Reasons to visit and love Sri Lanka

An Island to love and not miss out on visiting. Stunning locations, breezy beaches, glowing corals, exquisite delicacy, calming nature trails, diversification and adventure? Sri Lanka has got you covered!

Ayubowan! A greeting you should keep in mind whenever you want to say ‘Hello’ while visiting Sri Lanka, a beautiful Island surrounded by gorgeous waters. The greeting itself means ‘Long-Life’, which proves that this nation wishes nothing but the
best for everyone.

Not every country offers you an incredible variety of lifestyles depending on your mood where if you are thinking about an upscale urban living, there’s the commercial city of Colombo, for an arctic feel with low temperatures, there’s Nuwareliya, sightseeing and ancient heritage at Anuradhapura and the list goes on!

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Avyara

This millennial has travelled the entire globe through her readings and literature, hopped on planes and actually travelled to a few countries whenever it was possible, always looking forward on marking locations off her list of 'must-visit-destinations' is an explorer with a minimalistic mindset and Earth-loving traveler with a passion for writing about diversity of world cultures. You would usually find me either reading or writing whenever there's time to spare and that is what makes me glad to have joined here to share my thoughts about the beautiful world we live in and sceneries you shouldn't miss!

a Sri Lanka based traveler

Best thing about it all? Within a couple of hours, you can go to each of these cities if you want! Due to the diversified culture with unique attributes to each one of them, you should never judge this Island after visiting just one part of it because each city has its own cultural vibe. Sri Lankans are probably the best when it comes to hospitality and bright smiles. With courteous treatment wherever you go and most importantly, you will never get tired of the exquisite local cuisine! The tantalizing spices grown within the country are the best condiments that season local dishes and here’s a secret…. We assure you that you will take loads of them back home!

Transportation is never an issue with public transportation through buses, trains and tuk-tuks available literally everywhere, but you’ll never have to worry about being scammed off by expensive rides because Pickme (taxi company similar to Uber) operates within Colombo and a few other cities, while Uber operates within Colombo.

If you would like to take a walk with nature, we assure you that you will come back with way more than you went seeking. Including national parks with acres of greenery and wildlife such as Horton Plains, Udawalawe and Yala to name a few, Sri Lanka also owns the Sinharaja Forest, a World Heritage Site according to UNESCO. These nature trails with trees and species will prove to you that not all classrooms are surrounded by four walls. Salt water heals everything! Head over to Unawatuna or Mirissa, Hikkaduwa or Koggala, Benthota or Arugam Bay! If on an island, a beach is around the corner almost all the time! Experience the sky above, sand below and peace within. The ocean breeze will certainly put your mind at ease.

For some phenomenal architecture, don’t miss out on Kandy, Dambulla, Anuradhapura, Pollonnaruwa. Sigiriya and Yapahuwa. Brick by brick, stone by stone, the great ancestors of Sri Lanka have produced extraordinary creations, most of which are of high importance to the locals. And for a spin of things and a vibrant city life, Colombo is where you should be heading. The busiest of all cities with majority of the working population residing within, there is everything you need in Colombo. Nature parks, fantastic restaurants, 5-star hotels, places of worship, walking trails, beach (Galle Face Green), museums, lakes, shopping, and you name it, Colombo has it!

Sri Lanka has way too much wonder to talk about for such a small country. Honestly! It can be barely seen on the world map! But you know how they say, there’s so much beauty in the little things. A country that features so much of variety and unique experiences wherever you go, without digging holes in your pocket, is a destination you shouldn’t miss!