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The Netherlands vs Holland is the most searched sentence when it comes to research about a vacation to The Netherlands. The fact is that The Netherlands is made of 10 provinces in total. Holland is made of the two remaining provinces called North Holland and South Holland where you can find major cities as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, which is obviously famous for it’s lilies and tulips, clogs and weed. Besides the fact that you can get legally high in our country, you can also enjoy our coastline and exquisite natural reserves. If you are looking for a holiday resort in the midst of nature, you came to the right country.


You can find the most popular holiday parks spread across the country in all 12 provinces. These are the top 5 Dutch vacation parks for a vacation worth remembering.

- Landal Greenparks vakantieparken
- Roompot Vakantieparken
- Centerparcs
- Natuurhuisjes where you can enjoy nature
- Vakantiehuizen via TUI Villas


Nature or city? We’ve got the best of both worlds

If you are looking for popular landmarks to visit and historical places with a unique story there are a couple of places you can’t skip while visiting the Netherlands. Look for places like our “Rijksmuseum” where you can admire De Nachtwacht made by Vincent van Gogh. Rent a bike and explore our country on the bicycle paths that are running across the enitre country or pay a visit to the famous Red Light District in Amsterdam. When visiting the Netherlands during Spring time you can enjoy our tulipfields or visit the Kinderdijk where you will find the eldest mills in our country.

The Netherlands is a small country with over 17 million inhabitants. It’s no surprise that the biggest city’s in our country are densely populated. If you’re the type that likes to go on citystrolls during their vacation, you must visit Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam to get a good glimpse of how the city in the Netherlands comes to life.

Image de Lina Loos

For those who have impossible tasks on their bucket list like be in two places at the same time you will love the famous “Drielandenpunt”. Located on the borders of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany you can be in 2 or even 3 countries at the same time! The drielandenpunt is something really special. When at the drielandenpunt you can litteraly step into another country with one single step. Your phone will show another provider once going over the border. How cool is that!

The Netherlands have a lot to offer when it comes to visiting historical landmarks. You can also find the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, where Anne Frank lived during the second world war. Do you want to see a miniature version of the whole country and explore the Netherlands whithin one hour? Don’t forget to visit Madurodam in The Hague! There is more then enough to explore in our country besides the legal weed. We hope to meet you soon!

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa

In addition to being the owner of Trusted Content Solutions, Aruna is a kind human being and her good vibes and positivism make it a pleasure to follow her escapes in the Netherlands, loving road trips across the country, city trips across Europe with her partner.

- Aruna Prissilla, an Amsterdam based traveler
Travel Writer for TDO

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