The best train journey in Sri Lanka

If you are questioning about making scenic memories in Sri Lanka, honestly, you have come to the proper place! The most exciting thing is the train tickets are solely really worth a few dollars, and no matter having your seat, it's more excellent and enjoyable to get out the door.

Of course, luxurious excursions bring you on the acclaimed "Sri Lanka Spectacular Guide" from Kandy to Ella, then again moral you to do it alone! Plus, there are hundreds of unique places to go between these two well-known cities, so doing it in your free time will provide you the alternative of hoping!

I can make sure that Sri Lanka is very secure and very beneficial for tourists. Locals are pleasant and concerned in appreciation of your whereabouts and will see you on trains.

As an addicted traveler in Sri Lanka, I hope to share my own experiences with you and show the scenic memories I created with exceptional, friendly foreigners. On the other hand, you can alter your journey as your wish and use sources to add to extraordinary destinations. I'll be listing some locations that seem to be cool additionally. Then again, I subsequently had no time to go!

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By Raveena Anjalee

In the true sense of the word I'm a traveling addicted person to satisfy my soul and escape from my dental student life. I was lucky enough to born in such a beautiful island, Sri Lanka. Traveling is the motivation of my life. Freedom is essential for a human being. So, I wish all the people who read this to take every possible efforts travel as much as possible. If you are really liking to visit my country, I'm ready to give any information that you need.

a Peradeniya based traveler

Come to Negombo, not precisely Colombo
After arriving at the Sri Lanka airport, you can travel south for an hour to see Colombo; Stay in a single day in Negombo; Start your ride to Pinnawala immediately.

When you fly to Sri Lanka, you fly to Colombo exactly; then again, in actuality, you are flying to Negombo where is an hour north of the Colombo town center. If you are already have supposed to go to Colombo, go for it, however. In that case, I have in no way discovered it in particular attractive in contrast to the enjoyable areas of Sri Lanka that I have experienced. To get off in Colombo, you can hire a taxi if you feel that your bags are sufficient (second cheapest).

Wake up at the elephant orphanage in Pinnawala
This is how I woke up critically. The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is unique from the place it as soon as was once, and I did no longer apprehend a great location than seeing elephants.

It is wise to think of staying the night at Pinnawala and waking up early to be the first lucky person to see elephants. This is because most travelers who go to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage tour from Kandy or Colombo at some stage in the day and in no way spend the night. I could save my cash from this manner too.

How to get from Negombo to Pinnawala
When you are thinking of traveling by train from Negombo Railway Station to Colombo Commander ($ 1-2, departing in an hour), Go south to Ragama Railway Station, where you want to board the Express train, you will attain Rambukkana. But you can hire a taxi also. However, taxis are the most expensive and extra appropriate because they are excellent lined up at the journey organization cubicles when you go away from your destination. You can use this vehicle through the Pick me the app via your mobile phone too. It's better to use this transporting method to go to a particular destination only. Otherwise, they will strive to promote you a whole tour. You can count on paying between $ 45-60 for a taxi ride in Pinnawala.

Best things to do at Pinnawala elephant orphanage:
• Watch the elephants bathe in the river; absolutely, you will create a collection of amazing photos in your gallery.
• Visit the elephant poo merchandise shop
• Walk across the river and visit that area (when there are no elephants in it)

Capture the tradition of Kandy
It's better to go to Kandy in summer because there is the most significant religious festival called 'Kandy Esala Perahara.' The word feels true that it will be an eye-catching festival for all foreigners. There are hundreds of elephants, local dancers, and it used to be a pleasure to see them all with their ivory; then again no longer such an excellent place to see that many colorful moments.

Kandy is situated near Pinnawala, and in my opinion, it is the most traditionally important place among Buddhists. The Kandy Esala Perahara is a colorful festival, and the temple of tooth relic, a calm place to sit on and worship. Kandy lake round also will give you a fantastic experience with its cold pleasant wind.

How to tour from Pinnawala to Kandy
If you are willing to hire a train express instruction from Rambukkana ($ 1, departs three instances a day) to Kandy Railway Station (about 1 hour).

Things that you can add to your traveling memories from Kandy,
• Temple of the Tooth Relic
• Kandy Lake
• Wonderful and colorful Festivals

If you are a photographer or enjoying unique clicks, night sceneries at the Kandy Lake round will super amaze you. I have two albums of photos with night clicks in Kandy, which I would like to see again and again. Honestly, those photos give me inner peace. As my university has been situated near the Kandy, I'm fortunate to enjoy my university period under such a beautiful and calm sky.

Start the scenic Sri Lanka Railway from Kandy
Kandy is an identified beginning place on Sri Lanka's fantastic training path so that you will note the difference between the train and travelers riding after that your board. Get a 2nd type ticket, as it is crowded; however, do not trouble with the first type AC cabin selection; then again, you desire to clutch the residence's home windows and doorways anyway.

After one and half hours of the trip, your train will go through beautiful mountains, lush green hillsides, and tea estates. It will be great if you can travel in the daytime.

Stop for Talawakele Falls
Talawakele is no longer a town or the place which many people live. Of course, there are two choices for accommodation. Also, there are cool waterfalls! Absolutely, you can stop at the Talawakale train station, spend the night, get up early to see the waterfalls (rent a rickshaw for the day), depart the tea house, and then your driver will take you to town. Although there are lots of eye-catching waterfalls in Talawakale, I would like to highlight two among all of them. No doubt, you will be super amazed and will stay long hours at those two places.

How to get to the Waterfalls
For Devon Falls: Your rickshaw driver will take you to the "Temple Gate." It is nearer to the waterfall than the "scenic view," even though you can go as far as the personal temple to quit it. You will go up the stairs from the entrance and enter a small temple with historical private ownership, which is the closest view you can get. In truth, some monks are living there, so be positive to salvage your shoes, be respectful, and donate to them!

For St. Clair Falls: You can see it nearly to the tea plantations placed in the tea grounds' core. If you are nearby and your rickshaw driver for the first time, you can climb up the steep, filth avenue between the tea vegetation to a rocky outcrop, giving you a nearer view of the vast, excessive waterfall!

Tea plantations, strawsberry fields & Nuwara Eliya Falls
Tea plantations are in all places in Nuwara Eliya! For some purpose, it is extraordinarily mysterious! Nuwara Eliya reminds me of an inexperienced emerald. Locals name it the "Mountains of tea leaves." It is greater appropriate because, in many estates, the tea leaves are placed on the naked hills, and the cooler neighborhood climate offers it a general smooth feel. Nuwara Eliya is more relaxed than the other places in Sri Lanka.

Its most famous tea property is recognized as the Pedro Tea Factory and is nearly invisible, and you can chat with tea consumers. In addition to that, the picnic and tasting room also will be great.

Valentine's Jump Falls/Lover's Leap: If you are an enormous fan of mountaineering, you can go up it… But if you are not, or if you are constrained in time, you can talk to a tour with a rickshaw driver. As quickly as you attain the pinnacle of it, it is very elevating; There are plenty of large flat rocks for you to take a seat or sleep on and enjoy the view of the waterfall.

Strawberry Field & Food: On your way to the city from Lovers Leap Falls, ask your rickshaw driver to take you to the strawberry shops near Lake Gregory. Indeed, you will taste the most delicious strawberry ice cream crêpe and strawberry milkshake out there, which will be an unforgettable taste for your rest of the life.

City Center: This is a small city with several retail outlets promoting saris, western clothing, iciness weather clothing, jewelry, spices and dining, and several meals shops. If you like to drink, then there is a bar after it, on the other hand, it serves beer alone. You will receive highly cheaper drinks and foods.

Continue up the Sri Lanka scenic railway line to Ella
When we consider the train journey in Sri Lanka, the first thing that comes to my mind is Ella's journey. You should have seen thousands of unique clicks which are taken at this attractive place. In individual, it crosses cool bridges and rivers.

Nuwara Eliya - Ella Train details
– Station: Nanuoya Station to Ella Station
– Times: 3:11am, 9:30am, 12:45pm, 3:01pm, 3:55pm (Check at the station for updates)
– Cost: $3-7
– Time: three hours

Return to Ella
Ella is a town in the coronary heart of nature and was once as soon as constructed to get tourists' desires. There is no calm and naturally attractive place like Ella in Sri Lanka. Usually, I make every possible effort to travel to Ella in my free time.

Best places to see there:
• Ravana Falls
• Rawana Cave
• Little Adam's Peak
• Ella Rock

I'd propose a bicycle condo to get around, mainly if you would like to go to Ravana Cave, Ravana Falls, and it will create brilliant thoughts in your mind with the little Butterflies that we can see every place there. You can also use a bike to reach the nearest hill/mountain tower, merely taking for a few 15 minutes;

Get the local train to experience the beauty of the beaches
One remaining query that I desired to do in Sri Lanka go and see the seashore once and be conscious of the seaside facet to go down there get the experience.
Places to visit at the seaside train journey:

• Turtle Conservation
• Bike ride
• Cinnamon Fields
• Bentota Beach

Bentota is an attractive beachside which is additionally well-known for its stores and markets, the place you can see souvenirs and antiques. The pool is decorated with a giant high-tech waterfall, and there are masses of tropical palm trees in all areas to provide you that tropical vacation.

As we know, traveling is the healthiest addiction and the most effective way to relax our minds. If your passion is to travel with the most exciting and unforgettable experiences, eat some fresh foods in beautiful nature, feel the warmth sunset with your fellow mates, ride through the green tea estates in a lovable calm, cold weather, add unbelievably unique clicks to your photo album so don't think twice. Just decide to get the train journey experience in Sri Lanka. Don't miss your chance to feel Sri Lanka's breeze and engage in exciting nature conservatively all around this beautiful Island. Welcome to the tropical Island Nation set in South Asia's Indian Ocean and get the best train journey experience in Sri Lanka.