Reasons to visit and love Kenya

I was born and raised in Kenya. In the eastern sub-Sahara. We have a variety of services for both the locals and visitors. There is a lot to enjoy and make you love the country. For the fun and adventurous people, Kenya is a place for you. Come and find out why we love, have fun, and why joy is part of us. I am going to share with you some reason as to why Kenya is a fantastic place for you to visit.

Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Kenya:
- Historical remains of the first humankind
- Autonomous culture
- Rich in animal parks and game reserves
- Great rift valley and the escarpments
- The annual migration of wildebeest migration
- Fun-loving and social people

As an adventurous person, I grew up watching and admiring the remarkable wonders of nature and being from a third-world country. I used to think that the majesty scenes were only from overseas countries. Most of the content I used to see on television and the media had their origin from there. Years later, I have learned to appreciate my country as one of the best countries to be born and reside in. Let me take you to some of these sites, places, and some of the reasons I find the country lovable and worthy of visiting.

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By Erick Muriuki

Erick has an amazing outgoing and fun personality, and he shares honest opinions about his experiences, whether good or bad. He focuses on sustainable travel. Working as electrical engineer, technology is his passion when he's not traveling the wonderful beauties of Kenya.

a Mery County based traveler

Historical remains of the first humankind
Africa is the cradle of humankind. Kenya is rich in these fossils, which are dated back to the last 18 million years ago. The availability of fossils makes the country undisputedly the oldest record holder and the real cradle of humankind. Is it not interesting to see human remains with protruding skulls? Why don’t you visit us and see this for yourself? If you have some time, visit our museums and get a noted collection of late apes discovered in Kenya 18 million years ago.

Kenya is a country rich in culture with over 45 ethnics groups. Each group has its own culture. I will focus on Maasai and the Swahili culture because they are unique in their way. Swahili is the people on the Kenyan coast. The culture is not purely African but a mixture of Arabic. It is as a result of intermarriages between the African people and Arabs. They are very social, and when you visit them, you will love their traditional dances and beats. Their delicacy dishes might make you stay with them forever.

Another highly admirable culture is the Maasai culture. Maasai tribe is a warlike, stable pastoral community. Am sure you have a herd of cattle rustling before. Maasai people are famous for this. They believe that they are the only people supposed to be keeping cattle. They are also known for lion hunting. You must be asking how? But these people are courageous enough. Women build their homes. They drink the animal’s blood. They are known for jumping competitions. You should not miss this!!! So, are you ready to visit Maasai land and more?

The next reason I mentioned to you to visit Kenya is ...

Rich in animal parks and game reserves
Another reason you include Kenya in your travel plan is the availability of well-equipped and maintained national parks. Kenya has got diversified game parks and distinguished wildlife reserves. The country has reached over 100 game parks and game reserves with different kinds of animals. For those who have heart-pounding wildlife demonstrations, I will recommend you for Maasai Mara. The social behavior of elephants will capture your heart, and you can witness this at Meru national park. We also have fascinating behavior of animals at Amboseli national park, where predators and prey interact unfold every day.

Great rift valley and the escarpments
If climbing valleys and huge stones are your dreams, here is a golden opportunity for you. You can get to Iten, where you will have a great viewpoint of the rift valley. Within the rift valley, we have many other features such as lake Bogoria, which serves as a flamingo paradise, hells snake park with various snakes, and Lake Naivasha, where you can spot a lot of birds.

Annual migration of wildebeest migration
Have you ever heard of wildebeest migration before? Would you like to know the pattern they follow and the reasons as to why they migrate annually? Maasai Mara national park is your solution. The great migrations see over 2 million zebras and antelope migrating to Tanzania from Kenya. On the way, they got attacked by lions and crocodiles.

Fun-loving and social people
Generally, Kenyans are passionate beings. They keep on smiling, laughing, talking, and sometimes they keep silent. When you visit Kenya, you should not miss one of the weekend functions. By nature, we like parting, and parting is part of us. Kenyans cant do without theme nights in clubs and gaming halls. It is incredible, and you should not miss including it in your to-do list.

Kenyans are fun-loving people who like interaction and experiencing new things. The moment you arrive in the country, locals give you a warm welcome. They are diplomatic and like learning from the visitors. They love gaming, and they are big supporters of EPL. Furthermore, they can bring football discussion at any point, so don’t get upset if you are not game fun. Make sure you include the country in your next vacation plans.