The perfect food trip in Sri Lanka

In the real sense of the word, Sri Lanka is a highly demanded food country among Asian countries. Why do I say like that? The nearest reason is that many travellers attract just because of the taste of local foods in Sri Lanka. As a traveller, I also have shared my experiences with thousands of foreigners. Most of the time, I got fantastic feedback about Sri Lankan foods. As a Sri Lankan, I'll show you the most amazing food places in Sri Lanka. Start your journey and test the Sri Lankan foods, then you will discover many of them. Every dishes have made from freshly grown productions and will provide you with a more generous real taste.

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By Raveena Anjalee

In the true sense of the word I'm a travelling addicted person to satisfy my soul and escape from my dental student life. I was lucky enough to born in such a beautiful island, Sri Lanka. Travelling is the motivation of my life. Freedom is essential for a human being. So, I wish all the people who read this to take every possible efforts travel as much as possible. If you are really liking to visit my country, I'm ready to give any information that you need.

a Peradeniya based traveler

Despite the fantastic climate, meals are incredibly cheap. The restaurant's open kitchen is a specific addition to its atmosphere. You are positive to experience mouth-watering meals and the ecosystem of the restaurant. If you go out to a restaurant on a Tuesday night, don't neglect to mix your taste buds with the delicious taste weekly vegetarian buffet.

Prices: Meals from LKR five hundred and the average price for two people: LKR 4000

Lunch: Daily 12 midday – 2:30 pm;
Dinner: Daily 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm (12 middle of the night on Fridays and Saturdays)

Athula Restaurant, Dambulla
Dambulla Athula Restaurant gives a clear choice to style non-refundable meals at a realistic price. Situated in Yapagama and this is a small household restaurant serving simple meals in Sri Lanka. It's no longer a massive deal. However, it is a favoured of repeat site visitors as correctly as locals.

The meals are served in a self-made fashion. There is no regular menu to serve guests. Vegetarian and vegan meals are on hand right here, and all are buffet fashion dishes served with delicious terracotta dishes. Fresh fruit juices are amazing as drinks.
Timings: Monday to Sunday: 12:00pm to 7:00pm

The Lagoon
The lagoon is one of the lovely seafood places in Colombo. The high-quality and attractive indoors of the restaurant make your travelling experience unforgettable. Since Colombo has many seafood hotels, it is merely hard to select one; however, the lagoon has achieved an outstanding job so far. It would help if you tried for the Singapore chilli crab meat dish.

The restaurant serves almost one hundred fifty seafood and is a must-see for guests. The restaurant is located in the five celebrity resort at Cinnamon Stadium.

Cost for two people -: Approximately LKR6000.
Hours: The venue is open from 12 midday to 2.30 pm and from 7 pm to 12.00 noon.

Bedspace Kitchen, Unawatuna
This place has located in the Bedspace Guesthouse Garde, and people used to be previously regarded as the Cookspace Kitchen. The essential ingredients in these dishes are lip-smacking. The meals right here are freshly cooked and served hotly. Whether it's smoothies, sparkling juices, or cocktails, they all fit in the centre of a lovely backyard area.

The open kitchen serves vegetarian and vegan meals and follows an alternate menu nearly every day. Anyway, you will get an unforgettable experience with foods such as burgers, salads, and Perry rooster. It affords an extensive vary of meals and beverages. The restaurant serves a one-of-a-kind dinner with exceptional menus on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

Place - Egodawatta Lane, Unawatuna,
Time - Monday to Sunday,8:00 am to 10:00 pm

Talpe Beach Restaurant & Bar, Talpe
Talpe Beach Restaurant, bar, attractive creations, fresh drinks and friendly service are the essential points of interest in Sri Lanka.

The meals right here are served as sparkling as possible. Whether it's seafood swimming or gathering sparkling fruits and veggies at the nearby market, storing chickens with natural meals, and flying straight to Australian beef. There is Asian and worldwide cuisine. The restaurant is eye-catching from both meals and atmosphere.

Place: Matara Road, Talpe, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Time: Tuesday to Sunday11:00am to 11:00 pm, Monday closed

Cost: 1430LKR to 4290LKR approx.

Cafe Japan
If you are a real fan of Japanese foods, you must go to a Japanese restaurant in Colombo for sure. Although this place is not that much famous, it offers a fantastic food experience for the rest of your life.

The restaurant's area of expertise is that it is cooked solely by the preferences of its guest. The only thing you have to do is give your food plan and wait for a delicious meal.

Place: Bambalapitiya, a short distance from the well-known Galle Road.

Price for two: Approximately LKR3500

For many travelling people, a memorable meal journey is paramount when thinking about which vacation spot to go to next. If you're looking for a cuisine prosperous in flavor and delicately spiced, then Sri Lanka has lots of mouth-watering alternatives for you to try out.

This small island is a mind catching place with a good climate, which provides clean vegetables, coconuts, fruit, and spices in abundance. Being an island destination, Sri Lanka's meals presenting consists of an array of sparkling fish and seafood. No matter that you're consuming from an avenue vendor, a roadside cafe, or in a lodge restaurant, there are masses of delicious meals to try.
Visit alongside the streets of any city in island Sri Lanka in the morning, you'll wonder that cooking is a significant thing inside every shop or cafés juggling small woks over an open fire.

Hoppers are the most favourite food type for breakfast, especially among travellers. They are in bowl-shaped and made from a combination of rice flour and coconut milk. The mixture is unfolded evenly around a small wok-like pan and put overheat. They take solely moments to cook.

Savoury hoppers can encompass cheese, cooked eggs, coconut Sambol and fried onions. Hoppers are regularly served with a dish of dahl. In addition to that, you will see yellow lentils, onions and spices on the side.

Apart from the regular hoppers, you can taste them with candy fillings, like honey or coconut palm syrup, and clean curd in the real sense of the word that will be genuinely yummy.

Another typical breakfast in Sri Lanka consists of a plate of string hoppers and hot roti (flatbread). This can be served with a bowl of dahl, coconut sambal and a dish of fish curry. There will be vegetable curry also.
The first-rate string hoppers in Colombo can be observed in many cafes alongside Galle Road.

This is the countrywide dish of Sri Lanka – you'll locate it on nearly every menu, plate prices solely a few dollars. Sri Lankan curries are attractive dishes made from vegetables, chicken, mutton, or fish and are served with fresh vegetables and fruits, sambol, and chutneys. Coconut sambal is more famous and has been prepared with coconut and blended with curry leaves, onions, and chili powder.

You can use your thumbs to get the meals into the mouth. Eating with your hand is an excellent way to revel in the meals' flavors and textures, and there's something about making a fantastic connection with your meals that makes it taste delicious. As with many nations in Asia, keep in mind to use your proper hand solely to consume as the left hand is reserved for sanitary things to do.

A combination of less expensive snacks sold from small cafés or road meals companies is continuously available in Sri Lanka. These are often called as short eats. You can most eat them on the way to your destination, frequently for breakfast or all through the evening.

Short eats consist of delicious little pastries crammed with vegetables, meat, or fish. Vegetable roti is also famous among most of the local people and foreigners. Paper cones even one of the fantastic snacks you'll find. While you are travelling in the bus, you can eat short eats too.

While you are travelling at night time in many cities, you can see preparing 'Kottu'. That is also a favorite food type, especially among young people in Sri Lanka. Not only eating but also watching the procedure of preparing kottu will be a great experience.

When preparing Kottu Roti, the roti (flatbread) is cut into portions and fried up with spicy ingredients. After that, onions, cabbage, egg, rooster portions, chili and bacon will be added. This is a similar food to pho in Vietnam or Pad Thai in Thailand because both foods' tasty are the same.

When preparing meals, all substances are put onto a warm plate and unexpectedly flipped with two meat cleavers making a loud racket.

When you visit the coastal cities in Sri Lanka, I'm a hundred per cent sure you will get excellent meal experiences with seafood. Most sunset times in many of the coastal seashore cities you should have on your go-to-list you'll visit small eating places, and tables have been set on the beach. Most of the time, meals are commonly served with chips, potatoes, or salad.

I'll keep some points to confirm that you didn't miss any food experience at the end of the journey. Just take a look and make sure about your food experience in Sri Lanka. You can use these tips to get the perfect food experience in Sri Lanka and get the best foods experiences from the journey around the world.

You'll possibly find that the comfortable and lower-priced eating spots you show up to stumble upon at some point of your time out will be the most memorable.

• Talk with a local person - It's outstanding what precious facts you can get if you solely ask. Once you've come and settled in, you can talk to your inn or host the place they would eat. Ask them to propose to you someplace that is affordable, nearby, and no longer full of tourists. Particularly in crowded cities like Colombo or Kandy, there are first-rate locations to eat but a bit challenging to find and reach.
• Eat from the places that locals eat: It's good to search for eateries crowded with Sri Lankans eating inside. They stay in the area. Therefore they are aware of the place to locate the first-rate and most low-cost food.

Trying food is one of the best parts of travelling. As I mentioned earlier, there are thousands of food places in Sri Lanka. Not only restaurants but also you can search 'Colombo food street' and walk at night along with it. I'm sure you will get an unforgettable food experience at a low price.