Reasons to visit and love Colombia

When you think about Colombia, maybe in your mind pass thousand of fear ideas and insecurities. I don't judge you. The news about the country are disappointed, and some institutions recommended not to visit this stunning country in South America.

Far away from bad news, I want to teach you some experiences in this country, the place when I was born and grew. I wish you can feel emotions and in your plans maybe contemplate visit this great land.

In the next section, I want to try to describe some awesome aspects of Colombia. Its people, its food, some places when you can to visit and other interesting facts. Let's go!

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Felipe

Felipe is passionate about travelling and loves to explore both old and new destinations when he's not working as an Industrial Engineer. Felipe loves sharing all of his amazing travel experiences and he hopes to inspire everyone to visit his beautiful country: Colombia.

a Colombia based traveler

The people of Colombia are wonderful
Colombia is a diverse society. The locals have a great reputation for friendliness and hospitality, they are generally welcoming people. The locals enjoy having visitors in the city and go over and above to help you.

From coasts to high mountains: Colombia is full of landscapes
Colombia is considered one of the world’s "mega diverse" countries.

The Andes mountain range runs through the country, creating three connecting mountain ranges, with Bogotá situated on a flat savannah within them. The Amazon rainforest covers 35% of Colombia, and this unique rainforest environment is home to many indigenous communities, endangered animals, and unique fauna. And Colombia’s unique landscapes don’t stop at the rainforest.

The connecting of two ecosystems occurs in many areas of Colombia, but the most unique is where the Amazon meets the Andes mountains range, creating a unique landscape at the Serranía de la Macarena National Park. Colombia also has two desert areas, La Guajira and Tatacoa.

Colombia’s coastlines, one the Caribbean and the other Pacific, create unique beaches, backed by snowcapped mountains and deep forest. Colombia is also home to a large páramo ecosystem that helps create rain.

You can found a "Lost City" in Colombia
As Colombia has opened up to tourism in the last decade, so appreciation has grown of the Ciudad Perdida - the Teyuna archaeological site, in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, in Magdalena department in the country's far north. This "lost city" is believed to have been founded at the start of the ninth century (which makes it about 650 years older than Peru's ever-feted Inca citadel Machu Picchu).

Megadiverse cuisine and gastronomy
Colombia incorporates a rare and delicious cuisine - unique within the world. The range of climates and altitude allows the local farmers to grow an outsized type of crops all year round, and also the country is home to variety of unique fruits and vegetables. The country prides itself on its homemade meals.

Don’t leave Colombia without trying Arepa, circular bread made of cornmeal, and Bandeja Paisa, a hearty dish of steak, beef, rice, beans, egg, avocado and plantain.

Eat that for lunch, and you won’t want dinner in any respect. If you are doing want something to snack on, however, head for a street cart and order Empanadas, deep-fried pockets of goodness full of chorizo, spinach, cheese or Chicken.

You can do plenty more things in Colombia. First in the least, you have got to open your mind and planning your travelings very well. The most risk you've got in Colombia is to require remaining here forever.