Unique underwater Experience in Sri Lanka

If you observe various corals, fishes, and caves, it is only worth going underwater with a scuba swimsuit. Scuba diving in Sri Lanka offers a similar and larger scale. Besides popular things such as tea, handicrafts and sapphires, some of the best first-class water sports in Asia. You will amaze with the calm sea wind which blows touching your face before you jump to dive and get that unforgettable experience from this beautiful ocean off the coast in Sri Lanka. Explore the secrets of deep inside the sea bed and antiquities buried in the sea debris near the surrounding sea mattress!

If you have not yet visited this beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, these quality diving sites in Sri Lanka will trade your mind. First, I'll explain the reasons why you should try scuba diving in Sri Lanka.

There are some tips to help you choose the most fun scuba diving site in Sri Lanka. Do you know what, hundreds of species of coral and fishes are ready to visit you! Sri Lanka's most exciting mangrove ecosystem played an essential role in protecting against the 2004 tsunami with a coastline of 1,585 km.

Since there are excellent diving schools and friendly guiders in Sri Lanka, you don't need to worry about how to dive into deep water. Also, they provide suitable and covered diving equipment and information for your underwater adventure activities. Apart from that, there are several pleasant ruin diving places that learners can practice well.

Due to the alternate monsoon season on the high coast of Sri Lanka, the best time to visit varies from region to region. It is proposed for east coast locations to explore the western and southern areas from May to September and travel from December to March to get the awful experience out of the dry season.

The best diving places in Sri Lanka
There is an eye-catching beachside around this pearl of the Indian Ocean there are various diving places for beginners. I know that a lot of travelers are worrying about not having a driving license. But that will not be an issue anymore.

• Unawatuna
• Kirinda
• Trincomalee
• Weligama
• Mirissa
• Kalpitiya
• Barracuda Reef, Hikkaduwa
• Taprobane Reefs
• Bull Dog Reef
• Passikudah
• Gorgonian Gardens

Zorhan Mokoele | TDO local expert from South Africa


By Raveena Anjalee

In the true sense of the word I'm a travelling addicted person to satisfy my soul and escape from my dental student life. I was lucky enough to born in such a beautiful island, Sri Lanka. Travelling is the motivation of my life. Freedom is essential for a human being. So, I wish all the people who read this to take every possible efforts travel as much as possible. If you are really liking to visit my country, I'm ready to give any information that you need.

a Peradeniya based traveler

There are at least ten diving sites on the coral reef. I can mention them as Ralagala wreckage, Godagala Diyamba, and Galle shipping. This is the best of the best place for scuba diving in Sri Lanka from my point of view. The most exciting thing is you can swim towards a depth of about 30 meters and a padded center with hooks at Unawatuna helps you find colorful tropical fish. Cost is $55 (Rs. 3900); It starts at the US $ 65 per boat dive (Rs. 4600)

Previously, This was a popular place for watching whales. This is a well known and first-rated diving site in Sri Lanka. There are more than five places to add appeal to your diving experience. If you have no idea about diving or are afraid, the diving colleges set up at this location will be positive. They have all information to help you get an unforgettable journey under the sea. Scuba diving in Mirissa is an excellent experience. You can get all this fantastic experience for a reasonable price of Rs. 2800.

Kirinda village is located in the southeast in Sri Lanka. With a forty kilometre-long reef, this area is one of the famous diving locations in Sri Lanka. In addition to the village, there are various sites, such as Buddhist shrines and rock formations. However, if you do not go further, you will be swept away by gray sharks and tuna. So, go and pack your dive correctly. You will be swept away by gray sharks and tuna. So, go and pack your dive correctly.

Similar sites can be found in Trincomalee and Passikudah, but various reefs and boiler debris also exist. Make sure to take a fun vacation in Sri Lanka with a British sergeant with large and famous ruins near this favorite site's deep end. Make sure you click on a lot of underwater pictures to note this fantastic place better! Cost begins from Rs.7000

Go to Trincomalee for a pleasant dive in Sri Lanka, located on the east coast in Sri Lanka. It gives a unique tour for divers through several diving sites in the region. Last year I visited this place and added a collection of unforgettable memories to my travel history. Pigeon Island ocean survival sanctuary is home to various coral reefs, fish, anemones, and noodles. Closer to shore, you can look at how the Iraqi shipwreck has been occurred and add more impact to your dive. The cost is Rs. 3,300 per person for boat diving with condominium equipment.

It consists of 14 islands located in the North-Western Province in Sri Lanka. The Bar Reef Region, one of the largest Sri Lanka cities, is rich in bright coral reefs and fish. Online package deals for this site include sunset, whale watching, and dolphin watching. Exciting scuba time doesn’t miss it while you're on the ship! Whale watching can be done mostly in the early mornings. You can see amazing Whales on the blue ocean. They are playing, and it's difficult to explain that feeling from words. Honestly, that is one of the remarkable memories in my traveling history. The cost is starting at Rs 3,000.

Also known as Weligama, Sandy, or Fishing Village, about thirty-kilometers from east of Galle. Some of the first diving sites are made of Yala rock and are about 15 meters high. For a unique scuba experience, this site is supported as it opens caves for coral and fish. Here also the most famous and exciting thing is early morning whale watching. Remember to bring a camera with you to capture these unique clicks. The cost is Rs. 2500 for a boat dive.

Barracuda reef, Hikkaduwa
On the Barracuda reef, you can catch large aquatic lives, such as lionfish. These reefs are located on the shores of Mount Lavinia, close to Colombo. If your plan understands the many scuba diving costs in Sri Lanka, go straight to this location and find everything stored for you!

Taprobane Reefs
Taprobane rocks have been identified for giant coral spheres deposited on the mattress among various marine plants. This site has a significant collection of giant rays and a wide variety of fishes so that you will have a super diving trip with the smallest marine life here. The cost will be Rs. Boat diving Rs. 2800.

Bull Dog Reef
One of the fascinating corals is there. Famous divers can capture glamorous marine life with their cameras with beautiful underwater photography. If you search through the internet, you will find much unique underwater photography here. You will see the species like crocodiles, panther turbo and white sharks commonly. You can spot Napoleonic fish if you are on time. Go to this region for the best experience with sea diving in Sri Lanka.

Goronian Gardens
If you would like to see a seabed full of gorgons, go straight to this area for scuba diving in Colombo Sri Lanka. You can go to a depth of about 35 meters and see a great forest protected by gorgons. There is a definite sense that you can access from the fascinating synchronization of the exhibition fishing in this area.

Although all Seven Diving costs go up during the high season, it is worth going with the staff to get many discounts and special offers. Different divers should keep your equipment at a person to keep you from unnecessary hassle later on. Anyone makes an excellent reservation to keep all your entries without any cheating. Scuba diving in Sri Lanka is a fun-packed trip and can be tiring also. Make sure you go to an exciting spa before you go to every other site.

I know at this moment you will feel an urge to dive - don't wait any longer, pack your gear, book a trip to Sri Lanka with Travel Triangle these days and go to these fantastic places for a beautiful experience! If this surrounding attraction changes your mind, make sure you pack a few more clothes.

Instructions for Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka
• Although the cost of diving colleges goes up throughout the season, it is suggested to go to staff to get many discounts and higher offers.
• For certified divers, it is best to carry your gear, such as your swimsuit and mask.
• Any reservation to improve all your entries to prevent you from any fraud.

In conclusion, traveling is not only a psychological therapy but also it has physical demand too. As you know, traveling is the healthiest addiction that you can get. Beaches in this little island act as excellent hosts for couples and families. The sunny days in Sri Lanka at the beach will relax you with fun activities and other enjoyable things. Snorkeling, surfing and diving are some of the favorite activities that you can do at the beach. Firstly you will scare to do this adventurous travel. But with the help of friendly helpers and caring staff, you don't want to be worry anymore. There is a meme as 'once the sea has touched your soul life on land will never be the same'. Do you know, there are unique stories to every individual lives who live in underwater. Being an ocean lady or an ocean man is a self-satisfying thought. Don't scare to take the first step. I like to check my photo collection of underwater. I had a dream to take a photograph with a whale under the seabed. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to take it before being a 20 years old lady. From my point of view, it's a massive victory for me. The most important thing is to observe all the living beings in the water. Love them. Love their life story. Love their behaviours. Love every living being including corals. Protect them. Today some careless people come to visit and dive. Sometimes they destroy sea bed creatures by touching them. The beauty under the beach depends on the survival of their lives. So your responsibility is to protect them as much as possible.