One offbeat place in Tamil Nadu: Coimbatore

Coimbatore is one of the most underrated cities of the southernmost state of Tamil Nadu.
One wouldn’t expect a mind-numbing travel experience out of a place like Coimbatore, but believe it or not, after spending three years doing my undergraduate studies here, this undiscovered gem of a travel destination will capture a piece of your heart no matter what. Tamil Nadu, in general, is a state which doesn’t get the attention that it deserves for the scenic beauty that it conceals. I first arrived in Coimbatore three years back in order to pursue a university degree, which was the boring part of the whole thing. I would say most of my negative thoughts were muffled up under homesickness and loneliness which I, fortunately, managed to overcome by exploring all that Coimbatore had in store for me. Furthermore, I would advise anyone who were to visit the city to carry the least of their expectations so that what they might see maybe beyond a world of reality that they would have encountered till then. Coimbatore is not just any other south Indian hotspot you’d expect to come across during your travels across the vast plains of the subcontinent. Your entire travel experience will depend on how you intend to view the city.
The cultural shocks that you’ll come across, the wonderful city locals, some great dine-in places, and countless other things you would want to try out while you’re there.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Leo Livingston

Hailing from the southern tropical paradise of Kerala, India, all of my life's memories lay with the barren deserts of the middle eastern landscape. I would say that's where my soulful lust for travel began to take shape, regardless of the limitations that surrounded me as a teenager. Now, after returning to my homeland, I'm glad to have been able to explore the various treasures that lay hidden all across the Indian subcontinent. From an adolescent wayfarer to an accomplished freelance journalist, I couldn't be more content in sharing my travel diaries and accounts on such online portals.

a Kerala based traveler

Stop number one on your list should be the Isha Yoga. This mesmerizing place will let your mind run free from all the tensions of daily life. With ample space for all kinds of recreational activities, the Isha Yoga attracts hundreds of visitors every day regardless of the season.
Putting Isha on the top of your list will allow you to enjoy all that the city has to offer with a peaceful
state of mind. This is a place I often used to visit with my friends and all those wonderful memories still lay unblemished.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on a grand breakfast which happens to be healthy and flavorsome as well. The Sree Annapoorna Sree Gowrishankar restaurant is a local favorite, and I’m sure the place will soon grow to be your frequent choice too.
With more than 16 outlets throughout the city, you wouldn’t have trouble locating one for some delicious dosas at an affordable deal. After paying the largest bust in the world which happens to be at the Isha Foundation and having some wonderful masala dosas, you would want to head out to find the Geedee Car Museum.

This historic automobile collection will blow your senses away especially if you are a petrol head. The museum throws light on some of the best automobile innovations of the century that have paved the way to modern advancements in the field.
Speaking of automobiles, don’t forget to visit the Apex Racing Academy if you’re into track racing. I still recall being there for events whenever my friends and I had a chance to bunk classes and the place never failed to surprise even after numerous visits which spanned over three years of student life.

After a tiresome day of track racing and automobile enthusiasm, the ideal place to spend some time would be the Flower Market which happens to be right in the center of the city. Known by the name ‘Poo Market’ among locals, this place will undoubtedly fill your mind with bliss just by enjoying all the lovely collections of flowers and floral decorations that you would find there.

Looking for a stretch of road surrounded by breathtaking valleys, thick canopy, hilly terrain and beautiful waterfalls? Then Siruvani Waterfalls is your go-to place with a doubt. You would find few tourists here, as much of the people who visit the place happen to be locals and natives of the neighboring state, Kerala.

I often wonder why this place attracts very little tourists from the north. Siruvani will take you along a refreshing journey enabling yourself to wander beyond mental boundaries and stress. So don’t miss out on this natural beauty while you’re in Coimbatore; trust me you’ll return for more in no time.

To get a similar sense of enrichment through sightseeing, make sure to visit Singanallur Lake, which offers a wide range of faunas to enjoy and a lot of fishing spots if you happen to have a day which you can set aside for the whole experience.

A rich collection of plankton, butterflies and various local and migratory birds can be spotted at the Lake and the best time to watch over these wonderful creatures would be at dawn when the world is waking up. Now the city has got you covered if you happen to have children who are bored out of their minds already.

Visit the Kovai Kondattam Amusement park if you do have the time and I guarantee your mind will be refreshed along with your little ones. With ample play areas, rides and water sports, the part covers all that you’d expect at an amusement park. A whole day of fun at an affordable price point is quite the bargain if you ask me and boy do they promise a lot of adrenaline-filled rides.

Some of my life’s best travel diaries have come from unexpected trips and adventures. Unlike many travelers around the globe, I find unplanned events and getaways the most exciting and satisfying. A little piece of memory to be cherished must come out of every journey, and I’m sure Coimbatore wouldn’t disappoint you especially if you’re someone who finds joy in the smallest of life’s escapades.

The people you come across will truly inspire you to make the most out of desperate situations which will open up a path to greater ambitions in life. The lifestyle and culture will blow your expectations away while you gather all the knowledge and wisdom that you can throughout the trip.

After spending three years in this beautiful city, I would advise everyone to visit this little south Indian gem of a travel destination, for all the glory, good times and wonderful travel experiences it has to offer.