Reasons to visit and love Malaysia

Malaysia gets hailed with the title of Truly Asia for all the right reasons. It is undoubtedly your one-stop to experience the iconic Asian culture. Whether it is about holding a multitude of ethnicities firmly together, offering mouth-watering local food like Nasi Lemak, and being home to ancient architecture, Malaysia is indeed a hub of an array of cultures. This diverse land possesses enthralling hiking tracks of sky towering Mount Kinabalu, gorgeous sandy beaches, and much more. It is safe to say, Malaysia has got it all to cast a spell over you at the right instance. Malaysia is an amalgamation of varying landscapes. From mesmerizing millions of tourists with captivating beaches, enthralling hills, and waterfalls to alluring them with sky-towering skyscrapers, Malaysia caters to the people of ranging tastes. Additionally, the hospitality of the people knows no bounds as they welcome tourists with wide open arms and pull them in by providing delicious foods, offering them a fun-filled shopping experience, and pampering them with their traditional spa treatments.

Are you planning a getaway away from the wilderness of your dull everyday life but can't seem to find the perfect place? Malaysia might prove to be the best pick, and you might end up booking your first flight to this enchanting tropical heaven.

Following are the reasons to love and visit Malaysia at your earliest.

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By Abdul

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The Malaysian cuisine is unmatchable
There is no denying the fact that Malaysian cuisine easily stands tall in the list of delectable Asian foods. The fragrant coconut milk rice gets topped with spicy sambal, toasted peanuts, Ikan Bilis, and a perfect egg to make what gets cherished as The Iconic Nasi Lemak. Furthermore, the flavor-rich rendang curries, deliciously light Roti Canai, refreshing Teh Tarik, soul satisfying soup dishes like Mee Sup, Tom Yam, and my personal favorite fried rice AKA Nasi Goreng satiates your taste buds most tantalizingly. Therefore, even if you are not a food enthusiast, you still would not want to miss it for the world!

The inhabitants of Malaysia follow a variety of religions
From Muslims, Christians, Buddhists to Hindus, Malaysians unite under the umbrella of humanity and set their religious beliefs aside when it comes to the sanctity of their nation. Temple like Batu Cave Temples, which is dedicated to Lord Murugan, is one of the most famed shrines in the world. Furthermore, Masjid Negara falls under the list of the oldest mosques of all time.

The wildlife in Malaysia will blow your mind
Whether you talk about playful orangutans in Borneo or monkeys strolling free in the middle of the city, the wildlife in Malaysia is unbelievably admirable. Moreover, the Malayan tigers, horn bills, weasels, macaques, and Bornean gibbon are amongst the extended wildlife creatures that steal the show successfully.

Heritage sites like Georgetown, Penang will take your breath away
There are millions of people from various parts of the world who now call Malaysia their home. Consequently, they shared their culture along the way, which makes Malaysia a multicultural society today. However, states like Penang and Malacca got declared as UNESCO World Heritage sites because they pose and represent the real Malaysian culture like no other. The architecture will woe you the moment you step into the city!

Malaysia offers a calming tropical climate
If you feel tortured by the ice and cold of your country, Malaysia is your perfect escape. The Malaysian weather is one of the best things you can truly experience. Thanks to its position right on the equator, the country receives ample rainfall and sunlight simultaneously. Additionally, the way the weather takes turns is baffling as it goes from sweltering hot to rainy to a comfortable lounging-outside kind of weather within minutes. Trust me. You do not get to experience that anywhere else.

You can never turn down the option of rain forest trekking
You might not know this fun fact, but Malaysia is a part of one of the most ancient tropical jungles that are older than the Amazon jungle. Peninsular Malaysia gets explored by trekking enthusiasts who want to see the ancient natural world in person.

The boisterous city spirit is worth experiencing
Despite the hustle and bustle of the capital, Kuala Lumpur, it still projects an indecipherable beauty. The way the sky-towering Petronas Towers start to lit up is a sight to behold. The skyscrapers illuminating the city at night engulf everything in a magical haze. As I sum this up, I can't help but think about exploring Malaysia once again.

Writing this makes YOU want to book a flight to Malaysia tomorrow, isn't it?