Reasons to visit and love India

Why do people fall in love with India after just one visit?

You must have watched many documentaries on this beautiful country's social and economic challenges. But no one will take your attention towards the evolution of devi culture and tradition in the last few decades. Indians speak English fluently, follow international pop culture wholeheartedly, and have a classic taste of the latest global trends.

What's wrong with loving Game of Thrones and Koffee With Karan at the same time? Yes! We have our own listicles. Travel enthusiasts from various parts of the world get India Visa to discover 5000-years-old rich heritage and traditions. Similarly, our cosmopolitan and educated millennials traveled and embraced the unique cultures of this whole world.

You would be amazed to know that many looters and plunderers who came to burgle this golden bird fall in love with its beauty and decided to stay here till their last breath. Still, many foreigners travel to India because this country is close to their heart. Here is why!

Why do people love to travel to India?

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By Sumana Chakraborty

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There are many reasons why this country is called incredible India. Being a united nation, please don't assume that it's necessarily a monolith. You will find distinct customs and cultural norms in every corner of this sprawling landmass that makes India one of the world's most diverse countries.

That is why, this time, if you travel to India, don't brush aside these underrated bustling cities. Don't get confined between the most sought after targets like Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, and of course, Taj Mahal. The fascinating history and natural beauty of those skirted centers will soon convert them into major tourism hubs.

How can we forget about India's graciousness? Indians strongly believe in "Atithi Devo Bhava." It means guests are your God. That is why India's hospitality and the warmth of the locals touch the heart of every foreigner. On the other hand, spirituality, theology, and religion are intricately intervened in the life of every citizen of this start-up nation.

Yes, we love to show respect to animals, rocks, trees, water, and our mother nature that is often entangled as superstition. We believe that almighty has created each one of us with a purpose to be caring, generous, and compassionate towards each other. This is the reason why many people get an India Visa and travel to India to feel the beauty of spirituality and explore the incredible benefits of meditation retreats and yoga.

On the other hand, Indian soil witnessed one of the greatest and oldest cultures, the Harappan Civilization, which rose around 2500 BC. Each dynasty of this ancient kingdom endures various mysteries and compelling stories. We already have over 30 UNESCO World Heritage-listed places that make this beautiful nation a treasure trove for design enthusiasts and history lovers. So this time, if you finally get your India Visa and manage to travel to India, don't forget to visit these hidden gems of India.

Madurai, Tamil Nadu
Madurai is often referred to as the "Athens of the East" because of its extensive history and striking architecture. But the crown jewel of the city is, of course, Meenakshi Temple. This intricate structure is equipped with 14 extraordinary gopurams above the wall. Apart from that, don't forget to make the trek to the Samanar Hills found in the west. This city is home to countless encryptions and sculptures carved by Jain monks thousands of years ago.

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Bhopal, the capital city of the state Madhya Pradesh, is a beautiful home of reservoirs and other water bodies. That is why this stunning city earned its nickname "City of Lakes." You will find multiple well-preserved worship houses, from which don't forget to visit the largest mosque in India, Taj-ul-Masjid featuring three massive domes and two towering minarets.
On the other hand, Van Vihar National Park lets visitors witness sloth bears, Bengal tigers, and leopards, along with the priceless wealth of Indian spices.

Mangaluru, Karnataka
Mangalore, one of the most prominent port cities, is over a thousand years old. A major draw for this West Coast city is its distinct architecture, conspicuous Hindu temples beside opulent churches. This architecture reminds us of the colonial South Asian rulers who have taken control of this city over 2000 years ago.
Rift with sandy beaches like Tannirbhavi or Panambur, this historic city is the ideal destination for surfing, diving, and enjoying the most spectacular sunset with someone special.

Apart from that, many other breathtaking places make India truly an incredible country. The list still goes on. I want to conclude with a small piece of advice. Don't let those superfluous documentaries' hackneyed script rule over your mind. Try to explore this country on your own terms, enjoy delicious street foods, and if you are a shopaholic just like me and visiting India for the first time, take some eye-catching handicrafts and a lot of beautiful memories for your loved ones.