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Bangalore or Bengaluru, however, you may want to address the city, its untold places and hangout spots are sure to lure in your fantasies and adventure craving mindset. As an online freelance journalist myself, travelling all around the country often leads to some unforeseen events throughout the journey and things haven’t been any different with the ‘Garden City’ of India. One may find the overflowing streets of old Bombay quite intimidating while some would consider Goa to be the ideal party hub of the nation. Bangalore may be the perfect sweet spot you’ve been missing all this time. From lush garden spaces and historical must-visits to grooving street music and clubbing, the city’s got all your necessities covered.

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By Leo Livingston

Hailing from the southern tropical paradise of Kerala, India, all of my life's memories lay with the barren deserts of the middle eastern landscape. I would say that's where my soulful lust for travel began to take shape, regardless of the limitations that surrounded me as a teenager. Now, after returning to my homeland, I'm glad to have been able to explore the various treasures that lay hidden all across the Indian subcontinent. From an adolescent wayfarer to an accomplished freelance journalist, I couldn't be more content in sharing my travel diaries and accounts on such online portals.

a Kerala based traveler

Ramanagara would be your ideal gateway to peaceful mornings and exploration. The town, nestled within surrounding mountain ranges and landscapes about fifty kilometers from the city’s outskirts, offers a plethora of sights to cherish.
The locale is known for its infamous rock elevations which make sure you're longing for travel don’t fade anytime soon. Away from all the hustle-bustle of Bangalore’s city scenes, Ramanagara undoubtedly remains one of my personal favorites.

Sleep under the stars and gaze far across the night sky, while camping at Skandagiri. Trekking and camping adventures couldn’t be better. An enchanting hill town with arresting visuals, surrounded by the wide-known Nandi Hills, pulls in any traveler regardless of personal choices and intrigues. It’s a different world up there in the winter and my travel stories wouldn’t be complete without the lovely locals who happened to be of great help all along the way.

Looking forward to mixing an authentic natural setting with a fine live in experience? Then the Guhantara Underground Cave Resort is your go-to place without question. Even though my stay at the place lasted only for about a night, the time spend there will always remind of much-needed cozy naps and wonderful cuisine cravings of the settlement. Guhantara is simply luxury combined with an amazing natural paradise experience.

Resting on the banks of the Cauvery River, Bheemeshwari is sure to skyrocket your vacation into a stellar tropical experience that will bring you back again for more. I recollect gazing straight into the crystal clear water, with vibrant species of fishes swimming all across the waterbed. Being blown away by the diversity of attractions that Bangalore has to offer, I spent days wandering all across the landscape in search of admirable weekend hotspots and natural paradises alike.

But what stood out the most was probably the stirring tastes that I got to explore all around the city. From authentic local cuisines to flavors that have travelled from lands afar and have grown to be some of Bangalore’s personal favorites including mine, you can never have time to try out everything that the city has to offer. Fancy restaurants, grooving clubs, some good tasting beer, wineries, exhilarating local street food, growing fast-food points spread across neighborhoods, you name it; ‘Namma Bengaluru’ (our Bangalore) has got all that covered.

There’s always something popping at Indiranagar and you don’t want to miss out on the fun. After longing for some juicy grilled masala meat combos, the only thing that would come to any Bangalorean’s mind would be Khan Saheb Grills and Rolls. Now don’t sweat it if you’re a nonvegetarian. Their wide range of menu listing’s got your back.

Now, if your taste buds crave some insane chat delights, look no further; The Shahi Darbar located at Yeshwanthpur is sure to enthrall your chat longings. An authentic street food experience like no other in Bangalore, the place is always bustling with both locals and visitors to the city alike. The Darbar attracts both teenagers and college students who crave the server’s famous double paneer rolls over anything

Dreaming of some alluring mutton keema, sheek kebabs and haleem? How can someone not think of Mosque Road? With fresh aroma bringing you to your knees before the spicy masala flavors that are added to the prepared meat, the sight alone is enough to get you to help yourself to a handful.
You might want to get there early in order to have yours to fill as the number of customers piling up in front of the store is never too easy to get by. And to add to Bangalore’s dine-in culture, The Shri Sagar chain spread all across the city, is a mandatory visit without which your tour of the place wouldn’t be complete.

From the amazing peaceful lifestyle of the south to the traditional, historic references that still exist today in the north, Bangalore stands in the middle, overflowing with untold travel destinations and local hubs which are sure to leave you with never-ending memories and souvenirs in time.

I come back to the city often to have a pleasant break from my daily ways of life even though some of my work revolves around the adventures that the city has to offer. Some call it the ‘Garden City’, while some prefer to address it as ‘Namma Bengaluru’ with respect to the city’s immigrant-friendly attitude to people such as job seekers and students from all over the nation.

But apart from all the hustle that goes along with the way of life in Bangalore, there’s something that stays behind in your heart that’ll always leave you wanting to go back again and again.

To conclude, I hope I was able to portray a glimpse of my Bangalore travel diaries through this short informational read which may turn out to be useful whenever you happen to pay a visit to the Garden City of India. With nothing but love and sunshine, memories and replenishment, this south Indian city will always continue to offer the best that it can to both adventure seekers and wanderlusts alike.