Reasons to visit and love Armenia

Hey, if you have opened this article, it means you have planned to visit Armenia․ I am happy that you are reading my writing; I promise to take you to some magical places and tell you about my country which you will surely love! I hope that pandemic will not be an obstacle for you, as it is not for us: we will host you with great pleasure, keeping all the safety measures in mind of course!

You have probably learned some things about Armenia from Armenians all over the world or even foreigners. I will take you to those places for sure, but I will take you on a trip as an Armenian with this guide, so you can enjoy every minute you spend here. I have an experience with this as a friend of mine from the UK once told me, "I don't want to visit the places you take the tourists, I want to walk on the streets where you walk with your friends and do the things you usually do."

SO, the plan is - we will go to some places I have chosen for you, and then we will go back to the capital Yerevan. We will walk along the streets and sit in the cafés and talk about the places we have visited in Armenia. So, grab your suitcase and let's get to it!

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Lily

I LOVE being on the road! I love meeting new people, and I love trying new food! I feel at home when I'm back to Armenia, my country is fantastic, full of surprises and generosity.

a Yerevan based traveler

I personally suggest you book your tickets for September. This is because the winter is too cruel here, and the summer is sweltering, you'll not enjoy the country with all its beauty. There is, of course, a certain charm to a snowy Armenia or swimming in Sevan Lake in the heat, but spring and autumn really are the best times to visit.

Here are only a few of the best spots to visit in the beautiful country of Armenia!

Tatev monastery and the ropeway
Honestly, I was about eighteen when I first visited here, and OMG! The landscape, the cathedral's beauty, and the breathtaking sights from above in the ropeway camera. It's just mind blowing how the cathedral built in the ninth century can be so magical, you get goosebumps by every look you take. The ropeway is the longest in the world, so definitely worth giving a go! You will experience beautiful scenery from a high point of view, and I won’t even get started on the photos you can take here.

Dilijan Jan
Dilijan is the place to go in Armenia. I visit here very often, and it's a town in Armenia everyone should visit once in their lifetime. It is famous for its spa resorts and craft workshops. But I admire most the highlands, when you open your front door and find yourself in paradise. The cafés here are the best places to hang out with friends for cozy, warm evenings. Then, take a hike in the morning to enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty of Dilijan.

Oh, dear, I cannot describe the level of amorousness of mine for this city. It includes everything: old buildings, new sights, history, museums, Gyumri market (Shuka), and so much soul. You may even decide to visit a museum on your way of an Armenian actor or poet you may know nothing about, and still enjoy it. Gyumri hosts thousands of rock concerts and music festivals, so if you are a fan of them, prepare for the party of your life!

As we go back to my hometown, I invite you to my house to have some rest, eat, drink coffee, and go explore my city. Talking about food, my mom will make the best dishes for you and you will feel the exact taste of Armenian food. Any restaurant in Yerevan will gladly serve you warm Armenian food, and with all our versatile dishes you will surely find something you love. There is a whole range of dishes, from very fatty meat dishes to very decadent vegan or vegetarian ones, or non-fatty versions of both. You may have heard many arguments about what food is Armenian and what isn’t, but remember it's not the food that makes dishes traditional, but the way locals make them. As we are walking along the streets of Yerevan, let's turn to Abovyan street, which is my favorite. Here you can spend your day shopping and browsing around all types of shops. Then, after a long day of walking and taking photos, end your day at the iconic Cascade, where many coffee shops are very hospitable with excellent service, food, and drinks. Here is where you will really experience the Yerevan lifestyle!

If you are homesick now, you can always find a piece of your home country in Armenia. That's how amazing my country is, and you are more than welcome here anytime. Lot's of Armenian big hugs until we meet in Republic Square!