Reasons to visit and love Serbia

Many people are perceiving their home country as the most beautiful in the world. But my country, Serbia, is one of the top ten. It has flaws, negative sides, like every other country, but the beauty is so much greater than all those imperfections.

To understand Serbia, we first need to locate her. Although it is not a part of the European Union, Serbia is a geographical part of Europe. If we look deep into the past, we can see that once, together with Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, and Macedonia, Serbia was a part of a huge and powerful country called Yugoslavia. Wars happened in this area, and unfortunately, Yugoslavia doesn’t exist anymore, but these countries are still our neighbors, together with Bulgaria and Hungary. So, to visit some of the mentioned countries, you only need to pass one border from Serbia. And that’s one of my favorite things about my country- everything is close.

When I talk with the foreigners who had the chance to visit Serbia, they have three main impressions: people, food, nature.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Milica

Hi everyone! My name is Milica, I'm a sociologist, and I'm from Niš, Serbia. I adore traveling but giving that I was born while a country named Yugoslavia still existed, the most interesting places for me are the ones placed on this territory. Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, and Croatia are places that I will continue visiting for a long, long time.

a Serbia based traveler

The truth is that people are different in Serbia, depending on the part of the country where they live.

In the north part of Serbia, called “Vojvodina”, people are pretty “slow” and easy-going. They have time for everything, there is no rush for anything to them. The whole Vojvodina is a plain area, rich in agriculture. In short: you will eath well there. Giving that Vojvodina is the main producer of wheat in the state, they make everything with flavor there. So, if you are visiting Vojvodina, make sure that you try: strudels, donuts, noodles with poppy seeds, and of course the famous “gomboce”. The biggest and the most visited city in Vojvodina is called Novi Sad and I suggest that you visit it. The view from the Petrovaradin Fortress will leave you breathless, I can guarantee. Novi Sad is a really beautiful city. It is not too big, but it is rich with culture and history. The Cathedral, Žeželj bridge, Dunavska Street, Štrand…But just so you know if you are into nightlife, Novi Sad will not give you that.

For the best nightlife experience, I suggest, Belgrade of course.

Many people are calling it “the little New York” because it never sleeps. No matter if you are into jazz, blues, pop, rock, techno, or folk music- you will find your fun in Belgrade. As you probably know, Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, and besides fun, it’s rich with history and culture. The old Kalemegdan fortress, Knez Mihailova pedestrian street, the Avala Tower together with the Monument to the Unknown Hero, theaters, and museums are a must when you are in Belgrade. And, of course, the newest part of this city- the Belgrade Waterfront is the thing that you shouldn’t miss. Regarding the people, there is a prejudice (and I would agree with it) that the people there are not so warm and hospitable as in other parts of the country.

For hospitality, I suggest the south of the country, and especially my favorite city, the City of Niš.

Niš is one of the biggest cities in Serbia, but also- one of the cheapest ones. Regarding culture and history, I suggest that you visit Niš Fortress. If you find yourself in Niš during summer, you must visit the International Jazz Festival Nišvill that happens in August. If you find yourself in Niš at some other time of the year, then I suggest that you visit one of many taverns, or, as we call it- “Kafana”. No matter which tavern you choose, you won’t make a mistake- they are all great. You will eat well, drink well, have a lot of fun with acoustic music playing close to you, and you will get all that for a small price. When you are in “Kafana”, you should know that “Rakija” (a high percentage alcohol drink) is an inevitable thing to drink. I should warn you, be careful, don’t exaggerate with “Rakija”!

If you find yourself in Serbia, make sure that you visit more than just one place if you want to get to know it. Explore it, enjoy in sounds, smells, people, and nature. The mountains, the rivers, the forests, the plains. The slowness and the rush. The silence and the noise. The mildness and the spiciness. All those things mixed- that is Serbia. Come and see it for yourself! You will not remain indifferent, that’s for sure.