Reasons to visit and love Bosnia & Herzegovina

For those people who have already visited Bosnia and Herzegovina without researching it a bit, this country may seem pretty complicated. For the ones who spent some time reading about this country before visiting it, the result is probably the same. No matter how well you prepare yourself, Bosnia and Herzegovina will confuse you. But, I'll try to make it easier for you by explaining to you the most important things related to this strange yet amazing country.

In the past, Bosnia and Herzegovina was a part of Yugoslavia. It was always a multicultural country with three different nations- Bosnians(Muslim), Serbs(Orthodox), and Croats(Catholics). After the war in the nineties, politicians decided that these three nations should no longer live together, and every of the mentioned nations got their piece of territory. That's why, now, Bosnia and Herzegovina is divided into three different entities - Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (where Bosnians and Croats live), the Republika Srpska (inhabited by Serbs), and the Brčko District.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is maybe the only country in the world with three presidents (one president for each nation) and with two capitals- Sarajevo (for Bosnians) and East Sarajevo (for Serbs).

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Milica

Hi everyone! My name is Milica, I'm a sociologist, and I'm from Niš, Serbia. I adore traveling but giving that I was born while a country named Yugoslavia still existed, the most interesting places for me are the ones placed on this territory. Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, and Croatia are places that I will continue visiting for a long, long time.

a Serbia based traveler

The capital of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Sarajevo, and that is the most developed city in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina. When you are in Sarajevo, you should know that one day is not enough to see all the important things, so if you're planning your trip there, make sure to stay a bit longer.

When we talk about historical landmarks, you should visit the famous „Baščaršija“ located in the center of Sarajevo. There you can buy souvenirs, drink coffee from the unique cup called „fildžan“, eat pie with meat ("Burek") or pie with cheese ("Sirnica") and, of course, try the inevitable kebabs, or as the locals call them „ćevapi“. For „ćevapi“, I suggest that you visit the „Ferhatović“ restaurant. In the Baščaršija, the main landmark „Sebilj“ is located, but, besides that, you can visit the local craftsmen and their little shops, and of course, the famous Gazi Husrev Bey's Mosque. Besides this religious monument, you can see many other Mosques, but also, you can visit wonderful Croatian Cathedral and amazing Serbian Orthodox Church.

You should visit the main street called „Titova“ and the „Eternal Flame“ monument. There are a lot of museums that you could visit- The Gavrilo Princip Museum, The Historical Museum, The War Childhood Museum, Sevdah art House, etc. Everything worth seeing is close, so there is no need that you use public transportation or taxi. If you do decide to take a taxi from one location to another, you don't need to worry because it is pretty cheap, just like everything else in this country.

„Vjećnica“- the City Hall and the „Inat kuća“ are the things that you must pay attention to while taking a walk next to the Miljacka river. Sarajevo is also known for its bridges on the river Miljacka- The Latin Bridge (from where Gavrilo Princip shoot Fraz Ferdinand), the Festina Lente bridge, the „Skenderija“ bridge, and many more.

If you want to look at Sarajevo from another perspective, I suggest that you visit the Avaz Twist Tower, the highest skyscraper, and drink a cup of coffee with a view from the top floor. And one of the most interesting places is definitely "The Golden Fish“, the local bar with a million different details, placed in the city center. If you find yourself in this bar, no matter how bizarre it may sound, make sure that you visit their bathroom. You will find the most unexpected things in there, and you will get a good laugh.

Regarding all the people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can expect nothing but hospitality, help, good fun ("Dernek“ as they call it). No matter if you are there for the first time, or you are visiting it again, you can always get a lot of laughing, hugs, and hospitality from the locals. It is very strange, people who have survived terrible war and suffering during these years, so full of life and joy. That's Bosnia. And in all the other cities - Banja Luka, Mostar, Tuzla, etc. the situation is the same. The citizens of Bosnia like strangers and the strangers become locals there overnight. When you are in Bosnia, you are at home.