Reasons to visit and love Reunion Island

Between Mauritius and Madagascar, in the heart of Southern Hemisphere, discover the most unusual island paradises on the planet : Reunion Island floats in the tropical warm Pool of the Indian Ocean.

Many tourists have never even heard of it, much less visited ! It’s why this tiny island is a hidden gem I would, you discover with me. « Me » : I’m Laetitia and I live in Reunion Island from 14 years.

When you arrive in Reunion Island, you enter in France, despite being more than 10,000 kilometers away from Paris, 11 hours by plane from the French capital !

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Laeti

I am Laetitia, LYLI's Founder, loving the World and its inhabitants.

a Reunion Island based traveler

Despite being a scenically magical island, Reunion island is a dream destination for lovers of the outdoors. You can practice most part of adventure sports as canyoning, paragliding rafting, horse riding, mountain biking, diving, whale watching, and hiking. Most part of the people here are incredible hikers ! Reunion is really a hiker’s paradise. If Reunion can’t rivalize with Mauritius for the beaches, Mauritius can’t rivalize with Reunion for the diversity of landscapes : awesome mountains with unusual topography, a 22 km turquoise lagoon well-preserved with coral reefs and an abundance of marine life, an extraordinary tropical garden with a lush forest interior, rare birds and plant life, soul-stirring panoramas, tumbling waterfalls in abundance and one of the world’s most active volcanoes : the magical Piton de la Fournaise on the east side of the island. You can visit tunnels carved out by lava flows ! This jewel is unique in the world, UNESCO has classified 40% of the island as World Heritage in 2010.

On the coasts, you will enjoy energetic cities, in the interior you will find incredible villages : here people live inside craters ! The tiny volcanic island is covered in large craters, 3 calderas where people live : Cilaos, Salazie and Mafate. Inside, the climate changes completely, the temperature dropping. Don’t forget your jacket here, you can enjoy some 5° during the ! A visit to Cilaos, the sunniest of the 3 cirque, taking the one road in and out of the crater, offers a complete change of scenery: about 420 bends which take you to small villages, crossing 3 tunnels, offering some of the most spectacular views. This drive is not for the nervous drivers ! If you are, choose a private driver to discover the destination, prefer the « pink bus » or a 4*4 trip for the day ! Cilaos is dominated by Piton des neiges, the Indian Ocean's highest peak with its 3069 meters. You will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, a peaceful village with a thermal spa. The perfect place for nature lovers. Head to Ilet à Cordes, a charming hamlet located 10 km from Cilaos and known for its lentils and its wine ! The road is splendid, the panoramic viewpoints are just incredible. Yeah, I live here. Other 400 people are living there, a tiny village on a tiny plateau located in a caldera, on a tiny dot of land floating somewhere in one of the third-largest ocean covering 20% of the water on Earth’s surface !

Despite its incredible beauty, Reunion offers a mixed cultural makeup that makes it fascinating to visit. The inhabitants are the descendants of European colonizers, African slaves, Indian laborers, Chinese merchants and Malagasy heritage. Uninhabited before the 17th century, its culture is enriching, the architecture is fascinating, the lovely creole houses are charming, the food is yummy and people live together in peace and harmony despite their different religions. Most part of people doesn't speak English, only French or Creole. But don't worry, I know some Millennials, english speaking, ready to show you "their" Reunion.

Reunion tops the list of the world's most photogenic destinations. In Reunion island, you will enjoy the exoticism of a faraway intriguing destination with intense and authentic experiences.
By hiring a car, you can enjoy the flexibility of exploring Reunion island at your own peace. If you are not an adrenaline hunter or a mountain climber, Reunion is ideal for relaxing, tasting a local cari - a dish of meat coated in turmeric, tomatoes, ginger and onion served with rice, fresh chilly sauce and lentils - enjoying 4*4 experience to discover the volcano, discovering the dramatic scenery of the island on board of a helicopter, watching dolphins or whales with a catamaran cruise ... and meeting locals opening their authentic creole villas or tropical gardens to the tourists.

Allow you to combine Reunion Island for its incredible beauty, Mauritius (30 minutes flight from Reunion) for its striking sapphire waters and pristine white sand beaches, South India(5 hours from Mauritius, direct flights are also possible from Reunion) for its culture and generosity : 3 destinations for an unforgettable trip.