Reasons to visit and love Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a raw country in South Asia that is mostly untouched by tourism. It is the queen of natural beauty. Its unique beauty will amaze you every second and force you to come back here again and again. If you are a nature lover or a photographer, here you will find thousands of places to travel to in this small country. Bangladesh is the cheapest country in South Asia, and the people are super friendly, which will also inspire you to stay here for a long time. Bangladesh has a rich culture, and it will give you some unique experience you will never find anywhere else. I can explain 100 reasons to visit and love Bangladesh; here are just a few reasons.

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Rivers surround it
Nearly 700 waterways in this small green country. Beaches, archeological sites, religious sites, hills, forests, waterfalls, and tea gardens are the most beautiful places. The Sundarbans - the world's largest mangrove forest and historic the sixty dome mosque, the Buddhist Monastery ruins are three heritage sites in Bangladesh. Besides, Dhaka Old town, Panama City, Cox's Bazar, Saint Martin, Rangamati, Khagrachari, Bandarban, Sylhet, Kuakata sea beach are some spectacular places in Bangladesh that will fascinate you.

The most exciting part is the Bangladeshi people
Here most of the people are Muslim. They are friendly, helpful, and super excited to see you and here travelers treated as guests. Most people can speak or understand English and very curious to talk to a foreigner. The people here are crazy about selfies, and they request you to take selfies defiantly with them. They love cricket very much. The people and the beauty of the village will give you more excitement. For sure, you feel like a celebrity when you travel to a village. If you travel here, Bengalis will give you a fantastic memory.

Dhaka old town
The capital city of Bangladesh is an important tourist spot for travelers of this country mainly due to the historical significance of the places around this city. There are many historical spots that will take you 200 to 500 years behind and amaze you a lot. The most attractive place in old Dhaka is the Mughal fort complex Lalbagh, the Nawab family's historical place Ahsan Manzil, the abandoned capital of Bangla in 1610 Panama Nagar at Sonargaon. Never miss walking in the old Dhaka towns. Old Dhaka food is famous all over the country. It will give you a memorable experience.

Shaheed Minar, Jatiyo Sriti Shoudho, Jatiya Sangshad Bhaban is the most beautiful historic place in Dhaka. Those places carry our history of sacrifices. Besides, Dhanmondi Lake, Gulshan, Banani are some places you can visit. Dhaka is a highly populated city and a lot of traffic you will find. Get down 2/1 hours in advance if you want to go somewhere.

You may have seen many beaches. But did you ever go to the longest beach in the world?
Cox's Bazaar is the home of the world's longest natural unbroken sea beach. It is about 150 km of incredible sea Beach of Bay of Bengal. If you want to travel to Cox's Bazar, I will suggest you go in the winter. It's the best time to travel there.
Himchori is one of the best places in Cox's Bazar. At the top of the hill, you will feel the beauty of the sea. If you travel to this place, you will know how beautiful nature is!
You can go to Patenga sea beach and port area that is a small distance from Chittagong city, to enjoy boat rides on the Karnafuli River.

Saint Martin is Bangladesh's only coral island
From Cox's Bazar, you can easily travel to Saint Marten by luxury boats. It's like heaven for sea lovers, and great sea views and perfect for a swim. Here you will get fresh seafood and coconut water. This island has too many luxury hotels. Dollar and Taka both you can use here. Views of sunrise and sunset are more enjoyable on this island. Life is short, and you shouldn't miss this place.

Never miss the beautiful nature of Bangladesh
Rangamati’s best traveling areas are Kaptai Lake, Lake View Island, Parjatan Hanging Bridge, Shuvolong Waterfalls, Polwel Park.
Khagrachari will amaze you with its beautiful nature. Horticulture Heritage Park, Rising & Dighinala Touduchhori Waterfall, Alutila Cave are beautiful places of Khagrachari.
Bandarban has many popular traveling places. Nilgiri Mountains, Parjatan Hanging Bridge, Boga Lake, Sangu River, Nafa-Khum, Keokradong, Buddha Dhatu Jedi, Chimbuk Hill are some of them.

Sunderban is famous for the Royal Bengal Tiger and its beautiful nature; it's why it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's the biggest mangrove forest in the world, located in the south of Bangladesh on the shores of the Bay of Bangle. The world listed it after the Amazon jungle. This forest has saved this country from many natural disasters. Traveling to this mangrove forest will be the best experience in your life.

The Sixty Domes Mosque is another historical place in Bangladesh and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This mosque is almost 541 years old. It was built in 1459. This Mosque's local name is Shait Gambuj Masjid.
The ruins of a Buddhist monastery known as Somapura Mahavihara have historical significance and a UNESCO heritage site. It is one of Asia's greatest Buddhist monuments that were built in the 8th century.
Sylhet is popular for tea gardens, hills, rivers, waterfalls, forests with beautiful heart touching nature. You have to go to those palaces in Sylhet.
Jaflong is one of the best places in Sylhet. Aakhta Fall’s, Landscape Mountain at Sajek, beautiful nature, is the main attraction in Jaflong.
Bichanakandi is a new attraction to Sylhet. It is an area filled with different types of rocks, and water flows through it. The Khasi Mountain makes a lake connected to the Piyain River. The natural rocks come down with water streams from the mountains. The natural beauty of Bichanakandi is outstanding.
Lakkatura is the largest and most beautiful tea garden in BD. The place is a few minutes away from the center of Sylhet.
There are very few freshwater swamp forests globally; the Ratargul swamp forest is one of them. Here you will get a taste of the perfect adventure.
Madhabkunda is the largest waterfall in Bangladesh. Big boulders, adjoining streams, and surrounding forests also attract travelers. Near you can also find a charming tribe village, and you can enjoy tribe life here.
Kuakata is another sea beach located at the Patuakhali division in the southern part of Bangladesh. It’s popular to enjoy the full view of sunrise and sunset. Kakra beach, Jhaubon, sutki para, Misri para is popular places you can visit.

Bangladeshi food is famous worldwide
Green raw chilies, dried chili powder, turmeric powder, ginger-garlic-onion paste, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander powder, pepper are used in almost all Bangladeshi cuisines. The use of these spices makes the food more delicious and unique. Travelers will certainly love Bangladeshi foods.

Paratha is popular bread for breakfast in Bangladesh. For breakfast, eat Partha with Vaji, Lentil, fried eggs, or beef.

Here, the main Bangladeshi food is rice, fish, meat, curry, vorta (mass), vaji (fried). It’s the main food of most of the peoples. Mass is prevalent here, and you will see many types of mass here.

Hilsa Curry is popular worldwide for taste. Hilsa is the national fish of Bangladesh. It is eaten with rice.

Kacchi biryani is delicious and special Bangladeshi food. This dish is served at weddings and various special parties. A special kind of rice, meat, and potatoes are used to make Kacchi biryani. Old Dhaka is famous for Kacchi Biryani.

Bhuna khichuri is a kind of mixed items with rice, lentil, meat, and spice. Morog Polao is a very delicious and traditional Bangladeshi food. It is made with a special type of rice, chicken, ghee, and yogurt.

Grilled chicken with naan bread is a popular dish for evening snacks.

Enjoy Street Food with yummy specialties as Fusca and Jhalmuri are common, cheap, and traditional street food, spicy, sour, and delicious.

Bangladeshi Desserts are my favorite. Misti Doi is a Sweet yogurt serves at a wedding or a party after taking a heavy meal.

Doi Chira: Doi Chira is a traditional food. It is made by mixing sour yogurt, Chira, Sugar, Banana. Faluda is cold and sweet syrup. It's like ice cream. Rasmalai is the most popular and unique taste sweet. Never miss tasting it. Borhani is a very healthy and tasty drink. Most of the time, they drink after heavy eating. Here, you find plenty of sweet cakes known as Pitha. Each cake has a different name and taste. Homemade sweet cakes are best for the taste. Lassi is made by blending yogurt, water, spice, and some fruits. When the weather is hot, you can eat lacchi for refreshment. Tea is a trendy and most used drink in Bangladesh. Don’t be surprised here if you are offered by someone to drink a cup of tea.

Travel Bonus
There are many transportation forms here, like taxis, bicycles, buses, private cars, rickshaws, and more. Among them, Rickshaw is an exciting 3 wheeled vehicle. You can find rickshaws all over the county. It is too cheap to go for a short distance. Rickshaw is one of the memories for any tourist. Before going anywhere with a rickshaw, fix a price. If you are not sure about the perfect price, then ask any local.

Bangladesh became independent on 16th December 1971 after the nine-month liberation war. They are the only nation who sacrifices their lives for their mother language on 21st February 1952. That is why International Mother Language Day is celebrated all over the world on 21st February. If you want to know the whole history, go to the museum.

If you are looking for a raw country with natural beauty for travel, then Bangladesh may be your first choice. Here, nature and beauty have become one in harmony. Due to the temperate climate, this country has a wonderful combination of winter and summer. When one wants to travel to Asia, most of the time, Bangladesh is left out. But it can be a perfect choice for those who are thirsty for travel. This country will change your view of tourism, and every moment you will find something different that you will not find in any other country in the world.