Visit North Bengal: 10 must visited places in Rajshahi

What's up guys my name is Alvina, in today's blog I'm going to go over the things that I did the places that i visited and also the experience of how much interested your trip to North Bangladesh might be. Give you an idea of some cool activities that you can do. So I'm going to be covering the attractions the food the transport and also the accommodation.

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By Alvina Prithu Chowdhury

22 years adventurous soul that wanders, in search of a thrilling new journey. She believed she could, so she did. I always prefer traveling Solo, meeting locals, eating local food and taking photos. Risk-taker, Explorer, Mountaineer, Live my fantasies just Seas the day.

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So first start off in Dhaka which is where I flew into. I visited a beautiful tune called Lalbagh Fort during the eight of the Mughal Empire, in 1677, Prince Muhammad Azam commissioned the construction of Lalbagh Fort. So that cost 50tk per person. It is quite big it could easily spend about two hours there. It also features a very beautiful garden as well and the main building just looks magnificent.

Then I flew to Rajsahi which was one of my favorite states in Bangladesh. First, I visited Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur which is called the Somapur Mahavihara because of the color of the majority of the intellectual center there. A Buddhist monastery dating from the 8th century, the area is the country’s most impressive archaeological site, the central temple and monastery for Buddhism. It is massive at some 27 acres.

I went there from city bus stand which costs 100 taka per person which is quite cheap. It will take 4/5 hour to explore. On the pick of the temple which probably gives you the best views of the city of Paharpur. This is one of the best preserved ancient monuments of Bangladesh, it is also UNESCO World Heritage Site. Epigraphic records testify that the cultural and religious life of this great Vihara and marked as the largest one of the Buddhist monastery on south of the Himalayas.

Next, I visited the Tajhat Palacewhich is free to visit, it is also worth visiting. One of the wonders of the Mughals Empire with large surrounding area and a pond behind it. Although it was very popular and handwritten documents, poems of Mughal Emperor. I went probably because it is for free. The ticket price was free and this ticket allowed me to go inside.

Rajsahi also features another incredible temple within the Paharpur area so definitely worth visiting. After that I visited Puthia Temple which was built by Maharaja Pran Nath, this temple feature some of the most amazing designs and patterns easily the best doorways that I've ever seen in my life. Puthia Temple palace it is for free, which is one of the oldest and biggest thoughts. I was not able to go inside, but it was interesting to see a temple in the middle of the lake almost looked like it was floating. Located on the north bank of the Padma River, near the Bangladesh-India border.

Then I went to Ramsagar National Park, a very big lake surrounded by embankments; and also a really raw authentic place. It's not really that touristy at all so, you're going to see the locals living their lives and yeah just very interesting place to visit by accident I actually came across a really cool step well which was the first time I had ever seen locals living here.

So definitely worth visiting also the next we visited in Navaratna Temple, the history of the place is very rich. Once again you just going to see some incredible architecture more rooms with intricate designs. There is nothing really specific to see there you just walk around all the little alleyways looking at all the amazing Mughal structured temple. The color of the bricks would make for great photography in the late afternoon. And yes it is absolutely for free.

Sat Gumbad Mosque was one of all these finest mosque that I’ve ever visited and most magnificent traditional mosque in the country. The interior was covered in the most incredible ancient stone carvings that I've ever seen so definitely worth visiting. Everything was yellow because the overall architectural influence from the golden sandstone.

Also, it was kind of like a museum, so there were many places explaining different things, instruments and the furniture, so it gave you an insight of how the rich were living in the 1800s so a very interesting place to visit, I took so many pictures for my Instagram too.

Another attraction is The Singair Mosque is 150 meters across the road from the Sat Gumbad Mosque on its southeastern side. Which you can visit for free, the Mihrab is profusely decorated with terracotta rosettes, there isn't much to do there, but you can do a boat tour which is about 200 Taka for the boat.

My best experience in North Bengal was at a place called Durgapur village. There was a really authentic local village, and I was pretty much the only tourists in the village. Everybody was really friendly there the kids would always want to play with you, they were really excited to see someone is taking photos. They offered me to stay there for night.

I spent the night with locals. I went to slept on an open roof room, saw many shooting stars and falling stars because there is completely pitch black, and they also offered me local meal called Mach Vaat which is fish and rice. I spend one of my precious night there and once again you just going to see many amazing designer colorful rooms.

Next day then headed on to Bagha Mosque also known as the Dargah of Shah Doula. It has 10 domes, five in each row. Local bus is available, but it is better to have own car Its just 90 minutes car drive. It was built in 1523 by the then local ruler Nasiruddin Md Shah.

These features some incredible ancient Mughals caves probably the oldest things that we saw during our stay in India and overall it took around 4 to 5 hours.

​Usually a trip on the buses would be around 30 taka per person to go between many of the towns. You might actually have to get multiple buses, so two to three buses but it is very cheap either way. Now for my accommodation I usually always stayed in local houses which is out of the world experience for me because I am backpacker and love to be with local people to know there culture. Food here in Rajsahi is amazing mouthwatering. I forgot to mention Mangoes! Rajsahi’s mango is one of the best in the world, don’t forget to try mangoes here.