Reasons to visit and love Spain

Welcome in my fabulous and charming Spain. This is the land of flamenco, paella, tapas, I'll take you from north to south, east to west, so that you can enjoy the culture and traditions of this marvelous country! Spain is a great place to visit because you can decide to go hiking and even skiing or, on the contrary, lay down at one of the many white sand beaches and swim in crystalline waters. You can even choose to go on an excursion in the desert because, believe it or not, there is a vast semi-arid terrain in the southeast of Spain which is called Desierto de Tabernas.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Davide

Being born and raised in Spain, I’ve been very lucky to possess traveled everywhere the country with my parents. I’m freelance translator and are working for the past 10 years in Germany, I can work anywhere. So I have got become a travel addict – able to just venture out and explore the planet.

a Berlin based traveler

Let me start our virtual tour from the North of the country. Be ready for some Galician food, from the northwestern region of Galicia: knock yourself out trying the different types of empanadas (tuna fish, octopus, meat, etc.) and a slice of “Tarta de Santiago”, a pastry made of almond paste. Santiago de Compostela is home to the famous Catedral de Santiago, a breathtaking cathedral completed in 1211 and up to this day, it is the end of the traditional pilgrimage route. North west of Galicia, you will visit beautiful regions such as Asturias and Cantabria, renowned for their stunning lakes and Picos de Europa, an imposing mountain range that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Once you leave Cataloña and its most important and well known destination, Barcelona, if you keep going south and stick to the coastline, you will enter another region of Spain, La Comunidad Valenciana. Valencia is its capital and paella the main dish. Make sure you try the different recipes (fish, chicken or vegetarian) in tiny restaurants mostly situated in the historical site of the city. Here you will eat the real paella. Further south lays Alicante, a smaller and thriving city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Here, there are tourists all year round because the beaches are beautiful, cost of life is cheap, food is great, and the sun is always shining. El Castel de Santa Barbara sitting on a cliff is definitely worth visiting and the panoramic view from there is wonderful: on a clear day, it is possible to observe the entire gulf of Alicante and the Island of Tabarca, a popular destination for snorkelers.

Have you had enough of the coastline and wish to move inland? Let’s go to southern Spain, to one of the biggest regions: Andalusia. Here, you will visit one of the most beautiful Spanish cities, Sevilla. The atmosphere, music, colors, and folklore are quite different from the northern and central regions. Sevilla is lively, flamenco dancers with the traditional custom can be seen everywhere in the city. It is a truly exciting experience with a lot to explore. La Torre del Oro overlooking the Guadalquivir river is a must, La Plaza de España in the middle of a huge park is one of the best in the country (you can even explore it by boat thanks to its artificial canals). Sevilla’s cathedral is the biggest gothic cathedral in Europe and it is Christopher Columbus’s burial place. Another city worth visiting is Granada, and its palace and fortress complex, The Alhambra, a historical site characterized by its Christian and Islamic influences, both historically and architectonically.

These are, dear Travelers, just a few places I would like to take you to. However, I can assure you that there are so many other places to visit, regions to explore, islands, different traditions to explore, and great dishes to enjoy. Can’t wait to have you over here, so we can commence on our journey across beautiful Spain.