Reasons to visit and love Morocco

Have you ever wondered if there was a destination that can sweep you off your feet, blow your mind away, and change your vision about life? Wonder no more, visit MOROCCO!

In fact, there are plenty of destinations. And each one is unique and was able to mark the mind of millions of travelers in centuries. There are certain particularities about Morocco, facts that position it on top of the world’s best travel destinations.

Morocco is a kingdom that has managed to preserve its history and traditions and keep its variety and essence despite the invading nature of globalization and all the technological and scientific progress.

There are 44 sovereign states with a monarch as head of state in the world today, of which 42 are ruled by dynasties. In other words, there are 26 sovereign dynasties on this planet, and the Alaouite Dynasty that has been ruling Morocco since 1631, is part of this list. It is one of the most stable countries in Africa and the MENA region. Its strategic location and geographic diversity have always attracted people to not only visit but live in it and prosper.

Knowing that the whole region was inhabited by nomads, what made these Muslim dynasties, the Romans, the ottomans, the Vikings, the Europeans, and at last the Hippies show such an interest in this part of North Africa? What are the reasons that pushed them to visit and often stay in Morocco?

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Sarra M.

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Morocco is very close to the European Continent
Only 14 km away from Spain. One might see the huge and aggressive Rif Mountains from Tarifa, Spain. Which makes it the shortest straightest and safest path from Europe to Africa. Imagine you are on the beach, in Tarifa, it is so clear that you can see a huge mountain that seems to be so close you would swim your way towards it. This is how close and how tempting Morocco is.

Morocco is the most tolerant in the Arab world
The kingdom of Morocco has always been the most tolerant one in the Arab world thanks to the culture of its population. All Moroccans, whether they are Berber or Arabs, the Jewish community or the Muslim community, are known for their warm hospitality. They are also known to be friendly and smart. Morocco is relatively safe, peaceful, and stable. Affirmed tourist-friendly. In each region of Morocco, people would talk either French, Spanish, English, and even German, in addition to their mother language which could be either Moroccan Darija or Berber.

Morocco has still plenty of undiscovered virgin locations
No one can even presume to have been to all the best places in Morocco. Due to the lack of roads in most of the rural regions. What we call deep Morocco ( Le Maroc Profond) is still undiscovered, and it is always an adventure to go tripping and unveiling the hidden beauty of its sunsets. In Morocco, it might set on a lagoon, on a most beautiful green hill, on a snow-covered mountain, on the white dunes of Dakhla, behind the labyrinthine Dunes of the big Moroccan Sahara, on the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic. It is 710 850 km2 of land, blanked with appealing weather and raw majestic landscapes to discover and explore. Each place in this kingdom can tell a story, and each story is well-preserved and held on dearly by its population.

Moroccan cuisine is the world’s second-best after French cuisine since 2015
Gastronomy Is a must in Morocco. And Moroccans are obsessed with food. The main reason why they love hosting people is that they also love sharing food with people, and they pour their heart in soul into it. Food made with love, that’s what Moroccan cuisine tastes like. Often a mixture of spicy and sweet, salty and almost heavenly! Whether it is a Tajine, couscous, Pastilla, a salad, or a barbecue. Moroccans take the art of cooking seriously. All the ingredients should always be fresh. They use all kinds of spices that come from all over the world, all kinds of meats, and all the vegetables. The best-served tables are the ones that can show a variety of ingredients which result in a beautiful colored composition of dishes and meals. A Famous Moroccan expression related to food says “ First fill your eyes, then your stomach”.

Moroccan cuisine can be extremely and deliciously healthy. Each dish is known to help reinforce the immunization. Each dish should be made on specific occasions or seasons. The presence of Ginger, Garlic, Saffron, and Provencal herbs is necessary. Those ingredients are scientifically known to be natural antibiotics and immunizers.

Moroccan design goes beyond handcrafted tajines
The Moroccan design is mainly influenced by the Berber roots of this country. But that is not the only influence, we recognize many other cultures in the details of every Moroccan corner. The Mediterranean culture has a beautiful reflection on the northern side of Morocco. Tangier, Tetouan, Al Hoceima, Nador, Saidia, these cities are still standing to empower the contrast between the south and the north of Morocco that is divided by the great Rif mountains. Even though the northern people might have different designs and Colors on their carpets, on the plates they use, or the clothes they wear than the southern. They all speak the same languages, celebrate the same occasions, and are proud to be united and be part of the same country. The south of Morocco is more reddish than the North where the streets and buildings are mostly white and blue. The desert is what influences more the southern region. Despite the wonderful impact of the Atlas Mountains on the designs and the Art of the region, the greatness of the Sahara has a magical effect on the choice of colors and garments as well. The jewelry there is outstanding and is still made exactly like thousands of years ago.

A rich musical and spiritual journey
Moroccan people love music, they really enjoy dancing. Happiness is for free, so everyone chooses to be happy first. Then think about surviving. This is one of the main reasons why the people of Morocco are friendly and rated to be amazing hosts. The African culture and most of the traditions and rituals were and are still organized around or using music. Each region has its own rhythms and beats, its own dances and songs: From Gnawa to Ahwach, to Chaabi (popular music), to Andaloussi, to Meghribi. Moroccans love them all. While you are traveling and going from a city to another, you will have the opportunity to discover local bands and musicians. There are many festivals and music gatherings organized in the whole country, whether by private organizations, the ministry of culture, cultural associations, and culture enthusiasts.