Reasons to visit and love Mexico

From its internationally famous gastronomy, to its cultural greatness, Mexico is a country full of options that will allow you to enjoy a vacation that will leave you wanting to return.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Patty

I like to spend my days traveling around Mexico and capturing its beauties. I really like cultural diversity and I am seeing many cultures disappearing and getting lost in modernization and globalization, so I feel the urge to determine the maximum amount as I can of this planet as fast as possible before all this beautiful diversity disappears and everything looks the identical. Plus I'm an awe-junkie and totally hooked thereto feeling of amusement I've got once I see something new and beautiful!

a Mexico City based traveler

Connecting numerous countries, the Mexico City airport is the largest port of arrival, where it will surely be your first approach to Mexican culture.

Mexico City is a huge city. The country's capital is bubbly and buzzing.

With more than 8.8 million inhabitants (that is, more inhabitants than New York City), in this huge city you will find a balance between the Aztec cultural vestige, to the great business centers of Santa Fe.

It is also a fairly affordable city and with excellent spaces for photography, so we suggest the “Zocalo” as a mandatory stop.

Its correct name is “Plaza de la Constitución”, but it is popularly known as the "Zocalo". This particular place was the center of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec city where Hernán Cortes arrived and to this day it remains a quite important cultural, political and religious symbol. Around it are the government palace and the cathedral, making it a place always full of visitors.

As an extra, from the Zocalo you will find a subway station that connects you with almost the entire city, where you can move for little money.

If you have little time in Mexico City, you can also take a tour from the Zocalo that will take you on a tour of the city to see the most emblematic places. This tour allows you to get on and off the bus if you want to extend your stay at a tourist spot of your choice.

One of the most famous attractions in Mexico is its food. Whether you are in the north or south of the country, the cuisine is varied, with particular touches depending on the area where you are. The famous "mole" will be a different culinary experience if you are in Oaxaca or Puebla. Of course, delicious wherever.

Did someone say tacos? Of course! Welcome to the place where this famous dish was born, where you will also find a variety that you would never have imagined. From the famous pastor's taco, carne asada tacos, barbecue tacos, chicken tacos, seafood tacos. In Mexico almost everything can be turned into a taco! In addition, there are of all prices. The "tacos de canasta" are known to be the cheapest variety and cost about 50 dollar cents, and you can find various flavors such as potato, chicharron, beans and several others. So, no matter your food budget for the trip, you will surely have enough for some tacos.

Undoubtedly, when someone thinks of Mexico, in addition to thinking of tacos, they think of tequila. One hour by plane and about 7 hours by road, from Mexico City, is the state of Jalisco, where the true Mexican tequila is produced. Since 2012, Jalisco has the designation of origin for tequila, so we can say that this is "the good one". They even have a municipality called "Tequila" where the most important tequila factories in the country are located. In addition, the doors are open for tourists, so this small and colorful town is always full of visitors willing to know a little more about tequila.

Traveler's tip: Pay for a complete tour in one of the tequila farms to have access to a guided tasting by an expert, who will explain you about the flavors, smells and correct ways of drinking tequila. Cheers!

Mexico is undoubtedly famous for its beaches, but a must-see is the island of "Isla Mujeres".

You take a ferry from Cancun and after a 30-minute trip through the beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean, you arrive at this small tropical island that is perfect to try local food and enjoy beaches that are not so crowded with tourists.

One of the most famous activities on this island is snorkeling. Renting snorkeling equipment and swimming surrounded by colorful fish in crystal clear waters is a great experience that you will never forget.

Traveler tip: Most tours will take you to a park dedicated to snorkeling where the entrance fee is around $ 25 per person, but right next to this big resort , there is a small hotel, owned by locals that offers the same services to an excellent price, with delicious food and very good facilities. Support locals!

Whether walking through the noisy and varied city of Mexico, visiting magical towns full of tradition or sunbathing on a beach, Mexico has incredible places to spend an unforgettable vacation.
Family travel, backpacking or with friends, this country will offer you a rich, colorful and fun culture that adapts to all tastes.
Mark it on your to-do list, Visit Mexico and you will love it.