Reasons to visit and love Brazil

Hi! My name is Amanda, I was born in Brazil 25 years ago, and I have always wanted to live in Europe.
Wait, what?
Europe? Isn't this about Brazil?
I am going to explain myself in a second. But first, just know that…

The main reason why you should come to Brazil: Is because of the diversity of weather, foods, culture, experiences, and landscapes that will probably suit you, whatever the style of travel experience you are looking for. From highly styled and elitist tastes to suburban and adventurous style of travelers, both will be well-served in a country that is as big as a continent.

This is what we will cover:
- The reason why Brazil is still a destiny for winter lovers
- The #1 Most Seen place in Brazil
- Where to go for a Caribbean beach experience in Brazil
- Brazil: The real appeal of the South American Giant
- What makes tourists come back to Brazil over and over again
- Where you can get unforgettable adventures in Brazil
- Which foods you can’t afford to miss in Brazil

​Now, I grew up seeing fantastic places from abroad on TV. That’s why I’ve always felt a strong desire to untie my ropes and fly away. However... As I discovered the many beautiful places, the cultural richness, and the unique flavor of my own country, I changed my mind and realized Brazil is my place. Today, I am more than able to give you 7 powerful reasons why I stayed and why anyone in the world should come to Brazil at least once in a lifetime. Attention: throughout this post, you are going to find many security tips for each city. But if you are a woman, one thing you should always do when you take a taxi or an Uber is to sit right behind the driver and keep your cell phone hidden but handy.

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By Amanda Estevez

Apart from being a travel and culture enthusiast, Amanda is the Co-founder, Manager and Copywriter of Athene’s Bookshelf Agency and has been actively creating content on the internet. In 2018, she accomplished two of the main goals in her life: visit Greece and work on a cruise (all at once)! There, she met and married a Cuban guy who has brought his culture into her life.

a Sao Paulo based traveler

Winter Experience In A Wild Country, The reason why Brazil is still a destiny for winter lovers
I mean, I am more than sure you have already seen those pictures, right? Those with beautifully toned women dancing the samba or doing capoeira with almost no clothes on a sunset beach. Yeah, that image is pretty popular, but we have some damn cold European-style cities, too. Check this out:
​- Urupema, the coldest city in Brazil. And yes, that's real snow with temperatures that reach 3 degrees Celsius. The city is a paradise for the Brazilian people who want to have a European experience in Portuguese, without leaving the country.
- If you come to Urupema, bring body lotion, lip butter and everything you have to prevent your skin from cracking.
- About the safety, all cities in the South are very calm, and Urupema is no different, but always make sure you don’t forget your wallet or any expensive objects. But I assume that, if you are searching for reasons to go to Brazil, you must be from a European country, so a cold landscape is not something that might not catch your attention. But what comes next surely will.

Caribbean feeling in a continental environment, Where to go for a Caribbean beach experience in Brazil
The first time I saw a picture from Tinharé Island, I was like: It looks like Mexico, Cancun, or something like that!
Actually, Caribbean-style places like this one are more than a normal part of the Brazilian experience, too.
On those beaches, you can find restaurants with typical foods from Bahia. Mainly seafood for the ones who like that kind of stuff. I am allergic. Anyway ...
There are several hotels and local handicraft stores, making it one of the most visited tourist spots on the Northeast Brazilian coast.
It is also known for its beaches and villages with traditional cultural characteristics, as well as forests, hills, and rivers of the Atlantic Forest. Its surroundings were considered dangerous. However, since COVID-19, things got pretty calm down there. Anyway, make sure you don’t show off your phone for a long time.


Oasis Adventure Inside Latino America, How to get a desert experience in Brazil?
Lençóis Maranhenses is a beautiful and reserved area in Brazil, full of dunes and lakes that form natural pools all over the place. The reality, though, is that it is a fantastic opportunity to have a mix of experiences on the same trip.

Meaning: You can have an Oasis Sahara Desert feeling in a wild country with beautiful, natural beaches as a bonus, but remember! Sunscreen is a "must" if you don't want to have your skin sunburned (it’s hot as hell here). Make sure you have a cap, sunglasses and a bottle of water with you as well. Lençóis is considered a safe place, but always keep your things with you. Also, always keep a considerable amount of money handy. Some cities around Lençóis don’t accept credit cards, while others don’t even have any banks.


A Crazy Mix Of Cultures, The real appeal of the South American Giant
Brazilian culture is a mix of many cultural roots and heritage, from the European influence to native indigenous people. It offers a very nice mix of flavors coming straight from their people. All that results in the uniqueness of Brazilian cultural celebrations like the Carnaval and the Festa Junina.

African culture is also strong here, especially in Rio de Janeiro. There, you can see it in the food, the music, and most of all, the dance, being the samba the maximum expression of Brazil's original rhythm. Although it’s one of the most famous places in Brazil, it is by far the most dangerous city on this list. That’s why the safety tips here are more detailed.

Since you are a tourist, the first thing you should keep in mind is: be aware of taxi drivers. They may (and they will) charge you more once they realize you are a foreigner. If you decide to pay a visit to the Christ, there are only two ways to go up: by the Paineiras Corcovado vans, or by cable car. If someone offers you a different way, politely refuse and find the vans. Okay, so you’re ready to go to Rio!

The next reason I can give you to visit Brazil is…

Amazing and Always Warm People, What makes tourists come back over and over again
Another important reason why you should definitely include Brazil in your travel plans for this year is their awesome people.
Too many tourists have had their hearts stolen by the love, generosity, and welcoming feeling they get whenever they come to Brazil.
From street kids with awesome soccer talent to street performance artists, everywhere you go, you will find ordinary people smiling with grace on the streets, embracing a feeling of happiness that is highly contagious.


Unforgettable Adventures, Where to get unforgettable adventures in Brazil
If you are an adventure lover, then you will also like Brazil. Here you will get the chance to have some unforgettable, out-of-the-box adventures, that can go from horseback riding to wildlife in the vast Pantanals where you can enjoy a kayak ride over some Amazon forest’s rivers.

The South American giant is fully packaged with places to live the time of your life. Or... If you don't like the forest and prefer to hike instead, you can always go to the “Serra da Canastra” national park, which is radically different from the always-wet weather from the Amazons. This Unesco’s reserved area is full of hiking trails surrounded by small streams of rivers and waterfalls that captivate travelers with the sound of the falling water.

Another fantastic place to visit for the adventure lover is Fernando de Noronha if you are the kind of person who, just like me, prefers crystal clear, blue beaches and ocean landscapes. Fernando de Noronha is situated on the Northeast side of Brazil, and it is made up of 21 small precious islands perfect for diving or having an epic swim.

Brazil is also a recognized paradise for surfers, and actually, we have superb surfers here, too. You can go to Florianópolis to practice this sport. The city offers a total of 42 magnificent beaches with prominent waves all over the year. Beginners will find plenty of places to find gear and take lessons, while experts can go straight to their perfect wave.

Marvelous Food, Which foods you can’t miss in Brazil
The cuisine is another one of the most powerful reasons you should definitely come this year. From our famous feijoada, a plate that's composed of black beans, stew beef, and sausage, to p as téis, we have big food attractions for you to taste if you decide to come here.

They are deep-fried parcels containing pretty much whatever you like – cheese, beef, cod, you name it. We also have the quindim, a custard dessert made from sugar, egg yolks, and coconut, and the traditional “bolinhos de chuva”, fried dough balls sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon (you can add banana in the middle of the dough if you want).
It’s safe for me to say that whatever your tastes might be, you will probably find yourself well-served here.

If visiting a white sand beach, and next go to a green place, always populated with animals, and after, stop by a full-of-joy metropolis has someday been your dream, I highly recommend you to include this country in your travel map now.
You will never regret discovering our antique colonial cities and squares that contrast with red rocks, canyons, and prominent waterfalls. The diversity of everything, from landscapes to people, to animals, to culture, to plants, will steal your heart, making you want to stay here forever, like me, or maybe come back once in a while in the future.