Reasons to visit and love North Macedonia

If you just pay attention to the flag of North Macedonia, you can get an idea of what kind of country we are talking about. The red flag with a big yellow sun is really in tune with this country because North Macedonia (or just Macedonia, how it was named until recently) is a country where the eternal Sun is shinning, as one local song would say.

If you have never been to North Macedonia, I suggest that you visit two destinations. The first one - Skopje, and the second one - Lake Ohrid.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Milica

Hi everyone! My name is Milica, I'm a sociologist, and I'm from Niš, Serbia. I adore traveling but giving that I was born while a country named Yugoslavia still existed, the most interesting places for me are the ones placed on this territory. Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, and Croatia are places that I will continue visiting for a long, long time.

a Serbia based traveler

Besides being the capital, Skopje is the biggest and the most interesting city in this country. At first sight, the bizarre architecture may confuse you because in this city you can see a lot of tremendous monuments that are not in the same style. In the city center, you can see the replica of Arc de Triumphe, you can see a building similar to the Sydney Opera House, and a lot of monuments like the ones placed in Acropolis. Of course, you must visit the biggest monument- a giant sculpture of Philip II of Macedonian. Besides these monuments, during a walk in the city center, you can see at least 100 more. And I’m not exaggerating. During my last visit to this city, I’ve spent one afternoon counting the monuments that I can see from the window of my room. If I remember well, it was more than 30 monuments.

But, Skopje is so much more than this new, bizarre architecture. A lot of history you can find there, especially if you pay a visit to the old part of town, which is also located in the city center. There, you can see a lot of old Mosques, but also, a lot of Christian churches. Besides religious temples, there, in the old part of town, you can buy souvenirs, visit traditional candy shops, and of course, eat well.

Skopje is famous for its gastronomy, and whatever restaurant you choose, you won't be making a mistake. But, I would recommend a 70-year-old tavern called "Tourist". There you can try “Sudžukice” -grilled sausage, or “Tavče na gravče”- a traditional meal with beans. For a drink, I suggest a glass of the local beer called “Skopsko”.

Regarding the people in North Macedonia, my main impression was that they are also in tune with their flag, they are like sunshine. Most of the locals are nice and friendly, and always ready to help or to give you advice.

Although Skopje is a big city, everything that would be interesting to the tourists is located in the city center, so there is no need for transportation. But, if you do decide to visit some other part of the city, you can use cabs for small prices, or a local bus- red double-decker, the same as in London. As you can see, Skopje is a mix of everything.

If you decide to visit North Macedonia during summer, then I suggest that you go to Lake Ohrid - one of the deepest lakes in the Balkans, and some people are claiming that it is the most biodiverse lake in the whole world. Crystal clear water, nice beaches and a lot of old religious temples - you can enjoy all those things, and many, many more, if you visit the “Macedonian sea”.