Reasons to visit and love Oman

Oman has become my new favorite, and without exaggerating even a single sentence, I can tell how unique and beautiful this country is. Those, who have already visited Oman, know that I’m not overestimating it. Oman is definitely worth visiting.
I have been listening to many tales and beautiful experiences of those who have visited Oman many or few times, some might claim it as a dry place, but I would say that Oman doesn't have to prove itself; its captivating beauty explains it all.
Pen down a few reasons to visit Oman is hard, but some top prioritized reasons to visit Oman are here below.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Ishwa Junaid

When I feel like I’m stuck in a rut in my daily life. Or I’m yearning for something exciting and different, I go for travelling. I prefer travelling to discover a new language, a new cuisine, aspects of a different culture, or a deeper appreciation of faith or spirituality. As a bonus, it helps open my mind. I always realize that there’s no one way to live life. Travelling is not just a passion for me but it’s a process to give myself a whole new perspective of life.

a Dubai based traveler

Great Hospitality
If you allow, I want to add something to your knowledge, Oman was recognized by “Inter Nations Expat Insider” as one of the friendliest Arab country nation for tourists. Many people from all over the world took part in the survey and voted their opinion in favor of Oman. I'm currently living in Dubai, but whenever my friends and I chat about the Arab tourism, we all cheer up for Omanis as the best nation. They are gracious, thoughtful and incredibly admirable.

Simple and Peaceful
One of the main difficulties the tourists experience is overly crowded areas. Even Omanis themselves are very peaceful and simple. They always want to take a rest after a long, tiring day. The lifestyle of Omanis is also straightforward. Due to their simplicity and peaceful nature, they prefer to stay in Oman and don't want to leave their country at any cost.

Authentic and Natural Wealth
I’m not talking about its economy but how Omanis are taking advantage of their natural assets and making the best out of them. If you are in Muscat, it's like the mouth of the volcano has surrounded you. Heavy rocky mountains cover the whole city. It's fascinating to have both rural and urban life. Oceans and mountains surround Oman; hence many adventurous spots to view. Starring from waterfalls, trekking to exploring terraced plantations, turquoise pools and on the other side to take sunbathe on the beach while discovering the richness and treasured of aquatic life with diving spots.

Healthy and Clean Environment
People feel shocked to know that Oman's air is immaculate. Hailing from a Third World country is admirable. Oman has flawless roads with both crowded and empty spaces.

Freedom of practicing Faith
Oman gives freedom to all non-Muslims to practice their Faith. Even though Sultan is governing it, Muscat is still fixed where all non-Islamic come and practice their religion in their timings.

Amusing traditions
As mentioned above, they are simple. Likewise, Omanis are also very down to earth. I love the way they eat; they mostly sit on the floor and eat with their hands without using any spoon. They believed that food would be tastier if to eat with hands. Apart from this, the way they prefer to sit on the floor Creates an impact on how simple and thoughtful they are. This shows ls the value of equality by sitting on the floor regardless of their position.

Authentic Arabic heritage and culture
When one thinks about Arabia, the images of megacities rising from the vast desserts come in mind, but Oman is somehow different from neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE. If you are looking to experience a refreshing, authentic traditional Arabian heritage and culture experience, then Oman is a perfect spot for you.

Oman has modernized itself without compromising the traditional values. Restrictions on the building materials and heights have been implemented, which means that there would be no skyscraper in your sight. There are palettes of neutral colors blending harmoniously with the design and landscape elements with evolving the essence of Islamic motifs.

“If the only thing you knew about Oman was its location, you might never go at all." - Hanya Yanagihara.