Reasons to visit and love Greece

Do you want to make your holiday special? Here you will digitally visit Greece and will fall in love with this beautiful country.

Greece is enriched with magnificent landscapes, ancient monuments, great hospitality of people, and delicious foods as well making it a must-visit place. This beautiful country holds plenty of traditions with history and culture, adding to its beauty.

You can not only decide to visit this amazing place for its incomparable islands but also the mesmerizing and fascinating destinations on the mainland. With all the natural and beautiful sceneries here in Greece you will fall in love, and the country’s attractions will captivate you.

Here are some of the reasons that will force you to visit and fall in love with Greece.

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By Marianna & Chris

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Masterpieces of the ancient times
It does not matter whether you are a history lover or not. The ancient historical masterpieces in Greece will enforce you to fall in love with them. Greece is a house of UNESCO heritage sites and amazing monuments.

The Acropolis in Athens has a stunning museum that displays ancient history. You can also go to the open-air island museum of the Delos at the archaeological site of Delphi. It’s not the end of the historical places in Greece. The Palace of Knossos is a beautifully crafted art, breathtaking to see.

Delicious food & beverages
Seasonal vegetables and the delicious fresh seafood cooked in a healthy dose of Greek olive oil gives your taste buds a remarkable experience. This beautiful country offers a great variety of food and drinks with a wide variety of local liquors, Greek vines, and heritage dishes. After visiting the historical monuments, you can go to the food points to fill your tummy.

Art & Culture
Greece is filled with a fascinating culture. You can explore every corner of Greek land to enjoy centuries-old manifested art. You will find an incomparable look of old historical structures coexisting with modern society.

Greek history is enriched with architecture, pottery, sculpture, music, and making & painting of jewelry. You will find here a mixture of different civilizations and religions following their cultures in their unique way.

People of Greece
The kind-hearted and sweet people of this remarkable country are always welcoming visitors to share the culture. Greek culture gives importance to families.

Apart from all the delicious foods, mesmerizing architectural sites with a history of ancient times, and the breathtaking natural sceneries, the hospitality of Greece’s people are super amazing. The natural beauties here are wonderful, but people are more generous to share the beauties of their country with the visitors.

Marvelous landscapes
Greece has all the lovely & romantic views for you. You will get astonished by the natural and diverse beauty this country is offering. The coastline of Greece is the longest in the world that is 16000 km. Its shores are famous all around the world known for their diversity and crystal clear waters.

The landscapes include exotic beaches, rugged mountains, green valleys, thriving forests, and quiet lakes. The mainland also has some treasures worth visiting that include rich ecosystems with rivers and lakes, creating an amazing sight. The views of these mountains are mesmerizing, and the clean & clear water gives you an adorable sight of the underwater wildlife.

Shivering Nightlife
Greece hardly sleeps with its vibrant nightlife. If you want to spend your night in a romantic area, you can experience a local feast, typically known as Panigyri; this will make your night very special.

Whether you are young or by heart, the energetic nightlife of Greece has all for you. This enlightened city is filled with party islands like Zakynthos and Mykonos that give you a vibrant and energetic nighttime to remember.

The Hidden Gems in Greece
Here are some of the hidden gems in Greece that are worth visiting:

Karpathos: Hidden in plain sight and wedged in between Rhodes & Crete is one of Greece’s most fascinating islands. The island has a long and gangly shape with astonishing natural views and bumpy mountains. Its relative isolation makes it feel to be a culture of folklore and strong traditions. It is a living museum with amazing panoramic views.

Lipsi Archipelago: if you are fond of exploring the beaten track islands that are difficult to reach then this place is worth visiting. In the Archipelago, there are more than 40 small uninhabited islands that you can discover. The blinding white stone beaches of Aspronisi have the most striking scenery. Lipsi is the only island here that can be explored by walking. The pace of life here is traditional and slow.

Greece is filled with many star attractions that can captivate you in its natural beauty and history of the great arts. We hope that this travel guide to Greece will enforce you to fall in love with this remarkable Country.