The beauties of Black Sea

High mountains, lush forests, wild sea, fresh air and crazy people characterize Black Sea Region of Turkey. How about discovering untouched beauties of this region? Then, come with us.

We can divide the Region into two parts:
Western Black Sea Region: You can find major touristic sites in Bolu, Safranbolu or Sinop
Eastern Black Sea Region: You will find highlands with endless forest in Trabzon and Rize, Artvin and some culture.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Fatihilhan

I believe Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I am from the Cappadocia Region of Turkey, which is famous for its so-called ‘fairy chimneys’, strange looking rock formations. I like very much trekking in rocky valleys of this region and exploring its splendid nature. Along with that, I have been to many splendid parts of Turkey. I would like to share all of these experiences with you in this blog and introduce my country.

a Turkey based traveler


You must see this city with its smoky mountains. This city is famous for lakes on highlands. One of such lakes is Lake Abant. This is a picturesque lake surrounded by lush forests. It is an ideal place for camping. It is also a popular place for couples to be taken photos on their wedding day, so don’t get surprised when you see there a bride in her wedding dress and a groom in his suit.

Another popular lake in this city is Lake Gölcük. Again, you run into a picturesque lake scenery. Especially in winters, it is very beautiful. You can have your camp here as well. I highly recommend you eating char-grilled steak at nearby restaurants.

What a lovely town with Ottoman- style houses and cobblestone streets. The moments you will spend in this lovely town will take you back to good old days of Ottoman life, full of spirit and elegance. Visit historical bazaar of the city. Experience Ottoman life at traditional houses. And finally, don’t miss drinking Safranbolu coffee and soda pop.

Sinop is my favorite. If you miss tranquility and peace in your life, Sinop will be your favorite place, too. This city has only 49,400 population and has no even a traffic light in it. It is also reported that the happiest people in Turkey live in this city. It is situated on a headland surrounded by the sea on both sites, and there are forests to the edge of the headland. You must come and experience this beauty.

Highlands of Eastern Black Sea Region have never-ending forests and full of fresh air. These highlands are sparsely populated and away from urban life.

Firstly, we will have a cultural tour in Trabzon. The most important cultural site in the city is the Monastery of Sümela. Built at a very steep rocky point, this monastery has a history and a fine architecture with a splendid view.

Other cultural sites in Trabzon are the Castle of Trabzon, the Monastery of Vazelon and the Museum of Hagia Sophia. Never miss visiting the town of Uzungöl built in mountains and among forests.

Highlands of Rize and Artvin
Ayder (Rize)
It is 19 km away from Çamlıhemşin, a district of Rize, to the south-east of it. It has turned into a popular tourist destination. You can find bungalow hotels here. You can have a wonderful camping and trekking holiday in a unique flora and fauna. Furthermore, you should also see the waterfalls of Gürgendibi and Gelintülü.
Don’t miss out: In Ayder, the highest quality honey in Turkey is produced. Do forget to buy it.

Vaşa (Rize)
It is an authentic and well-preserved place to see with its rural life.

Yusufeli - Kaçkar (Artvin)
This place has 3,200 m height. It is near a village having all kinds of facilities. It is a point of climbing Kaçkar mountains. The water coming from its fortunes is freezing. It is also an ideal place for camping.

Borça - Karagöl (Artvin)
This place is really worth seeing. You can stay at bungalow hotels here.
Don’t miss out; Hamsi pilav, laz böreği and pide are traditional meals of this region. Don’t forget to taste them.