Reasons to visit and love Montenegro

If you are considering different options for the summer, then I would like to suggest a beautiful country- Montenegro. A small country, that has so much to offer- huge mountains, wonderful beaches, great food, and a lot of tradition and culture.

The top destinations on the coast of Montenegro are Budva, Herceg Novi, Kotor, and for the ones with a deeper pocket- St.Stefan and Tivat.

Budva and Petrovac are places with nice beaches and a lot of night clubs. So, if you are going with your friends on a vacation, and you are into nightlife then these are places for you.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Milica

Hi everyone! My name is Milica, I'm a sociologist, and I'm from Niš, Serbia. I adore traveling but giving that I was born while a country named Yugoslavia still existed, the most interesting places for me are the ones placed on this territory. Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, and Croatia are places that I will continue visiting for a long, long time.

a Serbia based traveler

If you are more into a nice and resting vacation, then Herceg Novi can be the place for you. It is a beautiful city, with a lot of nice beaches. I would recommend any beach located under the "5 Danica" promenade. If you want to enjoy the landscape of this beautiful city, I would suggest that you visit the City Tavern- "Gradska kafana" or a sweet little cafe called "Prostorija". When you are there, make sure that you visit the famous "Kanli Kula" fortress, located on the top of the Old Town. The landscape from there is breathtaking.

Giving that it is very close to the town of Herceg Novi, I would recommend that you also visit the place called Igalo (it is less than an hour of a slow walk from Herceg Novi). There, you can see one of the most interesting beaches in Montenegro. This beach is unique because there you can try the healing mud, which is good for various diseases. In Igalo, there is another interesting place and that is a gigantic house of the former president of Yugoslavia, Tito, which is now transformed into a museum. Check it out, it is very interesting.

Porto Montenegro, placed in the Tivat municipality is the place that you must visit, especially if you are heading to Montenegro by plane, giving that one of the airports is located there. In Porto Montenegro, you can see a lot of expensive yachts, fancy restaurants, high fashion brands, etc., but also, a lot of nice beaches. I must say that Porto Montenegro, together with St.Stefan is the place that require a lot of money, just so you know.

But, in my personal opinion, the nice places in Montenegro are placed in the bay of Kotor. The City of Kotor maybe doesn't have the nicest beaches, but the Old Town of Kotor will replace that small lack. The Old town of Kotor has so many interesting places- wonderful restaurants, beautiful churches and cathedrals, a tremendous fortress that offers a wonderful view and of course, nice cafés. I would recommend Evergreen Jazz Club where you can enjoy a glass of cold local beer ("Nikšićko") and listen to live jazz music.

If you decide to spend your vacation in Kotor, you can find wonderful beaches very close to this city. You can visit beaches in a place called Dobrota, or you can take a local bus (the ticket costs only 1 euro) and visit some of the following places - "Bajova Kula", "Dražin Vrt", or my personal favorite: the city of Perast.
Most people would agree that Perast is the most beautiful city in the whole Montenegro, and I would add that when you enter this city, it feels like you've entered a fairy tale. Definitely, the most romantic place that I've visited. When in Perast, make sure that you try the local specialty - Perast almond cake, and visit "Our Lady of the Rocks" ("Gospa od Škrpjela") - an artificial island created by bulwark of rocks. It is only a 2-minute boat drive away, some locals would take you there for a price of 5 euros.

Regarding the people in Montenegro, some would describe them as lazy and inhospitable. In some places I've had that same impression, but, when we talk about the Bay of Kotor, I must disagree. The locals there are more than hospitable. That's why, from the whole of Montenegro, I would mostly recommend this area. The beaches are nice, the seawater is always warm, the food is delicious, and you have so many things to see- from culture and history through nightlife. All those things are more affordable than any other place on the Adriatic Sea.