Reasons to visit and love Turkey

Why travel and love Turkey? The answer is so simple. It is enough to just look at those excerpts from notable news agencies for it.

“The Göbekli Tepe complex in south-eastern Anatolia, Turkey, is an 11,500year-old stone structure that predates Stonehenge.”
(CNN News, May 16, 2020)

“Is there bread on the hook? Turkish ancient tradition of ‘paying it forward’.”
(BBC News, November 26, 2019)

“Turkey plays host to a Grand Prix for the first time since 2011.”
(, November 13, 2020)

Solidarity reigns in third-place thriller. Even before kick-off, Korea Republic’s fans had set the tone, unfurling a large Turkish flag and a banner proclaiming: "We are friends!"
(Fifa. com, May 09, 2017)

“'I kiss you': the Mahir phenomenon”
(The Guardian, December 10, 1999)

Here’s Turkey: country of antiquity and modernity, diversity, unprecedented natural beauties, established traditions and crazy and sincere people. Beyond reasons, I am welcoming you to Turkey just to feel its endless beauties. If you still insist on reasons, I have summarized a few of them below; why travel and love Turkey?

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Fatihilhan

I believe Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I am from the Cappadocia Region of Turkey, which is famous for its so-called ‘fairy chimneys’, strange looking rock formations. I like very much trekking in rocky valleys of this region and exploring its splendid nature. Along with that, I have been to many splendid parts of Turkey. I would like to share all of these experiences with you in this blog and introduce my country.

a Turkey based traveler

Cradle of Civilizations
Modern civilization owes to ancient civilizations a lot. You can see traces of it first in Mesopotamia. Then, the civilization founded there passed to Anatolia (Turkey). Greeks and then Romans took this civilization especially form civilizations in the western part of Turkey. Trojans in the north, Phrygians, Ions, Lydians in the west, Hittites in the middle and Urartus in the East of Turkey formed great civilizations and masterpieces of art and architecture. If you are a history or art lover, Turkey is the country to travel and love.

The Long Coastline
The coastline length of Turkey is 8,140 km. When glanced at countries famous for sea tourism, the coastline lengths are Spain 7,268 km, Italy 9,226 km and Greece 15,147 km. Turkey’s coastline length is not too bad compared to these counties. Along with that, Turkey is much cheaper than these countries. You can find many unspoiled and virgin spots for swimming. If you want, take the pleasure of swimming in touristic beaches and luxurious facilities of the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea. Or, find a quiet and peaceful place to swim in the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea, For a great sea holiday, why not travel and love Turkey?

Home of First Christians
In Cappadocia and Kayseri Region of Turkey, you can see traces of first Christians. They found a safe sanctuary in Turkey from Romans. They practiced their religion and promulgated it to the farthest place of the world from there. You can see great works of them such as monasteries, churches, underground cities or live frescoes portraying early Christianity. Don’t you want to see these great pieces? It is another reason to travel and love Turkey.

Roots of Humankind
Human civilization is dated back to 15,000 BC. In Turkey, for example in Göbekli Tepe, people came together and worshiped in a massive temple about 12,000-10,000 BC.
In Çayönü, people established a great farming village about 9,000-6000 BC. In Çatal Höyük, people built a city with around 10,000 population about 6,500-5,000 BC. These places are excavated and open to see and visit.

Home of the Greatest Islamic Civilization
The Ottoman State established the longest- lasted and greatest Islamic civilization. You can see their works in major cities of Turkey such as İstanbul, Bursa or Edirne. And, I am sure you will be charmed by them. So, another reason to travel and love Turkey.

A Country for all Kinds of Tourism
Turkey is one of the rarest country for all kinds of tourism. Go skiing in Uludağ or Erciyes Mountain while swimming in hot waters of Antalya. Take a culture tour in Cappadocia while watching Formula 1 in İstanbul.

Country of Crazy, Respectful, Open-minded and Sincere People
Like Mahir above, Turks are really crazy. But, at the same time, they are sincere and kind. Thanks to the reforms of Atatürk, the father of Turks, they are open-minded and respectful for all people and cultures.

What else? Ready?!