The best places to visit in Mexico

At the beginning of a year, it is customary to think about everything we want to do, live, and experience. Work, business or studies are usually at the top of the list. However, I want to remind you that there is one very important area that you should not forget about: Your holidays. If this year you want to make a difference and enjoy your holidays to the fullest, I want to introduce you to an extraordinary destination; a country full of culture, beautiful landscapes, great and unmatched tourist attractions… I’m talking about Mexico.

Mexico, a country whose beauty covers all the territory... you will find many surprises, and you will definitely not want to go back home after living such a pleasant experience. Are you ready to enter a country full of adventure and fun? Keep reading, and get to know the best places to visit in Mexico. Mexico is a really diverse country, it is a destination with proposals for all tastes: If you are a sports lover, there are different sports activities, such as hiking. If you love gastronomic variety, there are different regions of Mexico that are specialized in making known original recipes.

If you have an explorer soul, and love nature, art, and culture, you will also have a lot to discover and enjoy. Mexico is an unforgettable destination, are you ready to enjoy everything it has to offer?

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Eddy R.

Find tips on things to see and do: Come and explore the fantastic North America with the best of US and Canada. The Caribbean are my favorite stop between travels, and it's hard to pick a favorite! From exploring Mexico's fantastic vestiges to Costa Rica's rainforests, from Chili and Argentina's incredible landscapes to the stunning nature and white beaches of Brazil, Latin America hold the key of happiness!

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One of the best attractions of Mexico is located in Quintana Roo, a Mexican state in the Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun is characterized by its beautiful beaches surrounded by the crystalline waters of the Caribbean. You will as well be able to step on ancient Mayan territory and find ruins in archaeological zones, including a Mayan Museum. Cancun has gained fame because of its nightlife. It has a wide variety of nightclubs, shops, bars, and prestigious restaurants. If you want to get to know an incredible city at any time of the day, then Cancun, both during day and night, can become an unforgettable experience for you. It is one of my favorite places, so don't hesitate, discover Cancun and tell me how you enjoyed it.

Located on the southern coast of Mexico, it is one of the favorite destinations for tourists from all over the world and the reasons are obvious: A tropical climate, 20 kilometers of beautiful beaches, activities for all kinds of people regardless of age or taste. It is the best destination for couples, families, or solo travelers. A box with all the Mexican riches, with a culture full of color. You will be able to relate to all kinds of people, including the inhabitants of the town, who are the main protagonists of Mexican culture.
Without them, the traditions would not be transmitted to each new generation. One outstanding feature of Acapulco is provided by nature itself; a 35-meter-high rock on the seashore, used by divers to surprise visitors as they dive into the water after sunset, under the torchlight. You can go on different trails through the beautiful national parks, accompanied by other visitors while you get to know cultures and traditions full of incredible stories, myths and a lot more.

But Mexico not only has beautiful beaches; we can go deeper into the territory and meet the beautiful people who have maintained the traditions of their ancestors. Between mountains and rocks, we find Aculco, a town that has become an attraction for all kinds of tourists who want to know more about the ancient Mexican traditions.
Aculco has several wonders and surprises, one of the most recognized is a natural sanctuary, with a fall of 15 meters high; The traditional architecture is also very striking for visitors. For nature and adventure lovers, it is possible to perform activities such as camping, rappelling or hiking. If you want to take some souvenirs of the town, you can choose different among several carved or woven crafts. And there is something you definitely cannot forget: try the delicious traditional recipes of Aculco. I can assure you will experience many emotions in your journey through this beautiful town.

Another beautiful town in Mexico is called Atlixco, it shares its landscape with the Popocatepetl volcano, which is visible from any location in the town. Atlixco has a climate envied by the rest of the country. It is full of fruit trees, plants, and many green areas... I found it important to mention that this beautiful place in Mexico is recognized by its variety of colorful flowers.
You can visit Atilixco’s beautiful plazas, among them the most striking one called Zócalo, where the richness in flowers t is evident. This abundance of fruit trees, plants and flowers have been of much influence in the economy of the town, serving as a livelihood for each villager. It is also possible to see different types of ancient architecture with ethnic influences, among many other attractions that are a magnet for visitors from anywhere in the world.

Monterrey, a beautiful city in Mexico that has managed to maintain its traditions despite the passage of time, and has kept intact a culture full of life. You can walk through the neighborhoods’ cobblestone streets, surrounded by old houses. It is a city that has developed in the business area, using its resources as a means of income.
Monterrey is another city favored by nature since it has a variety of green areas. From the moment you arrive in Monterrey, you will be able to contemplate beautiful mountainous landscapes, museums, and one of the biggest attractions of the town, the internationally recognized Conarte bookstore.

Visiting Morelia can be one of the best experiences for a tourist. It is a quiet city where you can contemplate colonial architecture. As in many territories of Mexico, it is possible to make different paths or walks. You can even dive into the thermal waters located in Los Azufres, a place full of unparalleled landscapes.

Mexico has different attractions, and it is possible for every tourist to find a specific region that attracts his or her attention, but there is something in Mexican cities that makes you fall in love with all of them: the kindness of its people. It does not matter where you are in the Mexican territory, you will always be able to feel the warmth of the inhabitants of each town or city.

A truly historic city in Mexico is Cholula. It is considered one of the oldest cities in Latin America. Want to know about ancient architecture? Cholula is the place to go to; being such an ancient town, practically everything in it is ancient. For example, you can contemplate and interact in the Great Pyramid (A historical monument of Mexico) and its labyrinth of tunnels.

You can even have a picnic in all the space opened specially for visitors and tourists. Mexican art has been considered one of the most influential in the Americas, their culture works as an inspiration to make all kinds of art, from carvings, relief paintings, traditional paintings, textiles, among many other forms of artistic expression.

Getting to know Mexico is an incredible experience, full of unique emotions for every person. In particular, I have always thought that there is nothing better than traveling accompanied by friends; just imagine traveling with your closest friends to what was a sacred territory used for ancient sacrifices… these all are unforgettable experiences, and nothing better than being accompanied by the right people.