Reasons to visit and love Cameroon

You’ve visited many African countries and feel like you have spent a lot, or you have a vacation and your budget isn’t enough to explore more of Africa?

Visit Cameroon, one of the most blessed country in Africa often referred to as “Africa miniature” the 475,442 km² is a host of a welcoming multi-race population with a multi-cultural lifestyle (including about 200 ethnic groups with over 300 languages apart from colonial English and French), vast natural reserves with more than 500 species of animals, almost 200 species of birds, about 8200 species of plants ( with some rare and last species only found in Cameroon), water falls, lakes, and aquatic species you can only, find in Cameroon. It’s bordered to several countries including Nigeria to the west, Chad and Niger to the North, Central Africa Republic to the East, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and DR Congo to the south given it divest terrain, and beautiful mountainous chains rising from the Atlantic Ocean ride deep to Nigeria.

Just in few paragraphs below you may want to get your reasons to visit and love to stay in Cameroon.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Mbah Stephane Willy

Stephane absolutely loves traveling and sharing all of his incredible travel experiences to inspire others to do the same. He is based in Bamenda and work as Data scientist but travel is a passion. From pristine beaches to incredible sunsets and unique spots, his travel content is an invitation for traveling to Cameroon now!

a Bamenda based traveler

Cameroon being blessed with two presidents have been able to stand out among other African countries with a peaceful sociopolitical environment for more than four decades and often known as a paradise for peace given it a meeting point for most top official submits in sub-Saharan Africa and other world NGOs including educational, sportive and religion organizations. Who won’t like to live in a peaceful environment?

In Cameroon, you will find all Race and your belief or religion are a civil right and therefore both Christian, Muslim and other African religions are wide spread around the country which is a plus for any visitor who may believe or practices any of such religion.

Besides the religion’s aspect is the high taste of its unique cuisine, due to its many ethnic groups and colonial history( of three different European countries) Cameroon harbor a large variety of dishes you may not want to miss out.

Being bilingual with the world most spoken languages (English and French as national languages) , the pigmy tribe, the Bororo’s, the Hauser’s and many other cultural attributes and tribes and many ethnic languages around Africa but most especially their choice of living together in diversity is one of the most special things about this welcoming people of about 200 tribes living together as one.

A triangle of biodiversity, Cameroon is among the richest countries in Africa in terms of biodiversity, having a wide range of ecological attraction wild life. Some of which includes:

The Mt. Cameroon
Mt. Cameroon is the highest point in west and Central Africa in terms of attitude and is an active volcano of about 10 to 20 years which results to the fertile soil at the foot of the mountain for agricultural purpose. It’s also the host of the Mt. Cameroon race of hope which takes place every year with international athletes from all over the globe. It’s a highly touristic site with clear mapping for visitors and site see as it gives you a beautiful view Buea, Malabo-Equatorial Guinea (especially at night).

The Menchum and Twin Water Falls
The home place of Tarzan in the 1984 movie Greystoke is located in the jungles of Nkogsamba in the Littoral regions with the twin fall of over 80 meters (262ft) high And the Menchum fall of over 2400 meters (7900 feet) high located in the North West region which can power a hydro dam capable of supplying power to west and Centre Africa.

Its Beautiful Lakes and Beaches
Lakes like lake Narombi, and the Lake Oku which is a habitat to hundreds of rare and extinct species of aquatic animals and also at the foot of the famous Mt. Oku host to the unique white honey produces by particular species of bee which feed on specific herbs found only on the mountain.

Among the beaches are the dark soil beach in Limbe (unique in the world) and the famous Kribi beach.

Wild Life Reserves
The Waza national park in the north, the Limbe wild life reserve and the ever green Korup national park rain forest are hosts to endangered wild life species like the Giraffe, Chimpanzees, Elephants Etc.

Among its beautiful cities like Yaoundé (political capital), Douala ( economic capital) are also Buea and Bamenda with a relatively European climate at all time and beautiful road network with beautiful landscape views. You won’t want to miss the outstanding Royal palaces of its different kingdoms like the Bafut and Bamun palaces, just to name but few.

With more than 500 classic hotels, Cameroon also host 4 telecom networks to ease mobile communication and easy internet access. You won’t want to miss a lifetime opportunity if you ever get one to visit this lovely country Cameroon, ‘Africa in a Triangle’.