Turkish people & Turkish culture

Here are excerpts from foreigner voyagers visiting Turkey.
“Even the poorest Turks act against children and animals with compassion and kindness”
(Georgina Max Müller)
“When an old man enters into a place, everyone stands up and shows their respect to him.”
(Franz Carl Endrez)
“Turks are very charitable people. In every street, there is a fountain to drink water. All of these are built by charitable people.”
(Priest Simeon)
“The most prominent feature of Turks are their hospitality. It is the unchangeable feature of all Turks. From a Pasha living in a palace to a peasant living in a tent. There is a universal principle among Turks ‘Feed the stranger.’”
(Charles Fellows)
“Turks are exemplary in behaving towards women. You can’t see any rude behaviors against women in streets.”
(Lady Craven)

These excerpts summarize general characteristics of Turks and Turkish culture. In light of them, we can say the following things about Turkish people.

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Fatihilhan

I believe Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I am from the Cappadocia Region of Turkey, which is famous for its so-called ‘fairy chimneys’, strange looking rock formations. I like very much trekking in rocky valleys of this region and exploring its splendid nature. Along with that, I have been to many splendid parts of Turkey. I would like to share all of these experiences with you in this blog and introduce my country.

a Turkey based traveler

Turkish people are hospitable and generous, there's a solid cooperation between Turkish people
That’s why, family, neighborliness and kinship are very important for Turkish people. When you fall into trouble, your family, friends, neighbors or relatives are ready to help you. In happy times or sad times, you find them together with you.

A strong love foe animals and trees
They often adopt a stray animal and feed it. They try to plant a tree at every opportunity. They allocate a part of their house to animals and trees.

Turkish people like chatting each other
Tea or coffee houses are typical places for chatting. There is a saying in Turkish, ‘a human soul desires chatting, coffee or coffee house is an excuse for it.’

It means you drink coffee or go to a coffee house not for their own sake but to chat with people. And, Turkish people always visit each other at their houses and chat each other, drinking tea or coffee.

Bread on Hook
You can find a bakery shop in every corner of a Turkish city. Turkish people have developed a tradition so that poor people can get bread from bakeries free, unnoticed and not offended. You give some money the baker in advance.

The baker gives free bread to poor people in exchange for this money. Only the baker knows these people, so they aren’t offended.

Street Fountains
Supplying water to humans, animals and plants is a very important thing in Turkish culture. So, they build fountains or watering places in streets, villages or on roads.