Reasons to visit and love South Africa

There is something to be said about a country that is alive with possibility. I mean, think about this. Where in the world would you get a place that has eleven, well, in fact, twelve official languages? Many cultures coming together to form what we call a “rainbow nation”. Who would not want to partake in such an experience? A country that has so many fantastic tourist attractions and scintillating experiences waiting to be relished. Greetings to you beloved reader. My salutations rise to meet you from sunny South Africa.

There are many reasons why we would love for you to visit and spend time with us.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Zorhan Mokoele

I'm a seasoned businesswoman with many years of expertise in the corporate field. Having expertise in public relations, insurance, and project management, she is also a Life and purpose coach, a freelance writer, an avid traveler and a woman with a zest for life. She is passionate about charity projects as well as using the skills which she has acquired to assist young entrepreneurs who have only a dream but no one to believe in them. She has helped many individuals to learn how to prioritize themselves and make their dreams a reality through hard work and repurposing their time and skills.

a South Africa based traveler

For starters, we are entertainers by nature. Being a part of the African continent, we are often counted amongst the best destinations to pay a visit. We have a proverb, in isiZulu, which is one of the official languages that says “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”, and this means that a person is only a person through other people, in other words, I am, because other people are.

How we treat others and the level of hospitality which we show them defines the type of people we are. I can assure you, that we will pull out all the stops to ensure that you feel right at home from the get-go.

We are a vibrant bunch, and we love dancing and spreading positive vibes, having a good time, and enjoying the beauty which life has to offer. From Five-Star accommodation to phenomenal eateries, you can rest assured that we have an amazing world waiting to be unlocked by you.

Because of our many cultures, we are a diverse people. We have many types of local cuisine waiting for you to experiment with.

Are you craving a traditional plate of pap, chicken, and tomato gravy accompanied by a steak of your choice? Would you like to try out Ouma Sara’s bobotie, which is a variation of a meatloaf covered with a delicious coating of milk, egg and other spices?

How about a mouth-watering serving of samp and beans, Umngqusho as we call it, accompanied by well-prepared tripe? Be it at Sakhumzi Restaurant in Soweto, one of our most famous townships, or Baobab, a restaurant in the capital of Gauteng Province, Pretoria, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Would you like to taste amazing wine? Stellenbosch in Cape Town beckons.

And please, if you can, do a stopover at Harry’s Pancake House in Mpumalanga, sweet or savory, the food is to die for.

Many hidden gems are waiting to be uncovered by you.

There is a place called "The Pinnacle", and it is a rock that has taken the form of a tower, standing 30 m in length and surrounded by nature. In the same province of Mpumalanga, we boast “God’s Window”, and it is the most serene place you will find.

The Drakensburg mountain range, in Tzaneen, is also another beauty that can only be understood when seen with the naked eye.

Umhlanga Rocks which is the situation in the province of KwaZulu Natal is one of the most amazing places you will ever see, you must experience it to be able to describe the feelings which it will evoke in you.

And did I mention that we have the absolute best sunsets ever? It is true. There is this breath-taking place in Cape Town, Blouberg Strand, and you can have sundowners whilst overlooking the sea, this is a must-see, guaranteed.

Ever heard of Ushaka Marine World? This is a water theme park situated in KwaZulu Natal, which houses an aquarium, a beach and a traditional village which would be found in the heart of Africa. The shows are unrivalled, traditional dancing accompanied by the beating of the drums. This spells jubilation and joviality all around.

Indeed, we are alive with many possibilities, and you could very well be one of those possibilities. We would love to host you, share with you a true-life changing experience. We cannot wait to meet you.