eighteenth and nineteenth century. A lot of places in the photos are still the same. There is rooftop café where you can sit and compare the modern era and a hundred years old appearance of the country.

Riad Yima Tea Room
Vibrant and amazing place to meet the traditional and cultural style of Morocco was designed by Hassan Hajjaj. The upcycled pop art can be seen on furniture and entire decorative objects. This is a tea room filled with crafts and art where you can sit and enjoy some relaxing moments with classic mint tea.

Marrakech has a lot of souks (markets) where every type of products is sold. Souk Semmarine is the largest one with Rugs, leather goods, crockery, silver goods and local crafts. The other famous one is Place des Epices that is rich in flavors and aroma.
This souk has shops, stalls and merchants of traditional spices. Sellers from mountains set their stalls and sell fresh mountain spices and different mix of them. There are cafés and sitting places also available around the souks where you can sit and enjoy the atmosphere.

El Badi Palace
This palace was functional during the dynasty of Sultan Ahmed el-Mansour. It is now in the form of ruins whereas the beauty and splendor of the palace can be assessed easily. It is surrounded by gardens and has towers giving panoramic views of medina.

The popular and amazing Jemaa el Fna is the main square of Marrakesh where every kind of lifestyle present in the city can be witnessed. There are snake charmers, entertainers, magicians, henna artists, locals and tourists.
This place requires the visitors to be a little careful especially some henna artist come and apply henna then they ask for money or a person with monkey or other tamed animal comes and click its picture with you then ask for some amount. The nightlife is also very vibrant because of the colorful restaurants and live music. Sometimes street theater also happens in the night that you can watch while having food.

Souk Cuisine
It is the best place to learn some traditional cuisines from the local women. The riad is located in the souk where these are taught, and you can buy ingredients while going.

Hammams are the traditional spa of Morocco. Public hammams have separate rooms for male, females and children where they provide weekly grooming to the people. Locals join it with their friends and enjoy some relaxing, exfoliating time.

They have a lot of people, and you have to hire a person to give you spa services. However, hotels also have hammams, but they provide some private and luxury experience. Book a hammam in advance because during the tourist season most of the places are booked.