Reasons to visit and love Australia

A trip to Australia is an unforgettable experience. Whether it's going to be your first time visiting, or if you're a regular traveler - you will never, ever run out of places to see and things to do. Australia can be visited on the lowest budget, or at the highest end of luxury and anywhere in between. So start making that list of sights you want to photograph, activities you need to experience, and food you want to eat as you begin planning your next visit to the land down under!

These are just some thousands of reasons for you to visit and love Australia:
Australia prides itself on homegrown fresh food, and some of the best restaurants you'll find anywhere in the world. Australia does not really have its own style of cuisine - although "snags on the barbie" (translates to sausages on the barbecue) comes close!

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Australian Foodies
Being such a multicultural nation, you'll find food of just about every imaginable taste and style; from authentic Thai and Chinese restaurants, to steakhouses and beachside bistros. You don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy high quality food on your Australian vacation. A $5 lunch from the fish and chip shop can be just as memorable as lunch at a five-star restaurant on Sydney harbor.

Natural Wonders
It's no secret that Australia contains some of the world's finest beaches. Bondi is the most famous of all, but if you'd rather avoid the crowds you'll have no trouble finding a beach or bay with little to no people no matter which part of the country you're in. You can expect most city beaches to become more crowded during the Australian summer months of December and January. Venturing away from a major city on a road trip can introduce you to some of the lesser known and less crowded beaches along the coast. Many small beaches won't have lifeguards on duty, so this is something to keep in mind if you want to go swimming.

You might want to avoid Australian city life completely if you're more inclined to spending time in nature. Australian wildlife needs no introduction; it's some of the unique on the planet. Almost everywhere you go you will enjoy bird encounters, and you really will see kangaroos hopping about in many areas of the country. From the coastal forests, to the red central deserts - you could spend a month in Australia experiencing its natural wonders and still barely touch the surface of what's on offer!

Those who are keen to get out on the waves for a surf will find Australian beaches to be spectacular. Some of Australia's many best surf beaches include Burleigh Heads and Noosa Heads in Queensland, Narrabeen and Byron Bay in NSW, Bells Beach in Victoria, and Margaret River in Western Australia.

Famous Cities
Australia only has a few major cities compared to a country such as the USA. Every state's capital city is the central place to be, but some states have smaller cities that are also well worth your visit. You already know about Australia's most famous cities like Sydney and Melbourne, so why not consider some other cities you might never have heard of?

Consider Newcastle in NSW which is known for its superb café culture without the mega crowds of Sydney, or Canberra (the country's political center where Parliament House sits) where you can visit museums, nature reserves and Parliament itself. Geelong in Victoria provide an exciting alternative to Melbourne. All of these smaller cities are easily accessible by car - so make sure you get out there and explore away from the crowds of the biggest cities!

Something else
Did you know that it snows in some parts of the Australia? Yes! If you visit in the middle of the year during Winter, you can experience Australian snow in locations such as the mountains and central highlands of Tasmania, Victorian alpine areas such as Falls Creek and Mt Hotham, and Mount Kosciuszko in NSW. Many snow areas of eastern Australia have world-class ski resorts you book into, or simply take a day trip and enjoy the stunning snowy landscape of an Australian winter.

The reasons to visit and love Australia provides a never ending list and this is just the beginning!