Terms & Conditions

Your Travel Designer is a brand of Lyli Network, based 21, Ellis Street, SW1X 9AL, London.

LYLI Network offers a variety of travel experiences online through the website .

Acceptance of Terms of Use

By using this service (“Service”), any member (“Member”) agrees to these Terms & Conditions of Use (“Terms”). Please read carefully this document.

By requesting services from LYLI Network through any available medium (text, email, telephone, whatsapp…) you agree that these conditions shall apply to any request or order, directly or indirectly, made through them without restriction. This Terms shall prevail over any other document issued by LYLI Network concerning this Service.

The Member shall agree to the terms of use and/or sale of each supplier with whom he is put in contact for the supply of goods and/or services (“Supplier”).

LYLI Network has the right to amend and/or update the Terms of Use at any time, without prior notice or any other specific formality. To keep you informed, we invite you to consult them on a regular basis.


Website Management

LYLI Network has the right to suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or part of the Website for any reason whatsoever and especially for maintenance or updating purposes or in the event of an attack on the Website (Hacking…).

LYLI Network' Liability

Subject to any applicable law and/or regulation, LYLI Network cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage arising from the use or the impossibility to use the Website and more generally any event related to the Website such as technical failure, breakdown, interruption, modifications of the Website […]

Plus, LYLI Network does not guarantee the availability, accuracy, completeness, reliability or topicality of the information available on the Website.


User’s Liability

The User is responsible for the use of our Website so LYLI Network cannot be held responsible for any malicious program which could infect any of the User’s devices and/or any hardware or software, data loss or alteration arising from the use of the Website.

It is the User’s responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect their data, computer systems or softwares from contamination by possible viruses, Trojan horses or, more generally, any computer program that may compromise the security of the Website.

Intellectual Property

Every User has private and non-exclusive right to use the Website and agrees not to use the Website for commercial or illicit purposes.

The Website, trademarks, logos and any other distinctive signs and software used on the Website as well as the content of the Website (i.e., any text, video, photograph or any other information in any format (hereinafter the “Properties“) are the exclusive property of LYLI Network, its partners or third parties who have authorized the use of the said contents.

The Properties are subject to protection by copyright, trademark law, patent law, or any other intellectual property right.



Requests submitted to LYLI Network by Members should respect at all times the requirements of the law and code of ethics. If this is not the case, LYLI Network reserves the right to refuse the Members request.
Members will benefit from several advantages and negotiated offers provided by selected Supplier on their behalf by LYLI Network. Suppliers are free to modify their terms and conditions of sale at any time. Therefore, LYLI Network will not be held responsible for any of these changes.
All orders made by the Member are subject to availability by the Supplier. If a requested product or service becomes unavailable, LYLI Network will do the upmost to provide the Member with an alternative option of a similar description and/or standard. Should the Member decide not to accept this proposition, LYLI Network will cancel the request. No compensation whatsoever can be claimed by the Member in this case


Products and services will be billed to the Member according to the specified prices given by the selected Suppliers. 
As soon as an order is validated by the Member, payment must be immediately made. In case of payment delay, LYLI Network shall not be liable for changes in prices and/or availability of the order products and/or services.
In case of payment delay, penalties may be applied by the relevant Supplier based on its specific terms and conditions.

LYLI Network commitments 

LYLI Network is committed to satisfying all requests made by the Member in the shortest space of time possible and to provide advice in relation to these requests.

LYLI Network shall provide the necessary means to satisfy requests to the fullest extent possible.

LYLI Network acts as an intermediary between the Member and the Supplier.


The Member agrees that LYLI Network acts according to the requests and requirements made by the Member.
LYLI Network shall not be held responsible for any errors due to inaccurate nature or misleading information given by the Member.

LYLI Network shall not be held responsible for the recommendation and choice of Suppliers and LYLI Network has the right to refuse or cancel any order in the event of an existing dispute with the Member.
LYLI Network will not be held responsible for any delays or failures to carry out its obligations in the event of unforeseen circumstances (strikes, power cuts, fire, floods etc…).
Suppliers take full responsibility for the services, benefits and products they provide.