Reasons to visit and love Croatia

Did you know that sometimes when people visit Croatia, they think that they are in China? Well, that is because we have Ston Walls – people compare them to the Great Wall of China. Even we are not Chinese, we also like to eat delicious food. As you know, without food, you can not nor walk nor talk nor be interested in any facts.

So, welcome to my kitchen. Firstly I will prepare you "strukli“, "fritule“ and "medenjaci“– a delicious salty, sweet and popular traditional Croatian dish.

Then you will try some bean stew or dumplings with plums, and of course, I will suggest you a glass of Vrbnička žlahtina wine. My favorite meal is "fasiranci" – mixed meat with garlic and parsley.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Lana

When all my fees are paid, I ride a horse in Mongolia, wink at the sun on Santorini, surf the waves in Cape Town, and drink sake in Nagoya, or simply I just write a new bedtime story. When I don't travel, I'm Professional Author, Ghostwriter and Writer and often a Clown too!

a Croatia based traveler

Now, we are ready to go for a walking to the capital city of Croatia – Zagreb. Pigeons are all around, and if you are lucky enough, they will greet you in a particular Croatian way – a poo on your shoulders. We consider it as a really lucky act.

Suppose you do not think you are a lucky person. In that case, you should go to the Museum of Broken Relationships in the Uppertown in Zagreb to see that in the world there are more people with bigger problems than yours.

Zagreb is perfect for walks, especially during the night. If you like the spooky atmosphere, you should visit Mirogoj. This graveyard is one of the most beautiful in the whole of Europe.

For those who like to learn some traditional dances, I suggest you visit Dubrovnik and learn some local dance steps called "linđo". Dubrovnik - every Game of Thrones fan should recognize this place.

After Dubrovnik, my warm suggestion is something completely opposite, visit the smallest town in the world: Hum in Istra. Just 24 people are living there.

If you are an extrovert, you would like to show you acting knowledge, there is an amphitheater in Pula. There you can also sing some Croatian songs, for example, everything from Oliver Dragojević.

Even Croatia is the most popular in the world because of our football players Luka Modrić i Davor Šuker, and of course tennis player Goran Ivanišević, some older generations well new Tito. He was our president that had his residency on the island of Brijuni. If you are interested in some fact about it, you can also today speak with his parrot. Yes, she speaks different languages as well.

Plitvice National park is lovely. Everybody goes there, but visit Rastoke near Plitvice and try some delicious cheese. You will have a feeling like you are in Indiana Jones place.

Hop on, hop off the numerous Croatian islands is a must. Visit: Vis, Hvar, Brač, Cres, Susak… For sure, you have to catch some local fisherman, buy him medica - rakija with honey. He will teach you how you can easily learn to fish calamari.

Our country got a name from "kravata“ – a tie. Usual, that question is asked worldwide in all quizzes. As you can see, Croatians are very kind, and we share our knowledge with strangers.

Please, borrow me your "penkala“ as I want you to draw a big heart as you have read the whole article. Penkala was the surname of the guy that was originally Croatia, and he made penkala. Without him, my love for you will not be possible to be shown.

Wink wink.